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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

NEW Laser Genetics ND3x50 Sub Zero Laser Designator and Scott Country ND3x50 Cold Weather kit

The new Laser Genetics ND3x50 Sub Zero Laser Designator allows for target acquisition and illumination at night in the coldest weather conditions.

The Laser Genetics ND3x50 Laser designator was already the most powerful laser that Laser Genetics produce, however it was not designed for use in sub zero temperatures. The battery compartment of the regular ND3x50 is not insulated well enough to stop the batteries from becoming what is sometimes referred to as "slushy". This happens when batteries ice up which causes increased internal resistance, thus rendering the batteries incapable of powering up the laser.

The new ND3 Sub Zero has a heated battery compartment by routing some of the current produced by the batteries to heat the compartment itself, thus enabling the device to be used down to temperatures of -17 deg.C.
The only disadvantage of routing a portion of the power produced by the batteries to heat the battery compartment, is that battery run times are reduced by 30%.

There is another option... If you want to be able to operate your existing Laser Genetics ND3x50 at sub zero temperatures WITHOUT the above mentioned loss of battery power, then our "Cold Weather kit" is the answer.

Our Cold Weather Kit uses the highest grade wetsuit neoprene material which is
tailored to sleeve over the whole ND3x50 unit. Due to the elasticity of this high grade neoprene, the optical focus can still be adjusted easily without any damage to the neoprene sleeve itself. In addition we also supply another mount which enables the Laser Genetics supplied mount to be fitted directly onto the ND3x50 over the Neoprene sleeve.

If you own an existing ND3x50 non sub zero model already, then our cold weather kit would be the ideal and most cost effective solution when using the ND3x50 in cold or sub zero weather conditions.

For more in depth technical information on both the new Laser Genetics ND3x50 Sub Zero Laser Designator and our very own Cold Weather Kit for the ND3x50, simply visit our online store.

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