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Thursday, 8 September 2011

New Seeland Calder Jacket and Trousers

The new Seeland Calder suit is primarily designed for use in the winter months. Its 100% polyester micro suede outer layer not only feels like leather with the soft comfort of suede but also helps to provide a great deal of warmth in cold weather conditions.

The tough, silent outer layer of the Calder jacket and trousers is reinforced with Seeland 's proven 100% waterproof & breathable Seetex membrane.
An extra 100gr layer of padding has also been added to the jacket and 70gr in the trousers to provide further insulation when out stalking.

The colour of the Seeland Calder suit which is a granite green is dark enough so as not to attract any visual attention when out hunting in wooded areas. The near silence of the Calder suit also means your position is not given away in the crucial moments before taking aim.

The Seeland Calder jacket and trousers come equipped with all the necessary pockets you come to expect from a proper hunting suit and the jacket also has the added benefit of a detachabl
e hood. Other functional details allow you to tailor the suit to your needs for ultimate comfort and usability.

Maintenance of the Calder suit is made easier due to the use of polyester which means you can machine wash the suit (however do not use fabric conditioner as this can damage the waterproof membrane).

Seeland's Calder suit is currently available and for more information simply visit our online store.

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