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Monday, 17 October 2011

Seeland Grizzly Pac Winter Boots cold weather winter footwear

Winter has come early this year and the Seeland Grizzly Pac winter boots are the perfect choice for keeping your feet warm and dry in the coldest conditions.

The Grizzly Pac boots are made to the highest standard yet offer excellent value for money. Last year we simply couldn't get enough of them due to the harsh winter we endured. They were so popular in fact that we were receiving dozens of orders from customers in Scandinavia as all stocks had run out. Seeland Pac boots are the winter boot of choice for many Scandinavians which gives an indication as to how good they are, thus we've made sure we have plenty in stock for this winter.

The reasons for the popularity of Seeland Pac winter boots isn't simply down to price, it's the way they're made and what they're made from that makes them so appealing and which also sets them apart from other footwear manufacturers. The combination of a tough and durable oiled leather upper and a vulcanized natural rubber lower section which covers the entire area of the foot, allies to give maximum protection against water ingress and makes them extremely durable.
The addition of a removable inner lining ensures excellent levels of insulation for use in temperatures down to -40 deg.C. . This Seeland Comfort Liner is made from a mixture of woolfelt, polypropylene and Radiantex (an "aluminium" membrane which gives optimal insultation and moisture control). The liner can also be purchased separately.

Finally, a winter boot would not be a winter boot without a proper sole unit. In this instance the Seeland Grizzly Pac boot comes equipped with a Seeland Snow Claw sole which provides the maximum amount of grip in snowy icy conditions.

For more information on the Seeland Pac winter boots, simply visit our online store.

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