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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

NEW K-Vision HID Remote Controlled High Power Searchlight

Scott Country International is proud to present the new K-Vision HID Remote Control Searchlight.
The new K-Vision HID Remote Controlled searchlight uses state of the art HID lamp technology and is designed with a multitude of different applications in mind from hunting, security, search and rescue, construction, etc. . If you need a powerful remote control searchlight then the K-Vision HID searchlight is the one to have.
With an irradation light emission distance of a staggering 3000 meters (ideal conditions), this searchlight will light up almost anything within its range. All this power is available with a relatively small power draw when compared to other searchlights with conventional bulb types.

The K-Vision HID searchlight comes equipped with some very interesting features such as a 360 degree rotation capability combined with a 120 degree vertical tilt of the lamp unit itself. Also, the speed at which the searchlight can rotate allows for quick target aquisition and tracking. The remote control unit is also able to operate the lamp from outside the vehicle up to an impressive 100 meters away..
Another important feature of the K-Vision HID is the dual mounting system which comes as standard. It can be attached to your vehicle via its rubber base with powerful integrated magnet, or with the permanent mount shoe which screws down when used in more extreme applications.
With a waterproof rating of IP67, the K-Vision can be used in all weather conditions.

How does it work?

First of all, mount the lamp to your vehicle (or other whatever else it may be) using the appropriate mounting system supplied. Then plug the power cable extension into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle. Using the remote control unit, switch the light on and you can now rotate and tilt the lamp in any direction you wish using  a simple set of direction selectors on the remote control unit.

For more information on the K-Vision HID Light Remote Controlled Searchlight, simply visit .