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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Spypoint Wireless Infrared Booster

Spypoint have introduced a wireless Infrared Booster which can be used in conjunction with all types of trail cameras.

It is wirelessly controlled and triggered by a wireless transmitter. The principle it works on is very simple. The infrared booster receiver detects infrared emitted by your Spypoint camera and sends a wireless signal up to a range of 50ft to trigger the external illumination device. The Spypoint Wireless Infrared booster kit will function using similar camera equipment by other brands providing they have night time Infrared Illumination capability.

This external illumination device itself has 100 IR LED's which substantially increases the illumination in order to capture even better footage and images of wildlife.

On a full charge using batteries, you can expect a battery life approaching a year.

The Spypoint Wireless Infrared Booster kit will be available from July 2011.

For more technical information please visit our website.

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