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Monday, 8 August 2011

NEW Harkila Pro Hunter Short Hunting Jacket

The ever popular Harkila ProHunter range of clothing has been strengthened by the arrival of the a new shorter version of the regular Harkila Prohunter jacket.

The Harkila Prohunter Short Hunting jacket provides the same level of protection against the elements as the regular version due to the Gore-Tex Performance Shell Membrane. This membrane will keep out the effects of heavy rain, snow and freezing wind in order to keep you warm and comfortable all year round without sacrificing the breathability.

The Harkila Prohunter Short is designed to give an increased level of movement due to its shorter length. If the Prohunter short hunting jacket is worn together with the Harkila Prohunter trousers, you will achieve the same level of comfort and protection as that of the regular Harkila Prohunter suit.

Despite the shorter length, it still comes equipped with all the necessary pockets and storage space you come to expect from any top quality hunting jacket.
The Harkila Prohunter short hunting jacket also benefits from a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

For more information on the Hakila Prohunter short hunting jacket, please click here.

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