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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New Seeland Neville Jacket and Trousers

Seeland have launched a new hunting suit called the Neville. The Neville suit consists of a 3/4 length jacket with matching trousers.

A 2 layer Seetex membrane ensures the Neville suit is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable at the same time. An outer material made from 100% polyester with a microfibre contrast fabric on all wear sensitive areas, results in a suit which not only looks good but is also extremely tough and durable as well.

The Neville jacket incorporates many up to date design features such as the extra length making it comfortable to wear whatever outdoor activity you wish to pursue. The usual array of pockets and a two way zipper are all present to complete the list of essentials necessary to create the perfect hunting jacket.

The Neville trousers also come equipped with practical features such as articulated knees for increased ease of movement.
Hand warmer pockets and roomy thigh pockets have also been included along with velcro straps on the hems to guard against ingress of water and cold air.
They can also be worn with braces as well as a belt.

Seeland's Neville suit is available now. For more information on this latest Seeland product simply visit our website.

NEW 2011 Ridgeline Monsoon Smock 2

The Long awaited new and improved Ridgeline Monsoon Jacket has finally arrived!
Ridgeline's Monsoon jacket was one of the best selling 100% waterproof garments in 2010. Ridgeline were taken somewhat by surprise when they found themselves without any stock in a very short space of time. Such was the success and demand for their Monsoon smock.

Ridgeline then decided to update the existing Monsoon smock to include an additional pair of waist pockets and a redesign of the cuffs which now features an integrated neoprene wrist section with an adjustable storm cuff on the outside (double cuff) as opposed to an exposed single layer of neoprene.

The collar has also been redesigned to provide even greater protection against the elements, thus improving comfort even further.

The new Ridgeline Monsoon uses the same lightweight, waterproof and breathable abrasion resistant seam sealed RL-Tex three layer shell as the first incarnation of the Monsoon.

There is also a camo option available now alongside the existing teak colour, which is sure to become a runaway success based on its performance so far.

As ever, the Ridgeline Monsoon is available in a wide range of sizes from small right up to 5xl, so there will always be a Monsoon to fit whatever the size may be.

Ridgeline don't officially produce a trouser to match the Monsoon, however the new Ridgeline Roar trouser is also available in teak and complements the Monsoon smock perfectly.

The Ridgeline Monsoon is now in stock and available in every size for immediate next working day delivery throughout the UK or two to five days outside the UK.

For more information, simply visit our website.

New Seeland Kiernan Trousers

Seeland have introduced a stylish new trouser called the Kiernan.
This lightweight summer trouser is made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester and comes with integrated elasticated sections in the waistband designed to provide extra comfort and movement.

Due to the peached finish of the material, the Kiernan trousers are very durable and suitable for a multitude of outdoor activities.
It's therefore no surprise that the Kiernan trouser is available in no less than 3 different colours and Seeland's Erase XT Cammo option.

If you are looking for a comfortable, tough and durable all round spring/summer/autumn trouser, then the Seeland Kiernan may well be the perfect choice for you..

For more information on this product, simply visit our website.

NEW Harkila Sarvig Gore Windstopper Waistcoat

Harkila have introduced a stylish new waistcoat in a softshell material called the Sarvig. The Sarvig waistcoat is designed to be used on those colder dry days.

A 3 layer Gore Tex construction incorporating a Gore Windstopper membrane combined with a mixture of Polyamide and Elasthane ensure
s that you are warm and comfortable at all times.
Movement and comfort are further enhanced with the addition of the aforementioned material called Elasthane. This fabric adds a degree of elasticity to the waistcoat.

Contrasting amaretta trim helps to give the Harkila Sarvig Waistcoat that stylish look while providing protection to wear sensitive areas such as the chest pocket and zipper.

For more information on the newly released Harkila Sarvig Waistcoat simply visit our website.

NEW Harkila Pro Hunter Dog Keeper Jacket and Trousers

Harkila have launched another ground breaking hunting suit.. The Harkila Pro Hunter Dog Keeper Jacket & Trousers.

The art of concealment combined with high visibility.. A contradiction in terms perhaps, but one that can work strangely enough. Harkila have found a clever way of using the Mossy Oak New Break Up camouflage pattern in a way which keeps you the hunter concealed from the target, but at the same time provides other hunters in the group your position in relative to theirs.
The use of just the right amount of Orange Blaze on both the jacket and trousers (and optional cap) clearly marks your position in relation to other hunters without providing enough of a human profile to your intended quarry.
The Scandinavians are a long way ahead of us in terms of incorporating Orange Blaze style patterns on camouflage clothing due to their legal requirements when out hunting.
The Harkila Pro Hunter Dog Keeper jacket is based on the brand new Harkila Prohunter short jacket, except for the Mossy Oak and Blaze Orange patterns.

The trousers incorporate ergonomically designed thigh pockets to help maintain freedom of movement even when filled to capacity. Articulated knees make climbing or kneeling down much easier and this combined with extra venting on the leg for increased breathability ensures you remain comfortable regardless of the weather or terrain.

The main outer fabric of the Harkila Pro Hunter Dog Keeper suit is made from 100% polyamide Canvas DWR with a 100% polyester microfiber contrast fabric. A new Gore Tex Performance Shell Membrane ensures the Pro Hunter Dog Keeper suit is 100% waterproof and breathable in extreme weather conditions.
A Harkila Woodland inner liner made from 100% polyester provides excellent breathability and comfort.

The Harkila Pro Hunter Dog Keeper suit is available now. For more details simply visit our website.

NEW Harkila Mountain Trek Trousers

The new Harkila Mountain Trek Trousers are designed for stalking and hiking in milder weather conditions. Their light weight construction which uses a mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton is also complemented with a peached waxed finish.
This waxed finish provides extra toughness which makes them ideal when working in rough terrain.

Features such as the articulated knees and the gusseted hems provide increased levels of movement, while the vented thigh pockets improve breathability to give greater comfort during moments of exertion.

The Harkila Mountain trek trouser comes equipped with a no less than 2 hip pockets and 2 ergonomically placed cargo pockets which are designed to ensure that any potential contents does not hinder movement.

The contrasting dark green trim of the Mountain trek trousers adds a touch of style to an
otherwise attractive looking trouser.
The Harkila Mountain Trek trousers are a perfect blend of practicality, appearance and comfort.

Available now. See our website for more details.

Monday, 15 August 2011

NEW Harkila Hiker Lady trousers

The Harkila Hiker trouser has always been a popular garment for Harkila and now in its 5th year of production, they have finaly made a Hiker trouser for ladies called simply the Hiker lady.

Harkila's Hiker Lady trousers are extremely tough and durable due to the waxed outer finish of 65% polyester/ 35% cotton fabric and are designed for a wide variety of outdoor pursuits on dry days all year round. The knee area is articulated for ease of movement and the gripper tape on the inside of the waistband ensures your shirt or t-shirt will stay in place when crouching or bending down.

The Harkila Hiker Lady trousers are available in Hunting Green in sizes ranging from a 26" waist up to a 34".

If the popularity of the mens Hiker trousers is anything to go by, then the ladies version of the Harkila Hiker trousers is sure to become a hit.

For more information simply visit our website.

NEW Harkila Vision Fleece Hunting suit

The new Harkila Vision Fleece is a hunting suit designed for stalking in woodland where there is a requirement for concealment. The Realtree Cammo pattern of the jacket has the option of being reversed to Blaze Orange for those occasions you need to be visible.

Harkila's Vision suit is made from 100% Polyester coupled with a Gore Tex triple layer construction. This Gore Windstopper membrane shields you from the cold which makes this reversible hunting jacket ideal for stalking, rough shooting and wildfowling.

The combination of a soft and breathable outer material with a Gore Windstopper membrane provides a high level of comfort and quietness in use. This membrane also gives you the best possible breathability when stalking on warmer summer days.

Both side pockets and radio pocket have dual entry so they can be easily used from both sides. The Vision jacket itself comes with extra thumb cut outs in the cuff to help keep your hands warm when out stalking for extended periods of time on colder dry days.

The sleeves of the jacket come equipped with straps to which additional foliage can be attached to further increase the level of concealment.

Matching trousers and a waistcoat are also available. The contrast fabric on the trousers is made from cordura for extra strength.
To complete the Harkila Vision suit, there is also wide range of accessories such as the Beanie hat, face cover and fleece gloves.

The Harkila Vision suit is available now. For more information simply visit our website.

Friday, 12 August 2011

NEW Harkila Visent jacket and trousers

The Harkila Visent hunting suit is billed as Harkila's new flagship clothing range for 2011/2012. Therefore one would expect Europe's top manufacturer of outdoor clothing to have created something truly special.

It doesn't take long to realise that the Harkila Visent suit is something special. The styling alone gives it's position away in the hierarchy of Harkila garments. The use of a 100% polyester brushed main outer fabric combined with the Paclite 2 layer contrasting trim give the Visent a unique look and luxurious feel compared to other Harkila clothing products.

However, apart from it's looks, the outer fabric itself is incredibly tough, hard wearing, light weight and surprisingly breathable. The addition of a Gore Tex Performance membrane ensures that you are completely protected from heavy rain and cold wind.
The lining is made from 100% polyester brushed Tricot coupled with a Thinsulate Platinum 120g insulation.
The designers of the Harkila Visent suit succeeded in combining a high level of insulation with a Gore Tex membrane without having to sacrifice a healthy level of breathability.

Much thought has gone into the designing of the jacket and this can be seen in some of the details, such as the use of magnetic buttons on the front pockets which means they can be opened an closed without the need for removing your gloves for example. Another clever feature is the rear game pocket which can be folded out and used as a seat in wet conditions. There are many other details worth mentioning such as the radio pocket, orange signal band on the shoulder and pocket for heating pad.

The same amount of thought has also gone into the development of the Harkila Visent tro
The bib and brace style not only provides excellent support for the trousers but also gives extra protection in cold conditions due to the an additional heat pouch which is designed to keep your lower back warm in more extreme weather conditions.
All the zippers are waterproof and the extra wedge in the trouser leg means there is plenty of room for big winter boots.
The trousers are also reinforced internally with a liner and roomy cargo pockets.

This Harkila Visent is available now. For more information simply visit our website.

Monday, 8 August 2011

NEW Harkila Stealth Jacket & Trousers in Gore Optifade

Harkila has succeeded in developing quite possibly the best stalking suit available on the market today.

The Harkila Stealth suit has all the right ingredients including an updated Gore Optifade Digital Camo fabric. Combined with a Gore Tex Performance shell and Paclite 2 layer material, the Hakila Stealth suit is perfect for hunting in all conditions.

The clever digital break up camo pattern makes you completely invisible, and this is no exaggeration. The main difference between conventional camo parterns and digital break up, is that the latter is designed around animal vision and not human eyesight. This means that the digital break up pattern is able to provide a higher level
of concealment in different woodland environments over conventional leaf camo patterns.

The Harkila Stealth jacket comes equipped with underarm venting for better breathability, an adjustable and detachable hood, radio pocket, lined handwarmer pockets, GPS pocket on the shoulder and a mesh lining for optimal ventilation.

The matching Harkila Stealth trousers feature thigh pockets on the front in order to give you free access to your pockets when sitting down or in a high seat. This feature also makes kneeling down easier as the contents of the pockets don't interfere with the knee area.

The trousers are also mesh lined for improved ventilation.

The new Harkila Stealth suit is available now!

NEW Harkila Pro Hunter Short Hunting Jacket

The ever popular Harkila ProHunter range of clothing has been strengthened by the arrival of the a new shorter version of the regular Harkila Prohunter jacket.

The Harkila Prohunter Short Hunting jacket provides the same level of protection against the elements as the regular version due to the Gore-Tex Performance Shell Membrane. This membrane will keep out the effects of heavy rain, snow and freezing wind in order to keep you warm and comfortable all year round without sacrificing the breathability.

The Harkila Prohunter Short is designed to give an increased level of movement due to its shorter length. If the Prohunter short hunting jacket is worn together with the Harkila Prohunter trousers, you will achieve the same level of comfort and protection as that of the regular Harkila Prohunter suit.

Despite the shorter length, it still comes equipped with all the necessary pockets and storage space you come to expect from any top quality hunting jacket.
The Harkila Prohunter short hunting jacket also benefits from a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

For more information on the Hakila Prohunter short hunting jacket, please click here.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

NEW Harkila Tolga Jacket and Trousers

The new Harkila Tolga jacket and trousers are designed for hunting, shooting and stalking in extreme weather conditions.
The Tolga suit is made using a Gore Tex 3 layer softshell fabric with a brushed exterior finish, which not only provides 100% protection from the wind and rain but is extremely comfortable to wear. Being light weight and silent, the Harkila Tolga suit lets you concentrate 100% on the hunt without any distraction. Wearing clothing which may impede your movement in any way and cause too much noise can scare off your quarry long before you're able to take a shot.

The Tolga hunting jacket and trousers were carefully designed to suit the needs of the professional hunter.

Features such as the waterproof sealed zips on all the pockets which prevent any water ingress in heavy persistent rain. Details such as the underarm ventilation for increased breathability, the signal bands on the shoulders, the removable adjustable hood, the mesh lining of the trousers and radio pocket on the jacket, all serve to make this one of the most practical hunting suits currently available today.

Also worth mentioning is that the Tolga trousers are also available in a wide fitting up to a 40" waist with an inside leg measurement of 30"/31".

The Harkila Tolga hunting suit is available now.
For more information simply visit our website.

NEW Harkila Kintyre Jacket & Trousers

New for the 2011/2012 season is the Harkila Kintyre Jacket & Trousers.
The new Harkila Kintyre suit are the result of extensive research into technical clothing and consists of Gore-Tex lined 100% waterproof & breathable hunting jacket and trousers.

The Harkila Kintyre is specifically designed for driven shooting and stalking where your attire is required to be that bit smarter. However The Kintyre suit is perfect for all types of hunting.
A tough and durable outer fabric made from 87% polyester and 13% polyamide is combined with a contrasting
micro suede for that stylish look. The inner lining is Harkila's own Woodland Liner which is 100% polyester for comfort and extra breathability.

The Harkila Kintyre suit has all the regular pockets you would expect to find on garments of this quality.
The big advantage is that the Kintyre suit is designed to be worn all year round.

For more information on the new Harkila Kintyre suit, please click here.

Monday, 1 August 2011

NEW Bushnell HD Trophy Cam with LCD Colour Viewer

Bushnell's latest nature camera, the Trophy Cam HD with LCD Colour Viewer, is an evolution of their existing Trophy Cam HD stealth trail camera.
Both share many of the same features apart from a few important differences.

The first being the addition of a 2.4" LCD colour viewing screen which allows you to play back any captured footage from wherever the camera happens to be situated. The LCD viewer also lets you zoom in for a more detailed image.

The other key difference lies in the image resolution of the new Trophy Cam HD which is 1080p instead of 720p for the existing HD model.
However, the sound recording capability remains the same on both.

The new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD with LCD Viewer also retains the "Field Scan" time lapse mode which means that the camera can take images at pre-set intervals of 1 min. up to 60 min across the field of view of the the camera.
With the exception of one other nature camera, the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD with LCD Viewer comes equipped with the latest generation of IR LED's which are completely invisible when triggered. Normally conventional IR LED's emit a very dull red glow when activated.
Another key feature of both Trophy Cam HD models is the battery life which can last up to approx. one year depending on the conditions and the environment in which it has been set up.

The combination of all those technical features packaged within the dimensions of a camera unit which is no bigger than the palm of your hand makes the Bushnell Trophy HD with LCD Viewer a must have accessory for both the professional nature researcher and the keen amateur nature or hunting enthusiast.

Incidentally, the BBC television broadcasting corporation recently used Bushnell trail cameras during the filming of the nature series "Lost Land of the Tigers" in order to capture footage of one of the worlds rarest big cats.

For more information on the new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD with LCD Viewer, simply click here.