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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

NEW Harkila Limited edition Edward Classic jacket and trousers

Harkila have released a limited edition run of the popular Edward hunting and stalking suit called the Edward Classic.
The Harkila Edward Classic is a variation on the same theme as the existing Edward suit apart from a few features which have been omitted on this limited edition range.

Aside from the fact that the Edward Classic does without features such as a rear game pocket, radio pocket and snow tabs on the trousers, it is essentially the same suit with the same Gore-Tex lined 100% waterproof and breathable membrane which ensures you stay comfortable whatever the weather. The use of a soft yet tough micro fibre outer layer means the jacket is both silent and light weight allowing you move easily when out hunting.
As the name suggests the Edward Classic is cut to a classical yet stylish design making it ideal for use on formal driven shoot days as well as those walked up days out on a moor.

The real bonus with this suit though, is the price. What you are essentially buying is a top quality Harkila product for Seeland money and when compared to the price of Harkila's flagship Visent range, it is an absolute steal.

The Harkila Edward Classic is currently available in sizes ranging from medium up to XXXL. The new limited edition Harkila Edward Classic suit is available while stocks last!

To find out more about this range or any indeed any other products from Harkila and Seeland, simply click on this link.

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