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Thursday, 29 April 2010

NEW Napier Power Ultimate Power Hunter UPH Pellets

New Napier Ultimate Power Hunter Pellets

Napier have produced a new range of pellets that promisses greater levels of performance.
Napier pellets are machined to the highest standards and this new dome head profile pellet is no exception.

The increase in performance is due to the addition of Power Pellet Lube which is pre applied at the factory prior to final packaging which ensures the correct amount of Pellet Lube covers every pellet evenly.

It is claimed that the Napier Ultimate Power Hunter Pellet is now the best performing and consistently accurate pellet currently available on the market today.

However this pellet is at present only available in .22 caliber and has a weight of 14.5 grains.
It is designed to suit both spring and PCP air rifles.

It is also likely that the use of these pellets will result in a greater muzzle velocity.
In order to keep you on the right side of the law, we recommend that users purchase a chronograph at a typical cost of £40 or ask their local Registered Firearms dealer to test the muzzle velocity for them.

The Napier UPH Pellets are well worth a try!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Spypoint trail cameras

Spypoint Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are becoming increasingly popular among nature enthusiasts, and recent programmes such as 'Country file' on BBC 1 have served to fuel the interest in these very practical devices. These trail cameras have enabled everyone from Joe Public to professional game keepers and forestry workers to compile accurate lists of animal species and their natural behavioural patterns, which allow us to better understand the world around us. All that is required is a tree or other static object which can be used to mount the device in strategic positions. (See Blog of WildPlaces on TV)
Trail cameras are also commonly used in the fight against crime. Large estates or remote country dwellings are often targeted by would be burglars, and a hidden trail camera strategically placed can take incriminating nighttime video footage or still photographs with the aid of invisible infra red illumination without the burglar becoming aware that he is being watched.
However.. there are some more interesting uses for trail cameras. Increasingly we get requests and orders from Ghost hunting organisations, as this allows paranormal observers to monitor more than one location at a time without having to physically be there in order to witness a paranormal phenomena.

There is a comprehensive guide to trail camera use on the Scott Country International (see Link).
Starting with the Spypoint camera range of 4 models which are in ascending order:

Spypoint IR-A, Spypoint IR-B, Spypoint IR-C and Spypoint Pro-X.

The IR-A Camo Surveillance camera has a 'true' rating of 6.0 mega pixel still picture resolution. A 'True' rating means that you do not have to increase the magnification in order to attain the highest possible resolution of 6.0 mega pixels. All models produce colour images by day and black & white by night, and all images and footage are dated and timed. Every model has the same video resolution. Click the Link for more details on the Spypoint IR-A camera.

The IR-B Surveillance camera has a 'true' rating of 7.0 mega pixels. This camera has practically the same features as the IR-A apart from the slight increase in still picture resolution and the addition of a solar auxiliary power pack.

The IR-C Surveillance camera has a 'true' rating of 8.0 mega pixels. This model again has slightly more still picture resolution than the IR-B and features a LCD display on the inside control panel which enables the user to play back any footage or still pictures taken by the unit without having to download directly to a pc / laptop.

The last model in the Spypoint line up is the Pro-X. This top of the range model has a 'true' still picture resolution of 12.0 mega pixels. As with the IR-C, the Pro-X features a built in viewing screen. The main difference being that it has a 3" screen as opposed to the smaller screen on the IR-C model. The larger viewing screen is all the more impressive because the external dimensions are considerably smaller than the other IR models. The other main difference is the ability of the Pro-X to record sound as well as video footage.

Dark Sky status.. Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland UK

"The Stars are bright deep in the heart of.... Dumfries & Galloway???"

Yes! It's true! Galloway forest park located in the county of Dumfries & Galloway southwest Scotland has been officially unveiled as the first "dark Sky Park" in the UK. A team of lighting experts provided the International Dark Sky Association AGM in Phoenix Arizona with results that put the 300 square mile area of Galloway Forest Park in line to receive this coveted award.
This puts Dumfries & Galloway in amongst esteemed company from all over the world.
There are currently only 17 areas globally which are known as "Dark Sky Parks". (In order to access the current list of Dark Sky Parks click on the following Link)
The parks location in Dumfries & Galloway makes it very accessible for tourists and will help to increase the number who visit this scenic region every year.

Another more important reason is the protection and preservation of public land.
The effects of ever increasing levels of light pollution due to sprawling towns and cities, is making it harder for people to enjoy a starry night.
In order to view the stars in more clarity in a designated Dark Sky Park, you will need to use one of the following devices.
A spotting scope for instance, is similar to a telescope in that it is a long range high magnification telescope for viewing wildlife at long distances. Their ability to magnify to over 45X also makes them ideal for star gazing.
To be sure of getting a steady image, you would need to use a tripod. The slightest movement would blur the image completely.
We would recommend a Hawke Nature Trek ED 20-60X80 Spotting Scope, as this device has the added advantage of ED glass which reproduces a brighter, sharper and distortion free image.

You may also have heard of the term 'Digiscoping'. This means attaching a camera to your scope in order to capture the images in high definition which you are looking at. This particular hawke scope comes with an attachment which allows a camera to be fixed to the eyepiece of the spotting scope. Now you can record what you want to look at!

Next we have Digital Night Vision..
Night vision has its roots in military applications. Soon after, consumers were able to buy basic handheld Gen 1 devices which let you see an image which was bathed in a green glow due to the phosphor plate inside the device. This made conventional night vision equipment useless for watching the sky at night.
I have a Russian made hand held night vision device which I brought back from Moscow when I took part in a student exchange programme back in early 1993.. Suffice to say, it still works. It is of a crude and basic design with a built in image intensifier which works off two AA batteries. The range of which is only about 20 meters.. .
Strangely.. it was compatible with my fathers Zenith camera zoom lens.. However, I an digressing away from what I was going to explain.

Digital night vision equipment on the other hand does not suffer from this production of a green glow as they do not use NV tubes together with a phosphor plate. Instead, a digital unit produces a clear black & white image which can be outputted to a video recording device such as a laptop or MPR (Mobile Personal Recorder).

Many UFO hunters are now using similar equipment in order to capture unexplained terrestrial phenomena which they are then able to download onto popular video sharing websites such as Youtube. This enables these UFO hunters to share their various experiences.
We would recommend the Yukon Ranger Pro with built in IR (infra red illumination) for the best results. This hand held device gives a magnification of 5X42. The image clarity is second to none and combined with a 5X magnification, is ideal for star gazing without the need for a supplementary torch to aid you in finding your way through a dark forest at night.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Laserluchs Laser Flashlight kit for Pulsar Digisight N550

Laserluchs Laser Flashlight kit for Pulsar Digisight N550

The Laserluchs Laser Flashlight is ideal for use in conjunction with Gen 2 and Gen 3 night vision devices. (certified class 1 laser)
This high power laser flashlight will outperform any other similar laser flashlight currently available. Its power greatly enhances the range and image clarity of Gen 2 and Gen 3 devices.
To enable it to be used with the Pulsar Digisight N550, the Laserluchs Flashlight comes with a ball adaptor which will fit on the weaver accessory rail on the body of the N550. The internal ball swivel enables the Laser IR to be aligned to the scope.
The focus of the beam itself is adjustable from 3.5Deg. through to 15Deg. .

This device is also eye safe for humans and animals alike.

For more specific details, please see the following Link.

Pulsar N550 Digisight One Shot Zero system

Pulsar N550 Digisight One Shot Zero system

Zeroing a rifle is often a time consuming and costly affair. Setting up a target and expending expensive and often limited amounts of available ammunition has always been one of the main problems.
That said, there was still no other way of zeroing a rifle during the day. Night time zeroing is an all together more difficult affair...
A conventional night vision scope cannot be zeroed during daytime as light would damage the NV tubes. The Pulsar Digisight N550 does not have this problem ,and therefore CAN be zeroed during day time.
The traditional way of setting up a scope is still possible with the N550, but with the option of a 'One Shot Zero' system it would be quite pointless to do so.

How the 'One Shot Zero' works.

First you erect your target. Then take aim at the intended target area without adjusting the reticle and fire a shot.
If the impact area doesn't match the point at which the crosshair was aimed at, depress the menu button (marked M) and select the 'Zero' option which is shown in the shape of a bullet.
You will then see that the Bullet icon has an Up and Down arrow together with a cross ( X ) which appears at the centre of the cross hair. This 'X' holds the position at where you were aiming at initially. By rotating the 'click wheel' and depressing the button at its centre which allows you to select between elevation and horizontal movement, you will be able to move the reticle on to the actual point of impact.
After aligning the reticle with the impact point it should be perfectly zeroed. However, if you are doing this for the first time, it may be advisable to check the accuracy by firing a second shot to make sure you have adjusted the reticle correctly.
We at Scott Country did this as well and were amazed by the result.
This process not only saves you money ,but also time as well. The fact that the Pulsar N550 Digisight can be used as a day scope makes zeroing for night time use as easy as it could possibly be.

For more information on the New Pulsar N550 Digisight please visit our website.

Or read the review..

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

NEW Buck Tactical Knife range

New Buck Tactical Knife range for 2010

World renowned quality knife manufacturer Buck, have produced a new range of tactical knives.

To view the new range of Tactical knives from Buck simply click the link for more details.
Now available from Scott Country International.

NEW Leatherman Tactical Multi Tools and Knives

NEW Leatherman Tactical Multi Tools & Knives for 2010!

Leatherman have introduced a new range of Multi Tools & Knives for 2010.
All the new models in the tactical range have one this thing in common and that is a Black Oxide finish to the stainless steel.

To view the complete range of Leatherman Tactical Tools in Black Oxide finish click on the this link.

Available now!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Bradley Food Smokers

Bradley Food Smokers available from Scott Country International

The name 'Bradley' is commonly associated with the art of food smoking.
Bradley Smokers who are a Canadian company, have been producing food smokers for many years.

There are 3 types of Bradley Smoker, the Original, the 4 & 6 rack Digital and Bradley Smoke Generator.
All smokers come complete with their own smoke generator in which flavoured bisquettes are burned every 20 minutes in order to stop the temperature from fluctuating. This stops high temperature gasses, acids and resins that can distort the flavour of smoked foods.

The careful management of temperature also ensures that there is no after taste as the Bradley smokers have a clean smoking process.
The Bradley smokers offer up to 8 hours of 'clean' smoking without any intervention.

The independently controlled internal heating element enables hot smoking and will also allow for slow cooking and slow roasting.

The bisquettes used for smoking are available in 8 different flavours. Each standard sized pack contains 48 bisquettes. The larger sized packs contains 120 bisquettes.

The range of smokers are as follows:

The Bradley Original Smoker. This is the entry model which is perfect for recreational use. This model has four racks which can take up to 14 complete chicken breasts. The operation of the unit is done manually when it comes to timing. Cold smoking is also possible, but the location of the smoker is crucial in order for cold smoking to be possible, i.e. if the smoker is kept in cooler smoking environment + you will also need an additional cold smoke adaptor.

The Bradley Digital Smoker (4 rack or 6 rack). This smoker is essentially the same as the Bradley Original unit. The main difference is the digital control panel which allows the user to programme the smoking time and temperature.

This model is also available in a larger 6 rack version which increases the capacity by 50% over the 4 rack unit.

The universal Bradley Smoke Generator enables the user to achieve excellent cold smoking results in conjunction with his or her own homemade constructed smoker unit. This Smoke Generator is made from stainless steel and operates in a similar way to the smoke generator found on the Original Bradley Smoker model. However it is slightly more powerful to enable it to be used in larger constructed smoker housings.

The Original and Digital models can also benefit from additional Jerky racks and standard racks.

The warranty on each model is one year and they all come with instructions, recipe book and maintenance guide.

Other options available to be found if you click this Link.

For more information on Bradley smokers and recipes, simply visit our website .

Friday, 16 April 2010

MSA Sordin Hearing Protection

Information that could save your hearing!

The ability to hear is of course very important, but many shooters still pay the price for not taking the necessary precautions.
Hearing, if lost can never be replaced. This is a potential disability you will carry for the rest of your life. There are plenty of different hearing protection systems on the market. For instance, we supply a comprehensive range from one of the leading manufacturers of hearing protection called MSA Sordin.
MSA Sordin manufacture a wide range of ear defenders ranging from passive to electronic units to suit all types of public & private sector industry and recreational activities. Their headsets can be combined with safety helmets and various types of intercom and press-to-talk-systems.

It goes without saying that clay pigeon shooting and any other form of gun sport requires you to take extra precautions in order to protect your hearing.

MSA Sordin produce a range specifically for those who enjoy gun sports which are electronic (digital or analogue dependent on the model) and allow you to hear and have perfectly audible conversations with others while at the same time benefiting from the necessary level of ear protection.
The most popular models are:

The MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X. This model is electronic and digital which reproduces stereo quality sound so that you are able to not only hear someone talking, but also to gauge in which direction the sound is coming from. The Pro X model is also waterproof and uses a minimal amount of power which in turn will give you an average of over 600 hours of battery life from just 2 AAA batteries! When the batteries do get low on power, you will be alerted.
The ear cup design is slim, so that it will not hinder your ability to 'shoulder' your gun quickly i.e. they will not get in the way!
Other key options are the AUX input for devices such as external radios etc.

Next in descending order is the Supreme Pro IV.
This model shares most of the same attributes as the Pro X ,only that it is not waterproof but showerproof. Apart from that it is the same.

The entry model of the MSA Sordin Electronic ear defenders range is the Supreme Basic.
This model although electronic, is analogue and not stereo. You will still get the same level of protection and ability to converse with others ,but you will not have the same '3-D' awareness that you will get from the other two models.
The Supreme Basic ear defenders are showerproof and do not have an AUX input and nor do they have the low battery alert system. Battery life from 2 AAA batteries is 150 hours.
The cup design is however exactly the same as the two other models.
The Supreme basic ear defenders do have an Automatic switch off built in.
This model may not have the same capabilities as the other two, but it may be all you need!

MSA Sordin Hearing Protection

MSA Sordin Hearing Protection

The ear - a sensitive instrument! The ear is a very sensitive organ, vital for our well-being, and essential for us to be able to serve in a modern society. Hearing affects our communication and social contacts with other humans and is the most important organ for learning. Have you spoken on the phone lately? Have you considered that after just a couple of words can identify hundreds of different people? Another important function of the hearing is to warn us of dangers. We can detect the direction of the danger and what type of danger it is. Providing the hearing is preserved......
Noise at home or at work can cause permanent, irreversible damage to your hearing. Noise induced hearing loss provides a lot of negative factors, both to the employer and the individual. First of all by human suffering, but also stress, pain, tinnitus etc can lead to social handicap. The ears are not adapted to the noise levels we are being exposed to in our every-day environment. Noise from industries, traffic and leisure noises from engines, shooting & hunting, loud music etc is damaging our hearing.
Today there are a lot of protective products available that should ensure noise induced hearing loss is totally un-necessary!

From April 2006 the new European Directive 2003/10/EC laid down minimum requirements for the protection of workers from risks to their health and safety arising or likely to arise from exposure to noise and in particular the risk to hearing. The lower exposure action value is at a daily personal level of 80 dB(A) during 8 hours. At this level hearing protectors must be made available to workers. The upper exposure action level is at 85 dB(A) where hearing protectors must be worn. The third level, called exposure limit value, is at 87 dB(A) and under no circumstances shall the exposure of the worker exceed this limit. If you are exposed to any of the above exposure levels without wearing hearing protection, there is a great risk that you may suffer permanent hearing damage. The peak action level means an equivalent peak sound pressure level of 140 dB(C). A situation where, for example, a gun may be fired, hearing protection must be worn. If you are exposed to any of the above action levels without wearing hearing protection, there is a great risk that you may suffer permanent hearing damage.

To protect your hearing is easy - with appropriate products, motivation and by wearing the hearing protection 100% of the time you are exposed to hazardous noise levels.
Comfort - a condition for 100% wearing time. Low weight and a minimum of headband pressure go without saying. But also consider that having too large a cup can interfere with your daily work or other safety equipment. The hearing protector you choose must be used all the time you are exposed to high noise levels. If not, adequate protection can no longer be guaranteed.

Noise attenuation - It is important that the hearing protection used provide enough attenuation to protect the hearing. But it is also important that it doesn't give too high attenuation so you get overprotected. Over protection can prevent you from hearing your workmates, alarms and other important signals. We recommend the sound level under the hearing protector to be between 70 - 80 dB.
To be able to calculate attenuation you must know which noise level you are exposed to as well as the characteristics of the noise. You must also know the attenuation values of the product, which are found in the user information provided with the product.
Examples of noise:
Electric machines 90-110
Farm tractors 85 – 100
Industrial ventilation 90 – 110
Diesel engines 90 – 120
Chain saws 90 – 110
Wood industry 90 – 110
General industrial noise 90 – 110
Airports 100 – 140
Guns 140 – 180

A hearing protector requires regular maintenance to preserve its performance levels. It is very important to regularly replace the cushions to keep them soft and comfortable so they can provide an appropriate seal. If you use the ear muffs on a daily basis we recommend that the hygiene kit be replaced at least twice a year.
Available today, there is a range of hearing protection with built-in electronics, which offer a lot of new alternatives in hearing conservation.FM radio and Level Dependent functions and being able to connect the hearing protector to various external equipment, really eliminates a lot the excuses for not wearing ear muffs.
First of all it is important that the hearing protector can be used in combination with other protective equipment such as helmets and visors. But it is also important to analyse the need for communication in order to get the optimal solution.

Things to consider when a hearing protector is selected:

1. Comfort. Choose a hearing protector that you are prepared to use 100%of the time you are exposed to high noise levels.
2. Compatibility. Select a hearing protector that works with your other equipment such as mobile or DECT phone, communication radio, safety goggles, helmets, visors, respiratory products etc
3. Noise attenuation. Check that the product has appropriate noise attenuation. It should only be high enough to protect you from hazardous noise levels. To high attenuation can make you feel isolated and shut out ambient sounds such as alarms and other important signals.
4 Motivation. Through training and information it is easy to be motivated to protect the hearing.
5. Maintenance. By replacing hygiene kits and keeping the ear muffs clean they will be more pleasant and hygienic to use.
Visit our website for a comprehensive range of MSA Sordin hearing protection.

NEW Seeland Allround 18" SD wellingtons for 2010/2011

NEW Seeland 18" SD Nylon lined & 18" SD Neoprene lined wellingtons for 2010/2011

The Seeland Allround 18" high SD Nylon lined wellingtons are made from natural rubber (63 opr) combined with the Seeland Calender vulcanised rubber outsole. The lining of the Allround is nylon. This boot also comes with calf adjustment.

The Seeland Allround 18" high SD Neoprene lined wellington essentially the same as the aforementioned Nylon lined version, only that this model is neoprene lined. Calf adjustment is also possible. This boot has a comfort rating down to -5 degrees Celsius.

The third model of the Seeland Allround 18" high range is also lined with 5mm neoprene but includes a steel toecap for extra protection. As with the two models described above, the calf is adjustable. This boot has a comfort rating down to -10 degrees Celsius.

The sole unit on it is the Seeland Mud-Master vulcanised rubber outsole. The tread is larger and spaced in such a way that mud will not fill up the tread pattern and in doing so make the boot less grippy. The neoprene lining will give plenty of comfort in sub zero weather conditions.
The calf can also be adjusted for a better more comfortable fit.

All four models of the new Allround wellington will be available from August 2010!

NEW Seeland Moor Boot range for 2010/2011

NEW Seeland Moor Boot range for 2010/2011

Following on from the successes of manufactures such as Grubbs and Muck Boot with their respective incarnations of the famous rubber and stretchy neoprene boot , Seeland have now succeeded in producing a range of their own.
The Seeland Moor range consists of four different models.

The first model is the Moor Stable 18" with 5mm neoprene in dark green. This boot has Seelands Multi-Grip sole unit and as the name suggests provides all round grip levels. It is also worth mentioning that this sole unit has a degree of rigidity which gives the boot better support.

The rubber used is natural (63 opr) and will give a better more comfortable fit than those of the competition. There is a further adjustment possible with the rear gusset which can be tightened or loosened by altering the strap.
The 5mm neoprene will give comfort and insulate down to temperatures of -5 degrees.

Next we have the Moor Stable 18" with 7mm neoprene in the colour combination dark brown/ Erase XT (camo). This boot is essentially the same design as the aforementioned Moor Stable 18" 5mm neoprene, only this version makes use of 7mm neoprene and therefore has a comfort rating down to -10 degrees Celsius.

Then we have the Moor Stable 16" high boot with 5mm fold-down neoprene. As the description suggests, the top section which is neoprene can be easily folded down for comfort or other practical reasons. This boot has the Seeland Multi-grip sole unit for better all round grip.
The rubber is also natural (63 opr) for better comfort, fit and durability.
The 5mm neoprene used has a comfort rating down to -5 degrees Celsius.

Lastly we have the Moor Flex 16" high boot with 5mm neoprene.
As the name suggests, this boot is more flexible due to the type of sole unit used. This makes it ideal for use on quad bikes and other machinery where more foot movement is required.
The rubber of the upper section is made from natural (63 opr) rubber which adds more comfort and provides a better fit. There is further adjustment possible by altering the strap on the rear of the boot.

This excellent range of Seeland Moor boots will be available from August 2010!!

NEW Seeland Estate AT 18 Wellingtons for 2010/2011

NEW Seeland Estate AT 18" Wellingtons for 2010/2011

Seeland had a very successful start with their footwear campaign last year. Now they have designed a range of wellingtons that will give the competition something to think about...

First up is the Estate AT 18" Wellington which is made from Natural rubber 72 opr combined with a vulcanised rubber outsole. The use of a larger percentage of natural rubber allows for a more comfortable fit. The lining is nylon.

Next up is the Estate AT 18" high wellington with Seelands Diamond Neoprene 5mm lining.
This is essentially the same design as the aforementioned Estate AT 18" wellington but with a 5mm Neoprene lining.
The 5mm neoprene lining will insulate and give comfort down to temperatures of -5 degrees when stationary.

NEW Harkila Inuit GTX Boot for 2010/2011

NEW Harkila Inuit GTX Arctic Boots for 2010/2011
Harkila have designed the ultimate winter boot. This boot is called the Inuit GTX.

The Inuit GTX 15" XL is insulated for temperatures down to -90 degrees Celsius !!
Obviously those conditions would be hard to find, but it simply illustrates how effective these boots will be in extemely cold conditions. This boot comes in two parts, namely the outer which has a combination of full grain leather and reinforced reflective nylon shell. The footbed is Harkila's own Frost Management system.

The second part of this boot is the removable Gore-Tex Insulated comfort & Texel Tundra lining.
The sole which is the Harkila Winter Trek unit, is purposely designed for winter conditions.
The Inuit GTX 15" XL is also available in a Camo version.

This exciting new boot from Harkila will be available for winter 2010!

NEW Harkila Stalker GTX Boots for 2010/2011

NEW Harkila Stalker GTX High Leg Stalking Boot for 2010/2011

The Harkila Stalker GTX Boot range consists of 3 variants.
The first is the Stalker GTX 7" high boot which is available in three colours, dark brown, dark green, and tan.

The main fabric in each of the three colours is Nubuck Leather with a Gore-tex Extended Comfort lining which makes them 100% waterproof & breathable.
The sole is Harkila's own Optiflex unit. These boots will be ideal for stalking, hillwalking and for general use.

Next we have the Stalker GTX 7" Summer version of the above mentioned boot. The main difference is the use of Cordura Nylon instead of Nubuck, which allows better breathability in warmer conditions. Apart from that, the boot is identical in design and performance.

Lastly we have the Stalker GTX 11" high version, which is a dedicated stalking boot which gives plenty of support combined with a Gore-Tex Performance lining to make it 100% waterproof & breathable.
The main fabric used to make the upper is Cordura Nylon. This allows the boot to breath better and from a maintenance point of view, easier to keep clean.

The Harkila Stalker GTX range will be available from August 2010!

NEW Harkila Big Game GTX Boots for 2010/2011

NEW Harkila Big Game GTX Boots for 2010/2011
Harkila have produced a range of quality Stalking/Hillwalking boots called the Big Game GTX. This is a range which consists of 4 variations from the Big Game GTX 12" through to the Big Game GTX 6" . All models are 100% waterproof & breathable and have Harkila Sport Ortho sole units.

The Big Game GTX 12" high boots are available in dark brown only. The toe and heel of the boots are reinforced and offer better protection against excessive wear in those areas. The main fabric used is Nubuck Leather with a Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining.
The next variation is the Big Game GTX 10" high boot which has full grain leather and the Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort lining which gives protection against temperatures down to -10 degrees celcius. As with the 12" high Big Game GTX boot, the toe and heel areas are reinforced against excessive wear.

Next we have the Big Game GTX 8" high boot which has a Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining. The main fabric is Nubuck Leather with additional heel and toe protection. This boot will also be available in Olive green.

Lastly there is the Big Game GTX 6". This boot is available in a lighter shade of brown. The main fabric is Nubuck Leather which is lined with the Gore-Tex Performance membrane. The toe and heel areas of this boot are reinforced to give extra protection.

The Harkila Big Game GTX boot range will be available from August 2010!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

NEW Harkila Lynx GTX Boots for 2010/2011

New Harkila Lynx GTX Boots for 2010/2011

Harkila have manufactured a very original boot called the Lynx GTX. This is 6" high trekking/hunting boot which incorporates the use of a silent Tietex cloth on the upper. The use of this cloth aids the stalker in remaining silent while stalking. The contrasting trim is made from Nubuck Leather and the sole unit is a newly developed Harkila PS sole (Pursh Solesystem).
The lining is Gore-Tex Extended Comfort.

This eye catching boot is due to be available in August 2010!

NEW Harkila Sporting Estate GTX Boots for 2010/2011

New Harkila Sporting Estate GTX Boots for 2010/2011

Harkila have succeeded in producing a range of beautifully made leather boots called the Sporting Estate GTX boots which are likely to become the new industry standard for this style of tall leather riding/hunting boot.

The sole is a highly durable Vibram Stalker Gumlite unit. The lower and upper section of the boots is made from full grain leather with contrasting nubuck leather on the calf area. The Sporting Stalker GTX is available in two colour options, dark brown/dark brown and dark brown/tan.

The Sporting Estate GTX has an adjustable gusset on the side of the boots combined with a zip on the rear of the boots which is also gusseted. This allows even easier access. There is also an adjustable shin strap as well to enable better adjustment.

This is a very exciting product and is sure to be a big success!

The Sporting Estate GTX boots will be available August 2010!

NEW Harkila Mountain Hunt GTX Boots for 2010/2011

New Harkila Mountain Hunt GTX boots for 2010/2011

The Mountain Hunt GTX collection incorporates six models with two different styles.
The first style with three models are 10", 10" and 7" in height with the 10" models insulated down to temperatures of -20 and -10 degrees respectively for the XL and L models. The high level of insulation is due to the use of a Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort lining. The XL model has a Nubuck Leather upper and the L model has a full grain leather upper with both models having the same high rubberised rand which gives extra protection higher up the side of the boots.
The Mountain Hunt GTX boot which is 7" in height features a Gore-Tex Extended comfort lining which provides plenty of comfort without the same degree of insulation. This boot does not offer the same protection around the rand and is more suited for use in anything but the coldest conditions.
However the Vibram sole unit still provides more than enough support.
The lack of high rand protection means that this is the more stylish model of the Mountain Hunt GTX boot styles.
The other three Mountain Hunt GTX boots which all use the same Gore-Tex Performance lining as the Pro Hunter GTX range are available in 10", 8" and 6" heights. All three models have high rand protection. The 10" model has a Nubuck leather upper and the 8" & 6" models have a full grain leather upper.

The Harkila Mountain Hunt GTX Range will be available from August 2010!

NEW Harkila Pro Hunter Boots for 2010/2011

NEW Harkila Pro Hunter Boot range for 2010/2011

Seeland who own the brand Harkila made a big impression on the footwear market last year with the successful introduction of their footwear range. The often Arctic conditions which we experienced in the UK during this past winter lead to increased sales across the board for every manufacturer, and Seelands timing could not have been better. Due to the prolonged winter and increased demand, Seeland were able to evaluate the success of their new range of footwear range. The results were extremely positive which is testament to the quality and performance of this newly introduced range of active outdoor footwear.

Harkila have built on the success of Seelands footwear collection by introducing an entirely new range of rugged, stylish and practical footwear.
All models have a Gore-Tex lining and feature a tough hard wearing Vibram sole unit.
The Vibram Sole units also help to give the boots more support.
Harkila has launched three separate collections each including three different heights and one collection with two colour options.

The first of the new collections is called the Pro Hunter GTX, a name it shares with one of the most popular garments in the Harkila clothing line up.
The Pro Hunter GTX boots are available in three heights, 7.5", 10", 12".
All Pro Hunter GTX models give plenty of protection around the toe area together with the high rubberised rand which gives extra protection around the whole of the boot.
The Pro Hunter GTX 10" features Kevlar in the upper section of the boot which is the toughest form of protection currently available.
The contrasting fabric is Nubuck leather on each model in the Pro Hunter GTX range.

The new Harkila range of footwear will be available from August 2010!

Friday, 2 April 2010

New Seeland Kniwear for 2010/2011

New Seeland Knitwear for 2010

Seeland have produced some new knitwear products for this coming Autumn.
First up is the new Seeland Farnham Cardigan.
This Cardigan is made from 50% Wool and 50% acrylic with sued contrast fabric .
The Farnham is ideal for hunting or general purpose use on those colder days.
It comes equipped with a zipped breast pocket for storing any essentials.

This garment features a windbeater membrane which is made from 100% polyester and is designed to stop wind chill from getting through on cold windy days.
It is ideal to be worn on its own, or as part of a layering system under a waterproof jacket such as the Keeper Jacket for example.
The Farrell Windbeater Cardigan comes equipped with two hand warmer pockets, and a zipped chest pocket for storing essentials.

Lastly we have the Murray Zip Neck Sweater.
This sweater is also made from 50% Wool & 50% Acrylic. The Murray Sweater is designed a country pursuit garment which is smart when worn with a nice country shirt such as the Seeland Breton shirt.
There is a contrast trim on the shoulders which not only looks smart but also prevents excessive wear on the shoulder area.
It comes equipped with a breast pocket for storing essentials.

NEW Harkila Shirts for 2010/2011

New Harkila Shirts for 2010/2011

First up we have the new Hakila Terence Shirt
The Harkila Terence shirt is made from 100% cotton and is Easy Care.
It is available in a choice of colours:
Off White
Yellow Check
Light Green check
Olive Check

The new 100% cotton Millaux shirt is designed for hunting or for smart/casual wear.
A 100% polyester suede contrast fabric is used and the shirt features two chest pockets for storing essentials.
The pocket trims, cuffs and collars are trimmed in the suede contrast fabric, which not only looks great, but ensures the shirt stays looking great for a long time.

The new Keto shirt from Harkila is made from 100% Cotton with a 100% polyester suede contrast fabric.
The left breast pocket features a flapped pocket as well as a vertical zipped pocket for storing items such as keys or mobile phone.

The Kalix shirt from Harkila is a smart country shirt.
It's made from 100% cotton with a polyester suede contrast fabric.

The Bering shirt from Harkila is made from 100% Cotton with a 100% polyester suede contrast fabric.
The red check shirt is ideal for wearing casual or for when hunting as it offers warmth and comfort whatever the weather.
Zipped chest pocket ideal for storing car keys etc. .

The new Harkila Bjurholm shirt is made from 100% cotton with polyester suede contrast fabric.
The left breast pocket features horizontal and vertical zipped pockets as well as a zipped pocket on the right arm for essentials.

NEW Seeland Shirts for 2010/2011

New Seeland Shirts for 2010/2011
Seeland have launched a new range of shirts to compliment their existing collection.

First up is the Peril Shirt.
This shirt is 100% cotton. The Peril is a smart country check shirt which looks great with jeans or worn with tweed breeches on the driven shoot.
Brand new for 2010, the Peril is available from 1/8/10.

Next up is the Forez shirt.
This shirt is made from 100% cotton and features a Polyester suede trim contrast fabric.
The smart large square check pattern means this shirt is ideal for smart/casual wear, as well as for wearing on the driven shoot.
Also available from 1/8/2010.

Then we have the Seeland Breton shirt which is made from 100% cotton. This is a smart country check pattern shirt ideal for wearing whilst hunting or for smart/casual wear.
Brand new for 2010, the Breton is available from 1/8/10

Lastly we have the Seeland Bergerac shirt which is made from 100% cotton and features a 100% polyester suede contrast fabric on exposed areas such as pocket trims etc. .
Brand new for 2010, full product description to follow.
Available 1/8/10