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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Intelligent Optics camera glasses have introduced the Clarity HD eyewear series which is now available from pioneering technical outdoor accessories specialists Scott Country International.

Available to purchase with either clear or polarized lenses the Intelligent Optics HD Clarity range of camera glasses offers potential users the ability to record a wide range of footage for both recreational and professional purposes such as cycling ,skiing ,motor sport ,climbing ,etc. , to professional use by emergency services, journalists, including many other areas where image and video data gathering can provide an advantage. At the same time the iO Clarity HD camera glasses will also provide the same benefit as expected from a conventional good quality pair of sunglasses.

The Intelligent Optics Clarity HD and Clarity 2 HD camera glasses are stylish yet extremely compact. The built in HD (high definition) video camera captures footage in full colour with sound as well as still images with a resolution of 1280 x 960 and 5 megapixel sensitivity. Video footage is captured at 30 frames per second which makes them ideal for active sports such as cycling or motor racing for example.
Footage and still images are stored using a micro SD memory card with a capacity from 2GB (supplied) to 16GB depending on which other SD card you choose to buy. To download captured footage and still images simply connect the iO Clarity HD glasses to your laptop using the supplied USB cable. A typical 2GB micro SD memory card can provide up to 5 hours of recording footage.
This system which is both feather weight and compact in design has been cleverly integrated in the slim frame of the glasses making it's existence scarcely noticeable to the untrained eye.

The iO Clarity HD series camera glasses use a built in Lithium ion battery which is rechargeable using a compact USB slotted mains charger. You can also purchase an in-car cigarette style USB slotted charger for vehicular use should you wish to do so. On a full charge which takes approx. 3 hours to achieve using the mains charger, you can expect to get up to 4 hours of continuous use.

So, if you're a cyclist for example who is looking for the ultimate, user friendly, lightweight, HD video & sound recording equipment without having to add to that already long list of necessary cycling kit, then look no further!
Or, if you are a motor sport track day fanatic who wants to record more of the action and drama than your static in-car set up will provide, then a pair of the Intelligent Optics Clarity HD camera glasses are the answer!

Visit our website for more details on the complete Intelligent Optics HD camera spy glasses range of Video / Camera glasses.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

NEW Intelligent Optics video camera Eyewear available

A new range of Intelligent Optics video camera eyewear is now available from pioneering outdoor clothing and accessories specialists Scott Country International.

This new evolution in the world of video and camera spy glasses is certain to become one of the hottest new range gadgets currently available today.

Available with either clear or polarized lenses the potential uses of this range of Intelligent Optics video/camera glasses are limitless, from recreational uses such as cycling ,skiing ,motor sport ,climbing ,etc. ,to professional applications for use by emergency services and other professions where image and video data gathering is essential.

The Intelligent Optics range of spy camera glasses starts with the iO Classic I series. These glasses are cleverly designed to integrate a sophisticated camera and high quality video recording system which is neatly packaged into the frame of the glasses. The integration of this system into the frame of the glasses is neither noticeable to the user nor visible to anybody in their immediate vicinity..
The still image resolution is a very useful 1280x960, but the video recording capability is even more impressive with a resolution of 640x480 at 30 frames per second. Noticeable is the camera's ability to adjust in rapidly varying levels of light which is an indication to the quality of the camera used. The iO Classic I Series glasses also record full high quality audio which makes them even more impressive.
Footage and still images are captured on a micro SD memory card (2GB-16GB card not supplied). To retrieve your footage, simply connect the glasses to a laptop using the USB cable provided and download what ever has been captured. The iO Optics Classic I series glasses are able to capture up to 5 hours depending on which memory capacity of SD card you choose to use.
Battery life on a full charge is up to 4 hours depending on use. The battery itself is a rechargeable Lithium Polymer unit which is charged via a supplied compact mains charger. You could also purchase a cigarette lighter style adaptor with a USB slot for vehicular charging.

The model up from the iO Classic I Series is the aptly named.. iO Classic II series.
The only difference being that both the camera and video functions can be operated remotely using a small hand held remote control unit.

So, if you need a high quality video recording capability along with
the possibility of capturing still images without the disadvantages of using a hand held or static mounted camera, then Intelligent Optics have the answer!

Visit our website for more details on the complete Intelligent Optics camera spy glasses range of Video / Camera glasses.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Harkila Arnsdale special offer from Scott Country International

It is widely acknowledged in the shooting industry that clothing and footwear manufacturers Harkila produce some of the very best hunting and outdoor gear currently available on the market today. Scott Country International who are a leading UK stockist have announced the promotion of the popular Harkila Arnsdale suit starting this week (1 February 2011).
The Harkila Arnsdale jacket and trousers are now available at special offer prices for a next day delivery. (see below for pricing information)

The Harkila Arnsdale jacket and trousers combine a traditional look with many up to date technical features to ensure you experience the highest level of comfort when wearing this suit.
The Arnsdale suit features a Woodland liner and a Gore-Tex 100% waterproof membrane which helps to keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions.

The Harkila Arnsdale's combination of traditional styling coupled with superior material strenght will allow you to blend in perfectly on a driven shoot day just as easily as it will perform in the toughest stalking conditions.

Harkila Arnsdale Jacket was £299.95 incl.Vat. NOW available for £239.95 incl.Vat.
Harkila Arnsdale Trousers were £219.95 incl.Vat. Now available for £179.95 incl.Vat.

For more information on the Harkila Arnsdale suit please visit the Scott Country International website .

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Scott Country International in association with The Countryman's Weekly

Scott Country International in association with The Countryman's Weekly newspaper are promoting some irresistible deals in this weeks publication available from newsagents on the 2nd February 2011.

Scott Country International are offering some attractive deals on quality footwear & hunting clothing from top manufacturers Harkila.

Also on offer is the increasingly popular Pulsar Challenger GS 1x20 day to nightvision riflescope kit along with a bargain deal on the Spypoint FL-A wildlife trail camera & IR module.

Simply buy the this weeks 'The Countryman's Weekly' publication' and refer to the back page for more details on Scott Country's current deals. When ordering please quote "The Countryman's Weekly" to take full advantage of these promotions!

Also check out our product review on the inside back page of the Pulsar Challenger GS 1x20 day to nightvision riflescope kit.

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