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Monday, 17 October 2011

Seeland Snow King Pac winter boots for men

Winter is upon us again and it looks like it will be another long cold winter.. The Seeland Snow King Pac winter boots for men are an excellent choice of footwear for snowy and icy conditions.

The Snow King Pac winter boots form part of the increasingly successful Seeland range of Pac winterboots.
These boots are made to the highest standard yet they represent excellent value for money. Last year we received an unprecedented number of orders for winter boots due to the big freeze which gripped the whole of Europe last year, and nearly all the orders received were for Seeland Pac winter boots.

Seeland Pac winter boots are considered by many Scandinavians to be the best winter boots on offer, which is high praise considering the harsh winter conditions they experience every year. The reason for their popularity isn't merely down to price, but rather the way they are constructed and the materials used to make them. The simple yet effective design incorporates a tough and durable Nubuck leather upper and a vulcanized natural rubber lower section which covers the whole area of the foot. This means they are water resistant and extremely durable.
The addition of a removable insulating inner lining ensures that your feet stay warm and dry in temperatures down to -40 Deg.C. This Seeland Comfort Liner is made from a mixture of woolfelt, polypropylene and Radiantex (an "Aluminium" membrane which provides insulation and moisture control).

Last but not least, a winter boot would not be a winter boot without a proper sole unit. In this case the Seeland Snow King Pac boot comes equipped with a Seeland Snow Claw sole which provides extra grip on snow and ice.

Available in black and dark brown, the Seeland Snow King mens winter boot is an excellent choice for use on those bitter winter days. For more information on the Seeland Pac winter boots, simply click on this link.

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