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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

NEW Spypoint TINY W Digital Wireless Trail Camera

The new Spypoint TINY W is a wireless wildlife camera that enables you to stream images and video footage to a bin receiver which can be securely concealed or stored up to a range of 50ft from the camera itself.

The fact that the Spypoint TINY W sends images and footage taken during the day and night wirelessly to the storage bin, means that it is ideal for wildlife research where disturbance of nesting sites must be kept to a minimum.
The storage bin itself is a wireless receiver which stores footage on its internal memory enabling you to access and download it any time.
If in the unlikely event that your camera is stolen, you will still be able to recover all the footage that has been taken by the thief, which could help identify the culprit.

The Spypoint TINY W is extremely compact, yet comes equipped with an impressive 8 megapixel camera and 38 IR LED's for night time illumination. Despite it's size it also has a 2" viewing screen to allow you to view captured footage and aid the set up of your camera.
Like the Spypoint Pro X Plus, the Spypoint TINY W has the same instant trigger facility when attached to an external power supply.
The Spypoint TINY W shares many other features with the range topping Pro X Plus, such as the automatic IR level adjustment and multi shot mode with up to 6 pictures per detection.

It is also worth noting that all Spypoint wildlife cameras require a heat signature as well as movement in order to trigger the camera.

This exciting new wildlife camera system from Spypoint will be available from July 2011.

For more technical information please visit our website.

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