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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wildlife Cameras featured on The Gadget Show on FIVE Monday 31st October at 8pm

The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD is the latest state of the art covert wildlife camera which has recently been used by the presenters of The Gadget Show on channel FIVE during filming of a feature on Soundbars in the London Tombs.

Viewers will be able to see the footage filmed using the cameras by The Gadget Show presenters on Monday 31st October at 8pm. The contributor for this feature is Glen Freemantle, a very successful sound engineer. The stage for this experiment is at the London Tombs where the aim is to scare visitors and capture footage of their reactions as part of a Halloween theme.

Bushnell wildlife cameras first came to prominence on tv roughly 18 months ago in a BBC series called the 'Lost Land of The Tigers'. They used Bushnell Trophy Cameras for the purpose of capturing footage of rare mountain tigers in Bhutan.

The latest top of the range Bushnell Trophy Cam HD infrared cameras use covert infra red illumination which is invisible to the naked eye due to the use of no-glow IR Leds. Video footage is also captured in proper 1080p HD resolution during the day and night. No other wildlife camera has the ability to film in such high definition.

For more information on the Bushnell wildlife camera range, simply visit our online store.

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