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Thursday, 4 August 2011

NEW Harkila Tolga Jacket and Trousers

The new Harkila Tolga jacket and trousers are designed for hunting, shooting and stalking in extreme weather conditions.
The Tolga suit is made using a Gore Tex 3 layer softshell fabric with a brushed exterior finish, which not only provides 100% protection from the wind and rain but is extremely comfortable to wear. Being light weight and silent, the Harkila Tolga suit lets you concentrate 100% on the hunt without any distraction. Wearing clothing which may impede your movement in any way and cause too much noise can scare off your quarry long before you're able to take a shot.

The Tolga hunting jacket and trousers were carefully designed to suit the needs of the professional hunter.

Features such as the waterproof sealed zips on all the pockets which prevent any water ingress in heavy persistent rain. Details such as the underarm ventilation for increased breathability, the signal bands on the shoulders, the removable adjustable hood, the mesh lining of the trousers and radio pocket on the jacket, all serve to make this one of the most practical hunting suits currently available today.

Also worth mentioning is that the Tolga trousers are also available in a wide fitting up to a 40" waist with an inside leg measurement of 30"/31".

The Harkila Tolga hunting suit is available now.
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