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Thursday, 1 September 2011

NEW Seeland Cortland Jacket & Trousers for 2011/2012

Seeland have launched a new affordable and technical hunting suit called the Cortland.
The Seeland Cortland suit is designed to be worn on milder days which you can experience throughout the year.

Despite the Cortland suit's relative lightness it is very tough and completely waterproof due to the addition of Seeland's tried and tested Seetex waterproof and breathable membrane.
For an entry level hunting jacket, the Cortland is very well equipped. It has roomy cartridge pockets with load strap, lined zipped pockets, two way zipper and an adjustable waist and hem.

The Cortland trousers are mesh lined and have articulated knees which allow for greater ease of movement and comfort. The thigh pockets and hip pockets have a large storage capacity and the tougher contrast fabric prevents any possibility of premature ware & tear.

Besides the functionality aspect of the Cortland suit, it's also designed to look good as well

The Seeland Cortland Jacket and Trousers are going to be a runaway success.

For more information on the new Seeland Cortland Suit, simply visit the following link.

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