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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

NEW Spypoint LIVE Wireless Wildlife Camera

Leading wildlife camera manufacturers Spypoint, have launched the new Spypoint LIVE Wireless Wildlife Camera.

The trail camera itself has the same image quality as the IR-5 except it has superior features such as a 48 IR LED night time illumination and a built in 3.5" viewing screen on the back of the camera.

However the main difference is that the new Spypoint LIVE Wireless camera uses state of the art technology which allows you to view any recorded footage remotely from anywhere in the world by simply accessing the internet and logging into the Spypoint LIVE Website from where you can check the footage captured by your Spypoint camera.
By using the Spypoint LIVE website you also have the ability to turn the device on or off and select different program modes remotely.

The new Spypoint LIVE Wireless wildlife camera is sure to be a hit among nature lovers across the world when it is released in July 2011.

For more information on the new Spypoint LIVE Camera please visit our website.

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