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Thursday, 29 July 2010

NEW Brasher Balboa Ladies Boot

The new Brasher Balboa Ladies boot is a warm, comfortable fully shearling lined ankle boot.

They are designed to be worn with jeans or a skirt for the stylish winter look.

The ladies Balboa boot is available in two colours which are mid brown leather or chocolate colour leather. The leather itself is a 1.6-1.8mm full grain leather which is water resistant.

A rubber outsole is used which incorporates an EVA midsole combined with a comfort footbed for extra comfort.

Both colours of Balboa boot are available in sizes ranging from a UK 4 up to a size 8.

NEW Brasher Lincoln Mens Boots

The new Brasher Lincoln leather boots for men are a comfortable boot designed for everyday use.

The leather used is a water resistant 1.6-1.8 mm full grain leather which combined with Brasher's active fit walking sole unit will give optimum comfort all day long.
Brasher's active sole unit incorporates their EVA midsole and ultra comfort footbed for extra comfort.

The Brasher Lincoln mens boot is available in sizes from a UK 7 to 12.

NEW Brasher Argon All Terrain Shoe

The new Brasher Argon All Terrain shoes are non Gore Tex lined but still incorporate the Brasher All Terrain outsole.
Brasher's All Terrain outsole unit gives excellent traction and grip and combined with the shock absorbing EVA midsole a high level of comfort as well.

The absence of a Gore Tex lining makes the Argon shoe ideal for walking in hot dry weather as they will provide a higher degree of breathability.

The lining also has memory foam built into it which is designed to give you the best possible fit around the collar and cuff of the shoe. The heel is reinforced with a TPU Heel plate for extra torsional rigidity.

The Argon Shoes are available in both a mens and ladies version with sizes ranging from a UK size 4 up to a size 12 (including half sizes).

NEW Brasher Hurricane GTX Trail Shoe

The new Brasher Hurricane GTX Trail shoe is ideal for use on forest trails or hillside tracks.

The Gore-Tex membrane makes them 100% waterproof and breathable. A new all terrain outsole provides ample grip and traction whilst remaining durable. The main body of the shoe is made from Suede which incorporates mesh panels fro extra breathability.

The understated look of the Hurricane also makes them suitable for use on a casual evening out or for a gentle stroll in town.

The Brasher Hurricane GTX Trail Shoe is available in both a mens and ladies version with sizes ranging from a UK size 4 up to a size 12 (including half sizes). The mens version comes in a brown colour and the ladies in Gun metal colour.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

NEW Brasher Krypton GTX Shoe

The new Brasher Krypton GTX shoes are the ultimate in walking footwear designed to be worn on low level trails.

The Krypton GTX underwent rigorous testing with results showing little or no signs of wear over a combined total of 250 hours of use. These walking shoes would be the ideal choice of footwear if you were to attempt long distances such as those encountered on one of Scotland's most famous walks, the Southern Upland Way.

The Krypton GTX shoes are available in both a mens and ladies version with sizes ranging from a UK size 4 up to size 12 (including half sizes).

More details can be found on our Scott Country International website.

NEW Brasher Supalite II GTX boots

The Brasher Supalite GTX has been without doubt the best selling walking boot for as long as we can remember.

However, 2010 sees the introduction of the new Brasher Supalite II GTX boot which has improved appeal and performance while retaining the same levels of comfort and weight as the original version.

The brasher Supalite II GTX boot is still the lightest, waterproof and breathable leather hill walking boot available on the market today at the incredible weight of just 1122 gms per pair (UK size 9).

The Brasher Supalite II GTX is available in both a mens and ladies version with sizes ranging from a UK size 4 up to size 12 (including half sizes).

NEW Brasher Chamba GTX Boot

The new Chamba GTX Boot from leading walking boot manufacturer Brasher forms part of the new model line up for summer/winter 2010.

The Brasher Chamba is primarily designed for trekking and hill walking in our UK climate & terrain . The main body of the Chamba is made from durable full grain leather together with a Gore Tex. 100% waterproof & breathable membrane which forms part of the lining.

The lining incorporates sections of memory foam in the collar and cuff of the boot to ensure you the best possible fit and level of comfort.

The sole unit is Brasher's own 'Hypergrip' outsole which gives phenomenal grip and traction.

Brasher boots are known for their weight, or lack of it, and the Chamba does not disappoint weighing in at a mere 1350 gms per pair (UK size 9).

The Brasher Chamba boot is available in both mens and ladies sizes starting at size 4 up to 12 (including half sizes).

NEW Brasher Kanaga GTX Mountain Boot

Brasher have launched a new boot called the Kanaga GTX Mountain Boot which is part of their new model line up of footwear for summer/winter 2010.

As the name suggests, the Kanaga GTX Mountain Boot is designed to be worn when out mountain walking or trekking. The Kanaga boots weigh in at a mere 1604gms per pair (UK size 9). This is roughly 100gms lighter than similar competitor boots.

The Kanaga boots are available in both a mens and a ladies version with mens sizes ranging from size 7 up to 12 (including half sizes) and ladies sizes from 4 up to 8 (including half sizes).

The main body of the Kanaga boot is made from a durable oiled nubuck leather which is lined with a 100% waterproof & breathable lining. The inner lining of the boot is leather for extra comfort and incorporates memory foam in the collar and cuff for the best possible fit.

The Brasher Kanaga is a superb boot which will only strenghten the Brasher range.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Scott Country guide to making air gun safety a habit

Scott Country International guide to air gun safety.

Accidents among experienced air rifle shooters are few and far between.
There is no such thing as an accident with a gun, there can only be negligence.
The key to the safe handling of a gun is discipline and habit.

Safety advice for air rifle shooters is abundant. The BASC's Codes of Practice are comprehensive and should be made compulsory reading for any first-time airgun buyer.

The safety habits you should adopt from the very beginning will in time become second nature. Just like putting your seat belt on when getting behind the wheel of a car. We all know from experience what it feels like when we don't put our seat belt on.. you don't feel safe!

Starting with the airgun itself. There are very few air rifles on sale today which don't automatically come equipped with a safety catch to disable the trigger mechanism until the user makes a conscious decision to fire. Some safety catches automatically engage once the gun is cocked which is common on modern spring-powered rifles. Other air rifles such as PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic), rely on the user to engage the safety before firing. The user of this type of rifle should get into the habit of engaging the safety, which as we said earlier, will become second nature.

Next up is the ammunition. Check the integrity of each pellet before you load it. This goes for both types of air rifle. A damaged pellet can become dangerous in flight due to a pellet deformity. Make sure that you take great care in the storage and transportation of the pellets you are about to use. By using a proper container or pellet pouch you will minimise the damage to the pellet skirts. Another important factor in achieving consistent accuracy is the choice of pellet. The performance of pellets will differ from brand to brand, not to mention the shape of the pellet head.
Having a mixture of pellets in your pellet pouch is not a good idea as it will only result inaccuracy.

In order to ensure that the trajectory of the fired pellet hits the intended target, make sure that your rifle is zero'd on a regular basis. This is applicable to air rifles with both open sights and telescopic sights. A properly zero'd air rifle will ensure a clean dispatch of your intended quarry and will avert any wayward shots. The result of regular zeroing will enable the user to determine the operational "health" of the rifle itself. You will become aware of any potential issues such as loss of power due to wear and degradation of parts.

Being accurate is only part of the story though. A user must know their hunting ground intimately. Where are risk areas such as footpaths, livestock, buildings or roads?

Moving around with an air rifle is when the user should take the greatest care. The safety catch should be engaged at all times and should only be disengaged when you have your quarry in your sights. Therefore necessitating a conscious decision to release the safety catch. It also gives you the chance to reconsider not only the shot itself, but also the trajectory of a potential missed shot. Elevated shots into tree tops must also be carefully considered as you need to be aware of what lies behind the area you cannot see.
When out rough shooting, you will encounter obstacles in your path which may be hazardous to pass. Therefore with the safety catch engaged you will avert a possible accidental discharge of the rifle.
Always keep your trigger finger outside the trigger guard when walking as an loss of footing may also result in an accidental discharge of the rifle. When crossing or climbing over barriers it is advisable to set your rifle aside allowing you to cross safely. Once across, you can then retrieve your air rifle safely.

Conduct whilst walking with the air rifle is also very important. Make sure you don't point the muzzle of you gun at anything other than an intended target. Keep the muzzle pointing down. If the air rifle is carried over the shoulder thus pointing upwards, then make sure that the safety catch is engaged at all times.

When your day out shooting is over, it is worth getting into the habit of discharging the rifle. If the rifle is still loaded, fire the last shot into the ground. It is also advisable to fire the rifle once more just to be sure. If the gun is a multi shot PCP rifle, then also take the magazine out. When you are satisfied that the air rifle is safe, store the rifle in a slip until you get back home.

Maintenance of an air rifle is also of great importance and regular cleaning and general lubrication will ensure that the rifle will continue to work properly and efficiently for longer. It is worth noting that you use proper air gun oils or grease which don't affect the various rubber seals. Once the gun is ready to be put away, it is advisable to store it in a safe place such as a lockable cabinet (or gun safe) even if it is not a legal requirement for air rifles below the limit of 12ft/lb. . Restricting the potential access to children or other unauthorized people cancels out the risk of avoidable accidents which would be seen as gross negligence on the part of the owner.

Insurance is also an important point which should be considered. Becoming a member of BASC or another reputable shooting organisation will enable you to insure your activity cheaply.

Attention to all these points raised will ensure that you get the maximum amount of pleasure and use out of your air rifle.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Trail cameras helping children understand the world around them

When you enjoy an activity, it's natural to want to share the experience with friends and family. Being able to share facts about other animals and their behaviour with children is both fun and informative. It can also help them learn some valuable academic skills at the same time. Your trail camera can be a super tool for achieving both those goals.For instance, younger children would be able to download images and footage from your trail camera to their computer. They would then have the opportunity to watch how wild animals go about their daily business and interact with their physical environment. They could learn about the similarities between certain animals and also what makes them different.

As children get older, they could begin to investigate the habits and interdependence of animals and note the effects of seasonal changes on their health, activities, and survival. They could compare the habits of the animals such as squirrels, deer, badgers, birds, etc., during different seasons.

As they grow up further, they may become interested in recording their observations through the use of charts and graphs. Data on each kind of animal may include: (1) identification (2) description (3) number (4) order. Later analysis of data can reflect daily and seasonal changes and environmental conditions such as weather, temperature, time of day, etc. . Their own inquisitiveness will help to guide them.

They could become very creative in the way they choose to display the information gained through the use of a trail camera . If your children have some practical experience putting them to use, they will have a much better understanding of the concepts than if they had simply read about them in books.

The use of trail cameras by children could ultimately help teach them to respect, cherish and preserve the natural world around them. Something which in essence should be passed on to every child whether you choose to use a trail camera as a tool or not.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Day 6 PlotWatcher Time-Lapse HD Video Camera

The NEW 'Day 6 PlotWatcher HD Time-Lapse Video Camera' is unlike any other traditional trail or wildlife camera currently available today. This camera system does not rely on the motion of an animal passing within close proximity to the camera sensors in order for it to capture images or footage. The PlotWatcher captures images of an area regardless of how far the subject is from the camera. This much greater field of view (up to 10X more than a conventional trail camera) allows the user to see exactly what the movement patterns of animals are, which would have otherwise gone undetected using a conventional trail camera.
All you need to do is mount the camera at the designated location and the PlotWatcher will take a picture every 5 to 10 seconds (depending on which of the seven settings you chose to have it on, one of which allows you to custom programme it..). The PlotWatcher then stores all the images on a USB Storage device with a maximum capacity of 8GB. The PlotWatcher records HD images in a video format, because the PlotWatcher HD uses time-lapse video technology to record high definition footage. At night the Plotwatcher goes into 'conservation mode', to ensure that the batteries last as long as possible. It will reactivate every 5 minutes and check for enough light in order to take an image. The camera does not have an integrated infra red illuminator as it uses ambient light sources such as starlight or street lighting.
The resulting HD (high definition) video is stored as a record of all the activity that happens in the days prior to your return to the PlotWatcher camera.

The recorded HD footage is retrieved by opening up the PlotWatcher and disconnecting the USB storage device and connecting it up to your laptop or computer. Using the 'Game Finder Video Player' software which incorporates a 'motion' search function that scans the entire video footage for movement, you are able to search for all the relevant footage in a matter of seconds. If the subject you have captured on video is too far away and difficult to identify, then you can simply zoom in on your subject by using the 'Game Finder Video Player' software. The fact that the video footage is shot in HD quality, allows for much clearer detail when zooming in.

To enable you to mount this compact system, it comes complete with stake mount and tree straps. It will also fit onto a tripod with a universal camera mount.

For more information and instructional video help, simply go to the PlotWatcher Set Up and User Guide on the Scott Country International website.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tips on how to get consistent results from your Trail camera.

By now, most of you will have successfully mastered the art of setting up a trail camera, but no matter how often you may have done so, some crucial basic guidelines may have been overlooked.

For example, you may have been trying to track your local deer or badger population with a view to documenting their behaviour patterns and total numbers, thus perhaps necessitating the relocation of your trail camera or cameras to different areas. It is easy to overlook simple set up procedures such as, making sure the camera will not be triggered by nearby tree or bush branches. This will unnecessarily trigger the camera and subsequently fill up the memory card with useless footage. Another is remembering to set the camera up in relation to the rising and setting of the sun. Failure to do so will result in more false triggers due to instant temperature and light fluctuations (dependent on which trail camera you use). This will also cause over or under exposure of the image. Another more common (most annoying!) procedure fault is... forgetting to turn the camera on in the first place (no joke!).

Another important point to remember when you have set up your camera(s), is to resist the temptation to check for footage too frequently. You risk disturbing the area with noise and as a result you will also be leaving a consistently strong scent behind which may drive the likes of deer or other animals away from the intended viewing area. However, when you do come to check your camera(s), then it is advisable to do so around midday when animals such as deer are usually bedded down.

Lastly, remember to regularly test the operation of your camera(s). In general, these devices are very durable and reliable, but after all is said and done, nothing is infallible. You may have come to the conclusion that judging by the lack of footage from a particular camera that some wild animal tracking patterns have changed at a certain location. It is only when you then discover that the sensors on the camera are not triggering properly, that you realise your assessments are completely inaccurate .

Trail cameras are a powerful tool for both recreational and professional users and careful consideration to these points mentioned, will help to ensure that you continue to get consistently accurate results!

Monday, 19 July 2010

NEW Ridgeline Buffalo Camo Leaf Stealth Suit

The Buffalo Camo leaf suit is ideal for stalking or wildfowling. This suit allows you to hunt in areas where you require your outline to be completely broken up. This enables you to get up close and personal to your quarry.

The fact that the Ridgeline Buffalo suit is quietly fitted in a matter of seconds, you can instantly disappear into almost any surroundings without spooking your target. The Buffalo Camo stealth leaf suit from Ridgeline is durable, lightweight and is easily packed away.

The suit itself comes in two pieces and due to its design, will provide most people with a generous fit. The leaf style material is fire retardant and is also extremely lightweight which makes it easy to wear in warmer conditions.

For more information on this suit and the complete Ridgeline range click here.

Nightforce Rifle scopes

Nightforce Rifle Scopes

Nightforce bench rest rifle scopes have won more records in long range competitions with world championship records in .50 BMG 1000 yard bench rest, than any other rifle scope manufacturer.
The two Nightforce bench rest models available through Scott Country International, include an externally adjustable illuminated reticle. and a true .125 M.O.A. click value together with an extensive range of internal adjustment. The objective lenses of both models are adjustable to allow fine focus to adjust the parallax from 25 yards to infinity.
The lenses on both the Nightforce NF Bench rest 12-42X56 and the 8-32X56 NF are multi coated to provide superior resolution in order to distinguish small detail at very long ranges.
The Eyepiece of both models provides fast reticle focusing together with a glass-etched illuminated reticle which provides optimum image to reticle contrast under nearly any lighting conditions.
Both Nightforce bench rest models come equipped with a coil spring plunger return system which maximizes tracking accuracy.
These Nightforce Bench rest scopes were designed and manufactured in line with the demands of the long range bench rest shooter and are therefore not designed as a dual purpose hunting scope.
For more detailed technical information on either model, please click on the following Link.

The Nightforce NXS rifle scopes were first designed for elite tactical applications and many of the world's special forces have since been equipped with Nightforce optics.

The quality and peerless performance of their range of scopes has also proved to be very popular among many professional hunters.
The Nightforce NXS range of tactical long range hunting scopes which are now also available through Scott Country International, exists on our website in 6 different variations. The actual range is much broader but we have specifically concentrated on the larger diameter objective lens models from 50 to 56 mm.

Full technical specifications on each model are available through our website, please click on the following Link.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

NEW Spypoint IR-6 & IR-8 Trail Camera

Spypoint have added two new cameras to their existing range called the IR-6 and IR-8.

The Spypoint IR-6 will become the direct replacement of the current IR-B trail camera and the Spypoint IR-8 will go on to replace the IR-C. The IR-6 and IR-8 as the descriptions would suggest, will produce still images with a 6 mega pixel and 8 mega pixel quality respectively.

The main obvious difference being the more compact dimensions which are identical to those of the range topping Spypoint Pro-X trail camera.

The night time infra red illuminators are also more powerful and combined with a further increased speed of detection, will enable both cameras to produce even higher quality footage and still photographs.

To add to this Spypoint already has the fastest IR LED flash time

currently available today. Sypoint cameras use a motion detection lens which incorporates 5 detection zones up to a maximum angle of 40degrees. These 5 zones allow the camera to trigger much faster because the angle of detection is approx. 4X that of a competitor product.

Why do Spypoint trail cameras offer some of the best quality images currently available? This is achieved by using a lens quality which matches the resolution. In simple terms, Spypoint's 5MP cameras use a 5MP lens. Nearly all other competitor products claim a 5MP picture quality, but achieve this by using cheaper lenses and compensating by increasing the resolution via software interpolation. However this has the negative effect of making it very difficult to zoom in or blow up pictures without any distortion.

As with all Spypoint cameras, they are developed with ease of use in mind and with as little operating complexity as possible.

Therefore, Spypoint have made it possible for consumers to upgrade their own camera without the need to send it to Spypoint dealer. Spypoint owners can simply download the latest software updates directly from the Spypoint website at no extra charge.

For further technical information on the NEW Spypoint IR-6 & IR-8, please click on the following Link

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Laser Genetics ND3 Long Distance Laser Designator

NEW Laser Genetics ND3 Long Distance Laser Designator

The Laser Genetics ND3 Laser Designator is a relatively cost effective first step into the world of night vision.

One of the principle reasons why the ND3 is so effective is that you can turn your existing day scope or binoculars into an effective night time viewing device. The ND3 achieves this by using a combination of a powerful green diode together with a precision optical collimator which creates a true night vision. The beam is then focused along the viewing path of the day scope or binocular which will then illuminate a target up to 250 yards away depending on the quality and power of the day scope or binoculars used. The optical collimator allows for quick, one hand, full range adjustment of the beam diameter and light strength through just 180 degrees of rotation.This means you never have to take your eyes off the target whilst keeping your finger on the trigger.

The laser beam itself is visible up to a distance of 3 miles in favourable conditions, which makes it useful for search & rescue applications.

The high power green laser light is eye safe, and reflects off the eyes of animals allowing quick detection. Battery life is in excess of 7 hours of continuous usage.

Why green light and not any other colour? Green light requires the least amount of eye adjustment at night. The green laser light will also illuminate animal eyes at extended ranges.

The ND3 comes with a mounting system for both 1" and 30mm tubes and provides full adjustment for windage and elevation for scope alignment. There are also additional mounts for both binoculars, spotting scopes together with weaver rails.

The ND3 can also be attached to spotting scopes. The Laser Genetics ND3 is therefore ideally suited for nocturnal wildlife observation, hunting, police, military and search and rescue applications.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

NEW Edgar Brothers EB XVI Take Down Precharged Air rifle

The NEW Edgar Brothers EB XVI Take Down Precharged Air rifle has arrived !!

"hhmmm....It does look suspiciously like a Logun S16.. " , and you would be right! Yes, the manufacturing rights to the popular Logun S16 have been taken over by one of the UK's leading gun & gun accessories distributor.

The EB XVI (Edgar Brothers 16) looks like a carbon copy with merely a name change.. but you would be very much mistaken. Edgar Brothers have gone to great lengths in a bid to upgrade and improve the former Logun S16 rifle. The internals have been modified using aerospace grade O-rings for reduced abrasion resistance and improved reliability. As many of you will know, the Logun S16 was taken off the market some time ago due to the reliability of the internals (loss of pressure etc.), and it's in this area that Edgar Brothers concentrated their efforts. Therefore it's now safe to say that those issues have finally been rectified.
The EB XVI retains the latter Logun S16S's shrouded barrel together with low profile accessory rail and angled bottle which makes the gun easier to shoulder while allowing for scopes with larger objective lenses.
Edgar Brothers have retained all the other aspects of the Logun S16 which could not be improved upon. The sound moderator for example is one of the quietest available on the market today.
The tactical case in which it is stored features the same secure storage compartments for the 200bar buddy bottle and silencer + accessories as the Logun version that went before it.

For more technical information on the new EB XVI, please click on the this direct page link.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

NEW Updated Webley Raider 10 (now Raider 10 XS from August 2010)

Webley have updated AND upgraded the current Raider 10 multi shot PCP rifle. (image shown is of the current model)
This particular Webley air rifle has become an absolute best seller, not merely due to it's price tag of £299, which is considerably lower than any of it's rivals, but also due to it's reliability.
During it's development it was fired over 5000 times without a single miss feed.

Therefore improving upon what is already a top class rifle is something of a challenge.
However, Webley have succeeded, by replacing the existing barrel with rifled steel barrel of the finest quality German P&P tube which comes complete with a factory-fitted QGS II silencer which is believed to be quietest air rifle sound moderator available today.

The two shot version (Raider 2) remains unchanged and is still available in .22 caliber at an RRP £249.

The NEW Raider 10 XS (as it will be called) is available from the end of July 2010 at exactly the same price as the current model. The existing model will continue to be sold until then.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lochcarron of Scotland knitwear now available from Scott Country International

The Lochcarron brand has a long standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship, endorsed by the world’s first cashmere club, which certifies that rigorous standards are maintained from the fibre quality to the knitted product.
The finest fibres in the world are transformed into refined, contemporary shapes for the most discerning buyer. The Lochcarron cashmere range offers clarity of colour and a sensual tactile quality.

The Lochcarron Gents and Ladies knitwear collections feature a range of merino and lambswool crew neck and vee neck sweaters which are made from the finest yarns in the Scottish Borders.
This range of men's jumpers from Lochcarron are elegant and luxurious and are offered in a wide and varied range of colours.

For full details on the complete range of ladies and gents Lochcarron knitwear, simply visit our .

Friday, 2 July 2010

NEW Wildlife Camera Pro Nature Kits

The Gardenature range of Weatherproof Wildlife Observation Systems offer the keen wildlife enthusiast a great way to monitor a wide range of animals day and night in any type of location.
Whether you want to watch badgers, foxes, deer, hedgehogs, your pond or any other forms of wildlife there is a camera system to suit.

The Wildlife Camera Pro Nature Kits for example, consist of an ultra high resolution colour wildlife camera which makes use of an infrared night vision system to illuminate birds and other animals out to a distance of 30 meters in total darkness. This system also enables you to record footage during the day in full high colour.

The camera can be powered via the 12v mains adaptor supplied or a 12v leisure battery (not supplied - available from any caravan accessories supplier).

The built in 4-9mm zoom and focus control allows you to capture detailed footage of nesting birds and other wildlife and provides you with a fascinating insight into their lives and general behaviour.

The Wildlife Camera Pro Nature Kits are also available in a wireless form.

The Wireless Option:

Most kits available on the market today make use of cameras with mini built in transmitters in the housing of the camera and boast about transmission distances of up to 100m. However, we have yet to find a cost effective mini wireless system that will reliably transmit further than 40m so it's always worthwhile contacting the supplier in order to get clarification on the actual distance that may be achieved by their kit.

A disadvantage of having the transmitter built into the housing of the camera is that you will only be able to achieve a maximum fixed distance between the camera and the receiver back to your TV set.

Therefore, we use a separate transmitter and camera in our wireless kits. The transmitter fits neatly inside a weatherproof housing close to the camera enabling you to achieve reliable transmission ranges of up to 40m in normal conditions. However, where our kits differ from the competition is that you can easily fit an extension lead between the wireless transmitter and camera to achieve greater distances between the camera and the receiver back to the TV. Longer range transmitter kits up to a distance of 1km are also available.

Any wireless kit requires a power source to power the camera and transmitter. The wireless kits use 12vDC and are supplied with a 12v mains power adaptor and 10m DC power cable. The adaptor needs to be plugged into a mains power socket normally situated in a shed or garage. However, the kit can also be powered by a 12v leisure battery if there is no immediate power source available . Solar panel chargers are also available.

Connecting a wildlife camera to your computer?

The Wildlife Camera Pro Nature Kits can also be connected directly to your computer if you have the appropriate connections. Look for a round yellow socket (the same as on your TV) on the back of your PC. If you have one of these connectors on your PC it will most likely be on the graphics card, a TV card or a dedicated capture card. If you don't have this connection or you plan to use a laptop we would recommend using the optional video to USB adaptor. All you need is a spare USB socket and an audio jack input socket (most computers will have these). Software is supplied to get you started (we have XP/Vista and Apple Mac versions available) but once connected you can pretty much use any piece of software that can accept a live video input (eg. most webcam software). We also recommend I-catcher Wildlife which has full motion detection capabilities and much more!

All Wildlife Camera Pro systems are quality inspected and packed in the UK, these kits offer incredible value for money.

NEW Wildlife Viewcam Feeder Systems available from Scott Country International

If you want to find out and monitor how many species of birds visit your back garden, then you need a Wildlife ViewCam feeder system.

This ingenious system allows the integrated mini video camera to get as close as possible to birds feeding on your existing bird feeder without them suspecting anything.
The Wildlife ViewCam Feeder can also be mounted to a tree or fence post.
The camera in this entry model will take clear high resolution colour footage during daylight hours. An integrated microphone allows you to hear as well as see what is happening on the feeder.

The Wildlife ViewCam Feeder is powered via a 12V regulated mains adaptor which comes with the kit. This system is fully assembled and can be used immediately once the 30m professional cable (wired version only) is attached from the ViewCam to your tv set using the colour coded connectors. Alternatively you can use the optional SCART adapter which is also supplied.

We have one currently set up on a bird table which has also provided us with footage of red squirrels.
You can use this system on the ground as well if you wish to film ground feeding birds or mammals such as badges, foxes and squirrels.

If you do not want to view the footage through your tv set, you can view it using your PC or laptop. Most PC's will have a graphic card which means you can plug the camera directly into it, otherwise you would need to purchase the USB adaptor to allow PC connection.
All you would then need is a free USB port, and plug it in.
Software and instruction which are easy to follow are supplied to get you started!

For those who want to view footage at night as well as day time, then the Wildlife Camera Pro Feeder ViewCam system with Infra red is the choice for you. This produces the same high resolution colour footage during the day with black & white at night using the Infra red illumination (invisible to the naked eye).

Both these wired kits are also available as wireless versions. They work using a wireless transmitter & receiver kit. The camera itself still needs a power source which can be provided by using a 10m DC cable connection to the mains using a 12V regulated mains adaptor. Alternatively, if you do not have a mains source close enough to the camera, the use of a leisure battery, will also do (available from camping and caravan acc. stores).
The receiver is also plugged via another 12V regulated mains adaptor to the mains and also linked to your laptop, PC or Tv set.
The range at which these systems will work reliably is 40 meters.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

NEW Wildlife Nesting and Bird Box Camera Systems

I am sure we have all seen many different nature programmes on tv over the years showing us the inside of nesting boxes with a view to capturing various wildlife behaviour.
However, the introduction of trail cameras in the last few years has given people the opportunity to make their own "nature documentaries" of what goes on in their own back garden.
Programmes such as BBC's Countryfile highlighted the importance and usefulness of such devices in the monitoring of daytime and nocturnal wildlife. This window into the private lives of illusive creatures such as badgers and otters for example has given forest rangers, nature photographers, and wild life experts in general immeasurable information.

Now YOU can see for yourself what the wildlife around you is up to!

We now supply a full range of wildlife nesting and bird boxes with integrated cameras for use during the day coupled with an infra red illuminator for night time footage and stills. The types of cameras used vary from those that produce clear black & white stills or footage during day or night time (with the help of a Infra red illuminator at night), to ones which give full colour during daytime with black & white images & footage at night (night vision capability).

The range of nesting boxes is large with some specifically designed for the likes of Barn Owls and Hedgehog...

The Barn Owl Bird Box:

This particular wildlife camera bird box is specifically designed for nesting Barn owls. The integrated camera lets you watch clear black & white footage around the clock through your tv or pc. The built in microphone also allows you to hear noises from inside the owl box.
The fact that you can view what goes on inside the box during the day and at night is down to the use of a night vision infra red camera.

The wired version comes with 20 meters of 'plug n play' cable which is adequate, but most potential
buyers will opt for the wireless versions which will transmit reliably up to 40 meters.

How this is achieved and installed is detailed extensively on our website

Bradley Food Smokers from Scott Country International

Bradley Food Smokers from Scott Country International

The name 'Bradley' is commonly associated with the art of food smoking.
Bradley Smokers who are a Canadian company, have been producing food smokers for many years.

There are 3 types of Bradley Smoker, the Original, the 4 & 6 rack Digital and Bradley Smoke Generator.
All smokers come complete with their own smoke generator in whichflavoured bisquettes are burned every 20 minutes in order to stop the temperature from fluctuating. This stops high temperature gasses, acids and resins that can distort the flavour of smoked foods.

The careful management of temperature also ensures that there is no after taste as the Bradley smokers have a clean smoking process.
The Bradley smokers offer up to 8 hours of 'clean' smoking without any intervention.

The independently controlled internal heating element enables hot smoking and will also allow for slow cooking and slow roasting.

The bisquettes used for smoking are available in 8 different flavours. Each standard sized pack contains 48 bisquettes. The larger sized packs contains 120 bisquettes.

The range of smokers are as follows:

The Bradley Original Smoker. This is the entry model which is perfect for recreational use. This model has four racks which can take up to 14 complete chicken breasts. The operation of the unit is done manually when it comes to timing. Cold smokingis also possible, but the location of the smoker is crucial in order for cold smoking to be possible, i.e. if the smoker is kept in cooler smoking environment + you will also need an additional cold smoke adaptor.

The Bradley Digital Smoker (4 rack or 6 rack). This smoker is essentially the same as the Bradley Original unit. The main difference is the digital control panel which allows the user to programme the smoking time and temperature.

This model is also available in a larger 6 rack version which increases the capacity by 50% over the 4 rack unit.

The universal Bradley Smoke Generator enables the user to achieve excellent cold smoking results in conjunction with his or her own homemade constructed smoker unit. This Smoke Generator is made from stainless steel and operates in a similar way to the smoke generator found on the Original Bradley Smoker model. However it is slightly more powerful to enable it to be used in larger constructed smoker housings.

The Original and Digital models can also benefit from additional Jerky racks and standard racks.

The warranty on each model is one year and they all come with instructions, recipe book and maintenance guide.

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