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Monday, 10 October 2011

NEW Ridgeline Roar trousers in teak

The very popular Ridgeline Roar trousers are now available in the Teak colour following the success of the Monsoon smock which is now well into its second season.
The combination of extreme durability, light weight and a 100% waterproof fabric, make the Roar pants ideal for use in the worst weather conditions.

Because the Ridgeline Roar pants are now available in the Teak colour, it means they are the perfect trouser to be worn with the Ridgeline Monsoon smock.

The Roar pants have the same waterproof zipped pockets and are made from the same RL Tex three layer fabric as the Monsoon smock which is why we consider the Roar pants to be part of a "Monsoon suit".

The Ridgeline Roar trousers come equipped with side zips on the lower leg to enable easy on/off over boots. They also feature a reinforced seat and extra protection around the ankle
Two elasticated sections around the waist band allow for greater ease of movement and provide a higher degree of comfort.

Sizes for the Roar pants range from small to 5XL.

For more information on the new Ridgeline Roar pants in teak colour, simply visit our online store.

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