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Thursday, 28 October 2010

NEW Bushnell Trophy Cam XLT Scouting Camera

The new Bushnell Trophy Cam XLT scouting camera was featured in the BBC's high profile documentary called "The Lost Land of the Tigers".

This engaging series showed us just how effective a Bushnell Trophy Cam XLT can be. The results were truly remarkable, enabling nature conservation experts to capture in dazzling detail previously unseen footage of a very illusive animal.

This wildlife trail camera is therefore ideal for scouting all sorts of wild animals, regardless of where and when. The Bushnell Throphy Cam's compact dimensions means it can fit into a jacket pocket, ready to be deployed at a moments notice.

You can check at anytime on the colour LCD screen who or what has been in the
area without the need to eject the SD memory card to download onto your computer or laptop elsewhere.

The Bushnell Trophy XLT trail camera boasts an astounding one-year battery life and a one-second trigger speed, the 2010 Trophy Cams are juiced up to a whole new level of performance.

It features 32 night-vision LEDs for improved image quality after dark. Resolution is selectable on three levels from 3, 5 to 8 megapixels.
The PIR sensor coverage area is 3x larger than any camera Bushnell has built before. Trophy Cams are now compatible with up to a 16GB SD card for an unmatched image capacity.You are able to select up to three rapid-fire images per trigger, or a 1 second to 60 minute delay.
In video mode the Trophy Cam XLT records a programmable 1 to 60 seconds of footage with enhanced resolution.
with the option of adding an image stamp with date, time, temperature and moon phase.

For more information on the Bushnell Trophy Cam XLT, please visit the following link on our on-line store.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

NEW Umarex CO2 Air Rifles

We now supply two new models of Umarex CO2 Air Rifles called the Air Magnum 850 and the Air Magnum XT CO2 which is supplied as a kit.

The Umarex Air Magnum 850 is ideal for small vermin control such as rats, as well as for close range target shooting. The 8 shot magazine is designed to allow for reliable rapid fire shots up to an effective range of 20yards.

Being a CO2 rifle means that recoil is non existent which aids accuracy with each shot when allied with a properly set up scope.

The black synthetic stock is both durable and lightweight helping the Air Magnum 850 to weigh in at a mere 3kg.

The Air Magnum 850 is available in both a standard length and Carbine model, the latter being 3.5 inches (8.89cm) shorter (including silencer).

Should you not choose to use a telescopic sight, the Air Magnum 850 automatically comes equipped with a fully adjustable fibre optic sight.

An automatic thumb operated safety catch is a standard safety option.

The Umarex Air Magnum XT CO2 Air rifle comes complete with 6X42 parallax adjustable Telescopic sights, mounts and Bipod.
The Air Magnum XT Air Rifle kit is perfect for the control of small vermin and target shooting.

The tactical stock design is further enhanced by the black composite construction.
It uses the same 8 shot magazine which allows for reliable rapid fire shots.

The automatic thumb operated safety catch is a standard feature on the Air Magnum XT.
Power is provided by a well concealed 88gr CO2 bottle which is hidden in the forend.

The Countryman's Weekly Stealth Gear Clothing Review

Reviewed by Steve McGonigal for The Countryman's Weekly on behalf of Stealth Gear and Scott Country.

I have spent considerable time and money over the last few seasons trying to find some good outdoor clothing. All too often I bought something that was too warm, too light or just
not up to the job and completely unsuitable!

Indeed, I spent quite a substantial amount on a well-known brand last season only for it to let me down very badly after two months of use.
Recently, while searching for some new clothing before the season started, I was recommended a company known as Stealth Gear. Originally their products were designed for photographers but more and more hunters, shooters and outdoor enthusiasts are finding out just how good this British brand is.
I obtained a pair of the Stealth Gear trousers in early September and put them through their paces over the following few weeks.
From wet mornings after ducks to lamping, ferreting and even pushing through some very heavy cover, they never let me down.
The extra features like knee pads and various pockets, designed with the photographer in mind, are extremely beneficial to the hunter.
Indeed I found the knee pads brilliant while setting purse nets.

All in all, a first class piece of kit which I am still using and would whole heartedly and genuinely recommend.

For more information and to order Stealth Gear products, please visit
See "The Countryman's Weekly" publication of October 27th 2010.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


The all NEW 2010/2011 online Harkila & Seeland Catalogue is now available to be viewed from our Scott Country International webstore.

Close up detailed viewing of all product is possible by simply zooming in on the high resolution product images.
View the catalogue as if it were in your hands!

See Harkila's exciting new ranges of footwear and clothing which include the new Harkila Pro Hunter kevlar Reinforced boots and the all new Harkila Pro Hunter Lady Jacket & Trousers.

Check out Seeland's newly extended range of PAC winter boots or their new clothing collections which include the new Seeland Thresfield and Hiley suits to name but a few.

Visit the new online Harkila / Seeland catalogue to view all the latest innovative product available from the worlds leading outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories specialists.

Please call or email us at Scott Country International with any questions you may have concerning the Harkila & Seeland range. Our expert staff will be ready to assist you.