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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

NEW Harkila Pro Hunter Dog Keeper Jacket and Trousers

Harkila have launched another ground breaking hunting suit.. The Harkila Pro Hunter Dog Keeper Jacket & Trousers.

The art of concealment combined with high visibility.. A contradiction in terms perhaps, but one that can work strangely enough. Harkila have found a clever way of using the Mossy Oak New Break Up camouflage pattern in a way which keeps you the hunter concealed from the target, but at the same time provides other hunters in the group your position in relative to theirs.
The use of just the right amount of Orange Blaze on both the jacket and trousers (and optional cap) clearly marks your position in relation to other hunters without providing enough of a human profile to your intended quarry.
The Scandinavians are a long way ahead of us in terms of incorporating Orange Blaze style patterns on camouflage clothing due to their legal requirements when out hunting.
The Harkila Pro Hunter Dog Keeper jacket is based on the brand new Harkila Prohunter short jacket, except for the Mossy Oak and Blaze Orange patterns.

The trousers incorporate ergonomically designed thigh pockets to help maintain freedom of movement even when filled to capacity. Articulated knees make climbing or kneeling down much easier and this combined with extra venting on the leg for increased breathability ensures you remain comfortable regardless of the weather or terrain.

The main outer fabric of the Harkila Pro Hunter Dog Keeper suit is made from 100% polyamide Canvas DWR with a 100% polyester microfiber contrast fabric. A new Gore Tex Performance Shell Membrane ensures the Pro Hunter Dog Keeper suit is 100% waterproof and breathable in extreme weather conditions.
A Harkila Woodland inner liner made from 100% polyester provides excellent breathability and comfort.

The Harkila Pro Hunter Dog Keeper suit is available now. For more details simply visit our website.

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