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Friday, 22 July 2011

New Harkila Woodstalker GTX 7" Hunting boot

Harkila have launched a 7" high stalking boot called the Harkila Woodstalker GTX hunting boot.

The Woodstalker has a Gore-Tex lining which keeps your feet warm and dry in cold & wet weather conditions.
The upper section of the Woodstalker is made from a combination of Suede/Waxed Leather with a memory fit lining for a consistent level of comfort. The sole is a Harkila Opti Flex unit which is both tough with lots of grip and flexible enough to give the best possible level of comfort on harsh rocky terrain.

The Harkila Woodstalker will be become available from the 1st August 2011.

For more information on the Harkila Woodstalker please visit our online store.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

New Harkila Staika GTX 12" XL Insulated boots

Harkila have introduced a new 12" insulated boot called the Harkila Staika. The Staika is also the only black coloured boot in the Harkila footwear range. The Harkila Staika is 100% waterproof and breathable due to the Gore-Tex insulated Comfort membrane.
The insulation of the Harkila Staika boot will give protection down to temperatures of -25Deg C. This means that the Staika boot is designed purely for use in late autumn/winter conditions.
The combination of the latest generation Vibram sole unit and Nubuck leather upper with memory fit lining, make them ideal for stalking or shooting on the coldest days.
The extra insulation and 12" height also makes them suitable for wild fowling when using a hide as they will keep your feet nice and warm when sitting for long periods of time.

To find out more about the Harkila Staika boot or indeed any other model in the footwear range, simply visit our website for more details.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

NEW Harkila Sporting Visent GTX 17" Leather Country Boots

Harkila have launched the new Sporting Visent GTX 17" Leather Country Boot, this tall 17" boot is designed for hunting and general outdoor work wear applications. The Harkila Visent is an evolution of the current Harkila Sporting Estate and combines the comfort of a walking boot with the durability and protection of a wellington.
The Gore-Tex Comfort membrane ensures that the boot is completely waterproof and breathable and provides comfort down to temperatures of -30 Deg. C. with the aid of a lambs wool foot bed.
The full grain leather upper combined with suede not only gives the Harkila Visent a stylish look, but also a high level of protection in bad weather conditions.

The Vibram sole unit on this particular model of Harkila boot offers excellent grip, support and durability.

For more information on the Harkila Visent GTX 17" Leather Country Boot, please see the following link. Available from the 15th September 2011.

NEW Harkila Sporting Chelsea GTX 7" boots

The new Harkila Sporting Chelsea GTX 7" boot combines the traditional looks of a proper Chelsea style boot with some of the technical features more commonly found on hiking or stalking boots.
For example, there is a Gore-Tex Comfort lining which ensures that the boot is completely waterproof. The sole unit is the same as found on the current Harkila Sporting Estate range of boots. This combination makes the Harkila Sporting Chelsea boot practical enough to be worn on a driven shoot or on a walk up a wet forest track.

This stylish new boot from Harkila is available from 1 July 2011.

For more information on the Harkila Sporting Chelsea GTX 7" boots, please visit our website.

NEW Harkila Pro Hunter GTX 10" Mossy Oak Boots

Harkila have introduced a Pro Hunter GTX 10" boot in a Mossy Oak camo pattern. As with all Pro Hunter boots in the Harkila range they are 100% waterproof and breathable due to the Gore-Tex membrane.
The high protective rubber rand offers ample protection in the roughest terrain. The new generation of Vibram sole unit gives plenty of grip and just the right amount of flexibility without sacrificing the high level of support.
The upper part of the Pro Hunter boot is made from a combination of Cordura and Nubuck leather with a memory fit lining for extra comfort.

The Harkila Pro Hunter GTX 10" boot in Mossy Oak offers a suitable amount of camouflage to effectively break up the shape when out in woodland stalking conditions.

The Pro Hunter GTX 10" boot in Mossy oak is available from 15th July 2011
For more information please visit our website .

Monday, 11 July 2011

NEW Pulsar N550 Digisight Lens Conversion kit by Dr.Bob

At last a lens conversion kit available for the Pulsar N550 Digisight NV rifle scope!!

Dr. Bob, a company specialising in the manufacture of precision parts, produced a much needed lens conversion adaptor which enables a high quality Pulsar Gen 2+ 1.7x lens to be attached to the extremely popular Pulsar N550 Digital night vision weapon sight.
The Pulsar Gen2+ 1.7x lens produced far better results in a recent
test which included a Sony Camcorder 2x lens which some people have been using in DIY lens conversion kits.
By using the Pulsar 1.7x lens, the magnification is increased from 4.5x to 7.65x. This level of magnification provides much better target detail. The image quality is also enhanced due to the much higher level of light transmission when compared to a camcorder day lens. However, the degree to which the image quality is improved was not expected at first, however it is a welcome bonus.

The adaptor itself is precision made to fit solely in the cowling of the Pulsar N550. As the Pulsar N550 does not have any threading in the cowling to accommodate an attachment, the adaptor has been designed to fit in the cowling recess very tightly. You will know when it is securely in place because you will be aware of a very definite "click". There are 3 small grub screws in the adaptor in case you wish to tighten it further.
As the adaptor has been produced by Dr.Bob, the adaptor itself is not covered by a Pulsar warranty, however as long as you take reasonable care and follow the instructions to the letter, you won't have a problem.
In fact, it fits so well that you could easily use this conversion on Pulsar N550's fitted to larger caliber rifles such as .243.
Removing the adaptor from your N550 isn't an issue either as the level of force required to retract the adaptor is no more than it takes to fit on.

The Pulsar Gen 2+ 1.7x lens comes with its own flip up cover which renders the N550's lens cover is redundant when fitted with the lens conversion kit. However it can still be used in another way... If you have a Yukon MPR (Mobile Personal Recorder) for example, you can easily attach the MPR with the screen facing you to the back of the redundant N550 lens cover using a piece of velcro. This means the MPR unit doesn't have to be stored in your pocket when you are recording footage from the N550. This means it is easier to turn the recording capability on and off without having to search your pocket for the right button to press. The cable connecting the MPR to the N550 could also impede your movement and get in the way in certain circumstances if the MPR unit is kept in your pocket.

For more information regarding the DR.BOB lens conversion kit for the Pulsar N550 Digisight NV Scope, please see the following link.