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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Stealth Cam Prowler HD

The new Stealth Cam Prowler HD Digital IR Trail Camera is at the forefront of scout camera design.

The BBC's Country File programme recently did a full length feature on the Stealth Cam Prowler during a prime time evening slot on a Sunday night a few weeks ago, which reached an audience of over 6.7 million national viewers. We were simply inundated with hundreds of enquiries surrounding the performance and availability of this unique product.

To describe this particular camera as 'Unique' may be a rather bold claim to make given that there are a variety of different trail camera manufacturers on the market today. Each of which have their own marketable strengths over rival competitor products, ranging from price, usability and unique technical features.

The Stealth Cam Prowler HD comes under the heading of 'unique technical features'. For example, the video resolution of most competitor products is 640x480 SD (standard definition) , which is very good and is regarded as an industry standard. The Stealth Cam Prowler HD on the other hand has an image resolution of 1280x760 SD, which is almost double that of any of it's competitors.

This allows you to capture the highest resolution video footage currently available on the market today. This is combined with an 8.0 mega pixel still image quality which ultimately isn't quite as good when compared to the equivalent Spypoint Pro X Camera which has a true 12.0 mega pixel rating, but nonetheless it is still very close.
The built in memory is 64Mb compared to the 32Mb offered by the Spypoint Pro X.

Other key features are the ability to record audio, which is not unique as the Spypoint Pro X will also record sound, but this capability is reserved only for a handful of Trail cameras currently on sale today.

Pound for pound, it would be easy to argue that the Stealth Cam Prowler HD Digital IR Trail Camera represents better value for money from a technical point of view, although it must be said that the Spypoint is easier to operate and has some additional features which make it more user friendly. For instance, the Spypoint Pro X has a large integrated 3" viewing screen which enables the user to view captured footage or images on site.
In order to see what was captured on the Stealth Cam Prowler HD, you are required to eject the memory card for downloading to a laptop or PC. This can be a rather time consuming and cumbersome issue to deal with depending on the situation of the cameras relative to your downloading facility (forestry in remote areas for example).
To enable the Spypoint alternative to capture footage or still images, a heat signature is also required, whereas the Stealth Cam Prowler will be activated through motion alone.

Another advantage that the Spypoint has over the Stealth Cam Prowler HD is the fact that the Spypoint captured footage can be played through a television set and the Stealth Cam captured footage cannot. This is not a huge disadvantage, but further evidence that Spypoint have gone for practicality over outright technical performance. So it can be argued that both the Spypoint and the Stealth Cam products are in fact equally desirable depending on point of view.
As I mentioned earlier, pound for pound the Stealth Cam Prowler HD seems to be the more desiable of the two as there is a price difference of £110 in favour of the Stealth Cam product. However, as I have pointed out, usability will be of key importance for a proportion of potential buyers of either product. It all depends on each and the others individual needs.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

NEW Laser Genetics ND-3

The new Laser Genetics ND-3 laser designator illuminator is the latest development in bolt on accessories for day optics from binoculars and spotting scopes to rifle scopes.

This high power illuminator allows day optics to be used effectively in darkness. The ND-3 Laser illuminator uses a combination of a powerful green laser diode and a precision optical collimator to give night vision capability.
The green coloured laser beam has the advantage of not dispersing in the same way ordinary white light does. Therefore the range at which the beam is effective is much better over longer distances. The Laser Genetics ND-3 is capable of illuminating targets up to 250 yards away, although a laser beam can be visible for up to 3 miles. There is the option to widen the beam and field of illumintation which ultimately reduces the range and light intensity. The narrower the beam is kept, the greater the distance at which it is effective. It all depends on your target.

This adjustment is achieved by rotating the collimator through 180 degrees from narrow to wide beam. The use of a green laser also aids the adjustment of your own eyes at night.

The Laser Genetics ND-3 kit comes complete with rifle scope and binocular mounts. The scope mount in particular allows for extra adjustment necessary for windage and elevation for scope alignment.

Average battery life is 7 hours of continuous use in ideal conditions. It is also worth noting that the beam itself is eye safe, so it won't harm you or the eyes of your target.
This is a highly effective way into the art of night time hunting and nature observation.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Steath Gear Clothing, the Professional Photographers choice

Professional Dumfries & Galloway Countryside Ranger and talented nature photographer Keith Kirk, is a big fan Stealth Gear clothing. Keith uses his Stealth Gear clothing for both his day job and in his spare time which is spent behind the lens of a camera.

Keith Kirk is a recognised and highly regarded nature photographer with regular column inches together with photographs in the local press and quality magazines.

Keith recently demonstrated the effectiveness of his Stealth Gear suits when out filming.

He took this image of a red squirrel.. you can't get much closer than that!

Keith is someone who is out in all weathers, and the Stealth Gear suit provides him with all the necessary protection against the elements.

This can be seen as a major endorsement of Stealth Gear products, and a clear indication that they have got the formula right!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

NEW Stealth Gear Extreme Photographer Trousers

NEW Stealth Gear Extreme Photographer Trouser 2

Stealth Gear have produced a updated model of the Stealth Gear Extreme Photographer Trousers.

One of the main differences are the new removable internal gaiters. These gaiters stop unwanted objects from travelling up your legs such as twigs, insects etc. . The gaiters will also stop water ingress and prevent the inside of your boots from getting wet.

Photographers often have to kneel down for long periods of time whilst taking shots and Stealth Gear recognised the need for extra knee protection. The new Stealth Gear Extreme Photographer Trouser 2 incorporate removable knee pads.
Other practical features are the accessory loops which can be used to attach auxiliary camera equipment.

The Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Trouser 2 will be available from 17th May 2010!

NEW Stealth Gear Photographers Jacket/Vest

NEW Stealth Gear Photographers Jacket/Vest

Following on from the success of the Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Jacket, Stealth Gear have now launched a new version called the Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Jacket/Vest.

As the name suggests, the jacket can also be transformed into a vest. This new version allows the user to detach the sleeves.
In addition, it comes with a separate insect repelling head net.
The front bellows pockets are more padded than on the previous model and are now hinged to allow back pack waist straps to fit underneath the pockets.
The shoulder area features a new anti slip rubber section which prevents a shoulder strap from slipping off.
For more information on the new Stealth Gear Photographers
Jacket/Vest, visit our website.
The NEW Stealth Gear Photographers Jacket/Vest will be available
from the 17th May 2010!