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Monday, 13 August 2012

NEW Seeland Allround 18" 4mm Side Zip Wellington Boots

Leading Danish field sports clothing and footwear manufacturer Seeland have extended their popular Allround range of wellington boots with the introduction of the new Allround 18" 4mm Neoprene lined wellingtons with Side Zip.

The addition of a side zip to the best value for money neoprene lined wellington that Seeland makes, now means there is nothing on the market to touch it. Not even close.. Quality and comfort are asured with none of the consequences that come from buying "cheap" wellingtons.
Unfortunately we've experienced the misfortune of selling cheaper neoprene lined wellingtons in the past thinking they were great value only to receive our stock back, but we can safely say that the Seeland Allround range has proved to be every bit as reliable as other far more expensive wellingtons.

For more information on the latest Seeland Allround 18" 4mm Side Zip wellingtons, simply visit our online store or alternatively you can contact us for further information.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Seeland Estate 18" 5mm Neoprene wellington boots

The ever popular Seeland Estate 18" 5mm Neoprene lined wellington boots are handmade using the very best quality materials with fine attention paid to every detail. There are three models in the Seeland Estate range of wellingtons which include a cotton lined, a neoprene lined and leather lined version.

The most popular model is of course the neoprene lined version which uses a 100% waterproof and vulcanised high grade natural rubber which is ozone protected. This is combined with a nylon reinforced heel with an insulating 5mm neoprene lining which ensures your feet stay warm and dry in sub zero conditions.
The inner sole of the Seeland Estate has shock absorbing gel pads in the heel and fore foot in order to provide extra comfort and cushioning when worn all day long.
A hard wearing Vibram hunting sole unit ensures excellent levels of grip in muddy and snowy conditions.
In order to achieve the best possible fit there is also an adjustable side gusset.

The Seeland Estate 18" 5mm Neoprene wellington boot is available in sizes ranging from a UK6 up to a UK 14.

For more information on the Seeland Estate wellington boots and indeed the whole range of Seeland boots, simply visit our online store.

Seeland have redefined the wellington boot market in recent years after beating established brands on price, fit, design and quality. First they conquered the clothing market.. now the footwear market.. what next for Seeland/Harkila..

Seeland All Round 18" 4mm Neoprene wellington boots

The tried and tested All Round 18" 4mm Neoprene wellington boots from Seeland have been on sale for 2 years now and they represent exceptional value for money. This is due to the combination of a hard wearing high quality vulcanised rubber outer with a 4mm neoprene lining.
In addition to that, the Seeland All Round 18" boots come equipped with an outer sole unit which has a stabilised heel and mid sole section with a steel shank.
This combination provides you with a high degree of support which also makes them extremely comfortable to wear all day long.

This level of wellington boot design and use of high grade materials is normally reserved for the manufacture of much more expensive wellingtons. Therefore it is no surprise to learn that the Seeland All Round 18" 4mm Neoprene boots are among the most popular wellington boots on sale today at any price..

For more information on the Seeland All Round 18" 4mm Neoprene wellington boots or indeed the the whole Seeland range of wellington boots, then simply visit our online store.

Seeland Moor Stable 18" Wellington boots

The Seeland Moor Stable wellington boot features a combination of high quality ozone protected natural rubber combined with a neoprene outer section. This type of wellington boot has become increasingly popular due to the increased flexibility and insulation offered by the outer neoprene section.

The inner lining of the Moor Stable boot also consists of neoprene which is 5mm thick. This ensures that your feet stay warm and dry in weather conditions down to sub zero temperatures.

The sole of the Moor Stable is a multi grip unit which is attached to a EVA rubber out sole. This sole unit gives optimum grip levels in muddy and icy conditions.
The Seeland Moor Stable wellington boot is available in sizes ranging from a UK6 to a UK14.

For more information on the Moor Stable boot simply visit our online store.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

2010 Winter warmers from Scott Country

Seeland's new range of winter pac boots, EXO2 Heated clothing and a new range of 100% waterproof gloves and socks from Sealskinz are just some of this years new products on offer.

Seeland introduced a range of winter Pac boots last year and they proved so successful that they decided to extend their existing range for this season. The Seeland pac boot design is easily identif
iable by the high protective rubber area which covers most of the boot below the lacing or fastening system depending on the model of Pac boot.

The Grizzly Pac Winter boots for example, are a new and popular edition to the Seeland footwear collection. The combination of an oiled leather upper together with a vulcanized rubber base ensure you are fully protected from the elements. The Seeland comfortliner will also ensure that your feet will remain warm down to temperatures of minus 40 Deg. C. . The sole unit is specifically designed to give you plenty of grip in winter conditions. The wide ranging appeal of this boot is further enhanced by the relatively affordable price of just £54.99 incl.Vat. .

Seeland have also introduced new insulated wellington boots as part of the 'Outthere' range. These heavily insulated boots are available in three comfort ratings with the warmest offering insulation in conditions down to -80 deg. C.!! So, certainly warm enough for our climate.

EXO2 are the world leaders in the manufacture of heated clothing. Their use of 'FabRoc®' which is a lightweight, waterproof, windproof, crushable, stretchable, chemically inert and CE compliant polymer based material is at the forefront of a new generation of 'smart' heated clothing and textiles.The EXO2 Stormwalker jacket for instance is able to self regulate at an average temperature of 50deg. C. through the heat panels located to the rear kidney area of the back. This helps to increase blood flow and keep your core temperature stable in cold conditions. The fact that the Stormwalker jacket is not bulky makes it ideal for use durin
g a high level of activity such as hillwalking, hunting or for other general outdoor use.
EXO2 also produce an assortment of other heated products which include heated insoles for footwear, heated gloves, etc.

Sealskinz are also a world leading brand. Their range of waterproof socks, gloves and head wear are used as an industry benchmark and widely regarded as the only choice if you want the best in waterproof socks or gloves.

To see all the latest autumn and winter products available from Scott Country International, simply visit our website .