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Friday, 2 December 2011

Spypoint LIVE wildlife camera activation procedure

Activating your Spypoint LIVE wildlife camera is easy as long as you follow all the correct steps which are explained in detail below.

please note: If you've been experiencing problems with your Spypoint LIVE wildlife camera, please ensure that you have read and followed every step of the procedure carefully in this blog before contacting us. This will lead to a far quicker and accurate diagnosis of any potential problem.

The procedure for activating your Spypoint LIVE wildlife camera is as follows:

1. Buy a SIM card from a mobile network provider and add a data plan for your LIVE camera.
worth noting: When using your own SIM card, a data plan is required. Any mobile network with a data plan is compatible with the Spypoint LIVE.
When you buy a SIM card make sure you purchase a pre-paid data pack which suits your needs

2. Create your mySpypoint account

It is preferable to use Internet Explorer (Safari for Mac users) during the whole procedure.
Mozilla Firefox and other web browsers are not compatible..

Make sure you have the following to hand:

Sim card and data plan
Spypoint LIVE wildlife camera
Credit card
Computer and internet access
Philips Screwdriver
8 AA Batteries or Spypoint LIT-09 lithium battery pack

The following procedure will allow you to use the interface of the 'mySpypoint' to save and manage images received from the Spypoint LIVE wildlife camera for the duration of one year.

1. In order to commence with the registration of a new Spypoint account go to

2. Click on "Register now" and enter your personal details where required and then click "Subcribe"

3. You will be prompted to confirm your registration via email. An email from " will automatically be sent to your personal email account.

4. When confirmed a new page will open allowing you to access your new account.

5. On this new "mySpypoint" web page click "account".

6. Click "Add" in the top right hand corner of the page to link your Spypoint LIVE camera to your account.

7. Enter a name for your wildlife camera. For instance, if your camera is installed in your garage you could call it "Garage".

8. Enter the number of your SIM card.

9. Enter the serial number of your camera which is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the camera screen in the main menu and click "Continue".

10. Select the monthly data transfer limit according to your service provider data plan. This option makes sure you do not exceed the amount of data permitted on your data plan. An email will be sent to the address related to your account when you have reached 80% of your monthly limit. The picture transmission to your mySpypoint account will automatically be blocked if the amount of data transfer reaches 95% of the limit chosen. The camera will continue recording locally on the SD card. The monthly data transfer limit can be changed at a later date via the camera's management section of your account under the "Account" tab.

11. An invoice will appear in order to pay your registration. This will provide you access to your mySpypoint account linked with your Spypoint LIVE camera for one year. Then enter your credit card details as requested.

12. Check the box "I have read and I accept the methods of transaction" then click "Pay".

13. Install the batteries and turn on your Spypoint LIVE camera.

14. Go to SETTINGS menu and change the option "Carrier" for the one you are using.

15. Go back to the main menu and select TEST mode. Make sure that the signal strength icon in the top left hand corner of the screen is showing at least 1 white bar. If you then see a message appear on the screen indicating your SIM card number, press OK.

16. If the cellular signal strength icon at the top of the screen is white (not red) and the message "Could not connect" disappears, your camera is ready for use and able to communicate with your account at "". If an error message shows up, refer to the section "Error Messages" of your user manual. If you can't find the solution to the problem in the user manual, please contact our technical department 01556 503587 during office hours from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm at the following email address:

For more information on the complete range of Spypoint wildlife cameras, simply visit our website.

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