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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

NEW Seeland Hiley Jacket & Trousers for 2010/2011

New Seeland Hiley Jacket & Trousers for 2010/2011
The new Seeland Hiley Jacket is more or less a replacement for the long running Broadland jacket of which production came to an end in 2008.

The Hiley uses a different more durable nylon/polyester mix together with contrasting buffalo nubuck trim on the shoulders and on the edges of the pockets. The nubuck lining prevents excessive wear on those key areas. There is also a detachable hood which can be easily stored in one of the large bellows pockets or in the game pocket on the rear of the jacket.
The Hiley has the Seeland Seetex membrane which makes it waterproof ,windproof and breathable and helps to provide protection in bad weather conditions.
The Hiley jacket also has all the necessary pockets a hunter or outdoor enthusiast would ever need.

The Hiley Trousers are made from the same durable material with the buffalo nubuck contrasting outer material down most of the front of the trouser legs and in the hip pockets.

The trousers also come with cargo pockets on both legs which are trimmed with nubuck for extra resistance against wear. The trousers also have the Seetex 100% waterproof membrane, which together with the extensively protected areas makes them ideal for crawling on wet and rough ground.

The new Seeland Hiley Jacket & Trousers will be available from August 2010!

NEW Seeland Glensbury Lady Jacket & Trousers for 2010/2011

NEW Seeland Glensbury Lady jacket & trousers for 2010/2011

Seeland have produced a ladies version of the new Glensbury range which will also be officially launched in August 2010.

The material used to make the Glensbury Lady collection is the same as that used in the manufacture of the mens Glensbury version. However the Glensbury Lady has been styled to suit the female form but at the same time shares all the same attributes as the mens version. The Glensbury Lady Jacket provides plenty of warmth and in combination with Seeland's Seetex 100% membrane, makes the jacket both waterproof & breathable.

The only real difference is that there is no contrasting polyester suede trim on the shoulders when compared to the mens version. Instead there is the thicker diamond quilted fabric which covers the arms and side panels of the main body of the jacket. However, the polyester suede trim is used on edges of the front bellows pockets.

The same applies for the Glensbury Lady trousers, where there is no contrasting polyester suede trim on outer & inner of the hip pockets, but does line the pocket edges and single cargo pocket on the right leg.
The Glensbury Lady trousers are specifically tailored to fit the female shape perfectly, thus providing ease of movement and optimum comfort. As with the Jacket, the trousers are also 100% waterproof due to the Seetex membrane which forms part of the lining.

We think this suit will appeal to many lady outdoor & hunting enthusiasts!

NEW SEELAND Glensbury Jacket & Trousers

New Seeland Glensbury Jacket & Trousers for 2010/2011

The new Seeland Glensbury range for 2010/2011 is very stylishly cut, while at the same time offering the customer the highest level protection against adverse weather conditions. The Glensbury Jacket has the tried & tested Seetex waterproof & breathable membrane.

A lot of thought has been put into creating the Glensbury collection. Not only are the jacket & trousers stylishly cut, but every detail has a purpose . The contrasting polyester suede trim on the shoulders and pocket edges protects the jacket against excessive wear, while at the same time giving the overall appearance of the jacket a distinctive look.
The diamond quilted top half of the jacket which tapers down the front and contrasts with the plain green side panels helps to accentuate the masculine male body shape, whilst giving a more slender appearance.

The Glensbury jacket comes equipped with two large front bellows pockets and two handwarmer pockets located higher up along the taper edge of the diamond quilt fabric on the front of the jacket.

The matching Glensbury Trousers have contrasting trim on the outer and inner part of the hip pockets and along the edges of the cargo pockets located further down on the side of the legs.

As with nearly all of the trousers produced in by Seeland, they all come with the buttons necessary for wearing them with braces, together with belt loops for use with a traditional belt.

The new Glensbury Jacket & Trousers collection will be available from August 2010!

NEW Seeland Calverton Safety Jacket for 2010

New Seeland Calverton Safety Jacket for 2010/2011!

The Calverton Jacket has been around for a number of seasons now which proves just how popular this range is.

The design of the jacket has remained largely the same. Contrasting polyester suede patches located on the shoulders protect the jacket against excessive wear while providing a stylish finish to the design of the jacket.
The only real difference being the addition of Mossy Oak Orange Blaze reversible panels on the front and back of the jacket. The purpose of this design detail is only there for safety reasons.
It is common for individual members of a group of rough shooters to stray into each others territory when out hunting, which increases the chance of a shooting related accident.

The Scandinavians have been leading the way in safety measures such as introducing high visibility strips and armbands on outdoor/hunting clothing. A popular jacket from Seelands sister company Harkila called the ProHunter Jacket, has featured high visibility safety arm bands for many years.
It is worth mentioning that the Mossy Oak Orange Blaze panels used on the Claverton Safety Jacket also incorporate a cammo patern which is still designed to keep the human form concealed from the wildlife, while at the same time giving the hunter extra protection when out hunting with his fellow shooting companions.

The Calverton Safety Jacket is 100% waterproof & windproof due to the tried and tested Seetex membrane.
This jacket comes with all the necessary pockets a hunter will need including a large rear game pocket on the back of the jacket.

The New Seeland Calverton Safety Jacket will be on sale from August 2010!

Friday, 26 March 2010

NEW Harkila Trousers for 2010

NEW Harkila Trousers for 2010!

Harkila has launched two new styles of trousers for this coming August!

The first has been named the Highlander Trouser. This trouser is made from 100% cotton micro fibre which has been treated to repel water.
The contrasting trim marks the areas which have been reinforced helping to ensure that the overall weight is kept to a minimum while retaining durability.

The Highlander trousers will be available from August 2010.

Next up is the Hiker Trouser. Some of you may remember the name, and you would be correct because the Hiker has been brought back into production due to popular demand.

The Hiker was last sold 2 years ago and it's absence from the Harkila clothing range has never been filled.
The Hiker Trousers are made from 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton and this fabric is then treated with a paraffin waxed coating. The Hiker comes in two colour combinations, namely Green/Green and Tobacco/Brown.
The reason for its success was the perfect combination of fit, style, durability and weight.
There are two colours available as before and they are

The return of the Hiker trousers will undoubtedly be a success, and we look for to getting the Hiker trousers back into stock in May 2010!

NEW Harkila Q Fleece Jacket & Trousers

NEW Harkila Q Fleece Jacket & Trousers for 2010!

The New Harkila Q Fleece Jacket & Trousers feature the new Digital Breakup Cammo pattern.

The Jacket has a Gore-Tex Windstopper Lining for protection from wind chill, while at the same time offering a degree of protection from rain showers.
The Camouflage has often been limited to the traditional leaf patterns, but digital breakup patterns are much more effective at concealing your outline in woodland areas.

The Harkila Q Fleece Jacket is reversible which makes it ideal for stalking and when reversed to the plain solid green is perfect for normal use.

There are two chest pockets with two vertical and two horizontal which are ideal for storing GPS, ammunition etc. . There is also a pocket on one arm and two front pockets with enough space to store other essentials.

The Harkila Q Fleece Trousers have the same Digital Breakup and feature cordura reinforcements together with a Gore-Tex Windstopper membrane.

The Harkila Q Fleece range also includes a Q Hat, Q Facecover and Q Gloves.

The Harkila Q Fleece range will be available from May 2010!!



AT LAST!!! There is now a Pro Hunter suit for ladies!! Pro Hunter has been one of Harkila's most successful clothing ranges for many years. The mens Pro Hunter jacket & trousers has been around for many seasons and continues to sell extremely well in the UK. Female shooters and keen outdoor people have long since waited for a ladies version of the Harkila Pro Hunter suit.

The Pro Hunter Lady features the same 100% Gore-Tex waterproof lining as the mens version, and is also wind proof & breathable.

The hood has a detachable zipper enabling it to be stored in one of the main pockets when it is not required.

The Pro Hunter Lady has a large game pocket on the reverse side and two chest pockets together with two front bellows pockets designed for storing ammunition , mobile phone etc..

The Pro Hunter Lady Trousers are tailored to fit the female form and in so doing will make the trousers extremely comfortable and practical.
They come with two hip pockets and to zipped pockets on the outer material of the hip pockets.
The bottom of the trousers feature a cordura contrast fabric which helps to protect them from excessive wear.
The Pro Hunter Lady suit shares the same 5 year warranty with the mens version.

The Pro Hunter Lady Jacket & Trousers will be available from August 2010!!

NEW Harkila range of Waistcoats for 2010

New Harkila Waistcoats for 2010!

Harkila have produced a new range of waistcoats available either from the May or from August depending on the style.

First up is the Pro Shooter Waistcoat which can be bought with matching ProShooterTrousers.
This waistcoat will be ideal for use on colder dryer days when it is essential to keep warm on clay shoots or out rough shooting or simply for general outdoor use.

The main fabric used is 100% polyamid with contrasting cordura trim . The inner lining is 100% polyester mesh which prevents sweat build up. The Pro Shooter waistcoat also features a game pocket on the back, and two front bellows pockets combined with two smaller zipped pockets situated on the outer fabric of the bellows pockets.

The matching Pro Shooter trousers are made from the same polyamid material with contrasting cordura trim. The trousers come with plenty of pockets such as, two leg cargo pockets, two easy access hip pockets together with two additional smaller zipped pockets on the outer pocket fabric. Another important point to mention is that the trousers come with an articulated knee design which allows for free movement.

The Pro Shooter Waistcoat and the Pro Shooter trousers are by design both lightweight and tough.

The Pro Shooter Waistcoat & Trousers will be available from May 1st 2010!

Next up is the Harkila Kudu Buffalo Nubuck Waistcoat which can be purchased together with matching Kudu Trousers.

The Harkila Kudu waistcoat is made from the finest quality buffalo nubuck which makes the waistcoat tough enough to withstand the rigorous use in the outdoors.
It is well known that nothing stands up to thorns and briars like leather does, and the despite hard use the waistcoat will still look good and remain intact.
The inner lining is 100% polyester sateen which ensures you stay warm and comfortable.
The Kudu Waistcoat has plenty of pockets for essentials such as mobile phones, handheld GPS systems, ammunition etc. .
The nubuck outer material has been styled in a diamond quilt finish on the shoulders and upper body, accompanied with two large bellows pockets and one chest zip pocket.

The matching Kudu trousers use the same buffalo nubuck leather and come equipped with two large cargo pockets, two hip pockets and trouser leg adjustment straps at the bottom of each leg.

You can wear these trousers with either a belt or with button down braces.
The Kudu Trousers and Waistcoat are also exceptionally strong and abrasion resistant and will be sure to provide you with many years of reliable use!

The Kudu Waistcoat & Trousers will become available from August 2010.

Lastly on our list of new Harkila waistcoats is the new Oryx Light waistcoat. The materials used which help give it part of it's name "light" is due to the use of a fabric called Cotton pigment dyed enzyme together with a stone washed outer with buffalo leather contrast trim. The lining is meant to be comfortable to wear all day. The outer fabric features a game pocket on the rear, two main pockets on the front covered in Buffalo leather for extra protection of the fabric, hand warmer pockets and a D ring enabling you to attach various items such as dog whistles etc..
The Oryx Light waistcoat is ideal for hunting, dog training or simply for general purpose usage.

The Oryx Light Waistcoat will be available from May 1st 2010!

There will be another Waistcoat style to follow called the Montrose, and we will be sure to write about it in the near future!

NEW Harkila knitwear for 2010

NEW Harkila Knitwear for 2010!

Harkila has introduced four new knitwear products due for release August 2010.

At present we only have images and details of two styles, namely the Orefors Zip Neck Sweater and the Harkila Raymond full zip cardigan.
Starting with the latter, what we have here is an elegant knitted cardigan with fine leather trim on the shoulders, pockets and zips.
The waist, collar and cuffs are ribbed and elasticated to ensure that warmth doesn't escape.
The main fabric is 100% wool.

The Orefors Zip Neck Sweater is also made from 100% wool and features the same ribbed elasticated cuffs, neck and cuffs for extra warmth.

The other two knitwear styles will be available with images for viewing in the coming months ahead.

All new Harkila knitwear products will be available from August 2010 onwards!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

NEW Harkila Trysil Long Jacket

NEW Harkila Trysil Long Jacket

The Harkila Trysil Long Jacket is not just a longer version of the stylish Trysil Jacket. As well as being longer, it features a mesh lined game pocket at the rear and bellows pockets at the front to enable you to carry plenty of cartridges!

The contrast lining on the shoulders and arms offers the same protection as the Trysil jacket.

The Trysil Long Jacket will be available from August 2010.

NEW Harkila Trysil Jacket & Trousers

New Harkila Trysil Jacket & Trousers

The New Harkila Trysil Suit is made from a Performance Shell fabric which has a Gore-Tex 3 layer membrane for improved protection from wind and rain when out hunting or hill walking.

The Trysil jacket will prove to be an extremely practical jacket due to not only the number of pockets it has, but also that they all feature waterproof zips. There are two pockets on the arm, two on the chest and two front side pockets.

The contrasting trim on the shoulders and arms not only give it a stylish look, but also offers protection against rough and scrub.
The Trysil jacket also comes with a detachable zipper hood.

The trousers have a contrasting cordura material which protects the bottom of the legs against excessive wear & tear. The Trysil Trousers also have the same Gore-Tex 3 layer 100% waterproof lining. They can also be worn with button down braces or a belt. The pockets also use waterproof zips to ensure that there is no water ingress.
This light weight suit is sure to be popular this coming autumn!

Harkila Arnsdale Jacket & Trousers

NEW Harkila Arnsdale Jacket & Trousers

This is a new 100% waterproof Gore-Tex lined hunting suit which is also breathable, windproof and exceptionally strong.
The main fabric mix for both the trousers and the Jacket is 59% Nylon and 41% Polyester. This also helps to keep the weight to a minimum.
The contrast fabric is made from 100% Polyester Suede.

The trousers feature the same contrast fabric as the jacket, but also incorporates Cordura at the bottom of the trouser legs for extra protection against excessive wear.
The Arnsdale suit will undoubtedly be a popular suit this coming shooting season!

Stealth Gear New Products for 2010

Stealth Gear: What's new for 2010

If you are looking for Professional Outdoor Photography clothing and accessories that match your experiences as a photographer or outdoor enthusiast then look no further.

Stealth Gear products are carefully designed by photographers for photographers, making sure with Stealth Gear's added feature and thought, that they produce quality items at affordable prices.

Stealth Gear has come to realise the shortage of outdoor photography clothing and accessories and endeavour to design a wide range of high quality affordable products. From listening to customer feedback they have come up with a range of new products for 2010.

Using the best materials and design features, and having the products tested under the most demanding conditions by professionals, Stealth Gear can ensure that these products will perform when needed the most, and will continue to innovate new products designed for photographers but that are equally useful to hunters and shooters.

Visit our website for more details on the new range of Stealth Gear Clothing for 2010.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


New range of Harkila Fleeces for 2010!

Harkila has created a new range of Ladies & Men's fleeces available August 2010.

Starting with the Hassela Lady fleece which uses a mid weight Polartec 100% polyester Fleece together with a polyester suede contrast fabric. These attributes make the Hassela both warm, comfortable and stylish, which enables the user to wear it on it's own or part of layering system.

The polyester suede effect panels on the sides of the fleece are more durable, therefore protecting the fleece from becoming worn out quickly in those key wear sensitive areas.

Next up is the Delsbo Men's Fleece. This fleece is made from the same Polartec fleece material as used in the Hassela Lady Fleece. The Delsbo comes equipped with 4 pockets in total. Two zipped hand warmer pockets and two zipped shoulder pockets. The areas surrounding all the pockets are protected using the polyester suede effect material which will help guard against excessive wear.

Then we have the new Tulloch Polartec Power Stretch Fleece. The clue is in the name.. The Harkila Tulloch Fleece is made using a Polartec Power Stretch fabric. The addition of a material called Spandex enables the fleece to stretch affording the wearer more movement capability.

This material is also very breathable which helps you to keep dry when on the move whilst remaining lightweight. The Tulloch Fleece is also wind and abrasion resistant.
Innovative garments such as the Tulloch always prove to be a popular, and I don't think this fleece will be an acceptation! Available from August 2010 onwards!

Lastly, we have the Vindeln Polartec Wind Pro Fleece Jacket. A description which would be a mouthful for anybody... However, this rather long description does reflect this fleece's capabilities.
First of all, the Vindeln uses a Polartec Wind Pro Polyester material, which is extremely breathable and yet still manages to be up to four times more wind resistant than regular fleece fabrics. These qualities enable the user to wear the fleece as both an outerwear and insulation layer while being exceptionally durable. The Vindeln also has two chest pockets.

This brand new product will be available from August 2010 onwards!

New Harkila Altnahara Quilted Jacket

New Harkila Altnahara Quilted Jacket

The Altnahara is a NEW stylishly cut men's quilted jacket. It uses the same outer material and has the same lining as the Ladies Alba quilted jacket, which is equally versatile. However the Altnahara does feature a a discreet game pocket on the back of the jacket which will make it perfectly suitable to wear on the occasional shoot day.
The Altnahara will be available from August 2010.


New Harkila Alba Ladies Quilted Jacket

The Alba Ladies jacket is both attractive and practical at the same time, while being beautifully tailored to fit the female form.
The Alba is equally suitable for use on shoot days as well as providing a fashionable feminine look on the high street.
This jacket comes with extra padding to provide warmth and protection and is also equipped with a belt which further enhances not only the look, but also the fit as well.
The Alba is sure to be a hit this coming Autumn!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Sherwood Forest Fleeces, Quilts and Sweaters

The Sherwood Forest fleeces consist of the Hanford and the Tatton.
The hanford is a light weight long sleeved fleece which can be used as part of layering system or as single layer for those warmer days.
The Hanford comes with a half zip neck and a pheasant embroidery of which must be said, is of a high standard.

The Hanford also has anti pill properties in order for it to maintain a new look.

The Tatton has the same attributes as the Hanford, but has a full zip, two front pockets and elasticated cuffs together with an adjustable hem for extra warmth.
The main advantage of the tatton, is the fact that it comes with the ISOFLUX waterproof and breathable membrane. This advantage coupled with its very competitive pricing, makes it one of the most affordable waterproof fleece jackets on the market.

Sherwood Forest Windsor Tweeds

Sherwood Forest Windsor Tweed

Every Windsor garment features the ISOFLUX waterproof and breathable membrane.

Both the jacket and the waistcoat have large bellowed cartridge pockets which allow you to hold a large capacity of cartridges. Both garments are adjustable in all the key areas to ensure you get the perfect fit.

The colours of the tweed material used range from the traditional Herringbone to an olive/brown check. The whole Windsor Tweed range is ideal for casual or sporting use.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sherwood Forest Ladies Hampton Jacket

Sherwood Forest Ladies Hampton Jacket

The Hampton Ladies Jacket has a unique texture to the material which is due to the mix of 80% Polyester, 15% Nylon and 5% Talilon.

This beautifully textured material combined with a waterproof and breathable membrane make this the ideal ladies jacket for casual or active outdoor activities for all weathers.

In addition to this, the Hampton jacket features internal pockets for a mobile phone, shoot radio and a large zipped poachers pocket together with a removable waterproof pouch.

Not only is the Hampton an elegant ladies jacket, but it is also well equipped to handle the rigours of a shoot day.

Sherwood Forest Kensington range

Sherwood Forest Kensington range

The mens & ladies Kensington range, has been at the centre of Sherwood Forests push to help establish itself as a leading player in outdoor clothing market for several years. This collection continues to generate strong sales for the Sherwood Forest brand.

The fabric used is the same as that used in the manufacture of the Gadwall range of gents & ladies jackets & trousers, meaning that it is silent, robust and warm.
As with the Gadwall, the Kensington range has all the relevant pockets and features you would expect from a class leading outdoor clothing brand. Both the jacket and trouser use the same ISOFLUX waterproof & breathable membrane.

The ladies version of the Kensington range has all the same features as that of the mens version, only that it has been specifically styled to suit the lady shooter.

Sherwood Forest Countrysport collection

Sherwood Forest Countrysport Shooting clothing Collection
The Gadwall Jacket has been around for some time now, and will be due a revamp in August of this year (2010). Until then it will continue to be available as this is one of their most popular jackets.
As you would expect, it comes with their tried and trusted ISOFLUX 8.500 series membrane, which ensures that the Gadwall is 100% waterproof and breathable. It comes with all the usual pockets and features you would expect to see from a leading manufacturer of shooting jackets, as well as a number of unusual design details...
These are.. an inner detachable pocket which you can seal and use as a game carrier, as it comes with it's own handle. The front pockets are bellowed for ease of use and for increased cartridge capacity. The outer fabric is designed to be silent, and all the studs fasteners used are silent fastening.
The Gadwall has Action Back Sleeves which makes mounting the gun and swinging trough your target as quick and easy as it can be.

The Gadwall Trousers use the same durable material as the Jacket, and are also 100% waterproof & breathable. They come with a knife and thigh pocket, adjustable ankles and part elasticated waistband for a near perfect fit.
As I mentioned earlier, the Gadwall in it's present state, will continue to be sold until August 2010, with the new version appearing soon after. We will let you all know when it it will available and how it performs!

Sherwood Forest Felbrigg Jacket & Trousers and Accessories

Sherwood Forest Felbrigg Jacket & Trousers

The Felbrigg Jacket & Trousers are absolutely ideal for stalking. There are of course many good suppliers of camo stalking clothing out there, and there is very little to separate them on performance.
It really comes down to a few defining innovative touches and of course the choice of the correct camo pattern used by the manufacturer. In this case the pattern used is that of Mossy Oak, which is perfect for most European hunting areas.
The Felbrigg Jacket however, has some unique features which I feel set it apart from the majority of similar garments, such as the use of a ISOFLUX membrane which makes the jacket 100% waterproof, windproof whilst retaining breathability. Therefore it was possible for Sherwood Forest to manufacture the Felbrigg jacket & trousers using a lightweight construction (100% Polyester) safely with the knowledge that they would still be warm enough to wear. As well as having a large rear poachers pocket, the jacket also has a detachable game bag with a looped handle in order to carry game. The jacket also has a detachable hood which can also be stored under the collar.
It's features such as these which set it apart from the rest.
The Felbrigg trousers deserve a mention too. The trousers are very comfortable and allow for ease of movement due to the elasticated waist, which ensures that every person is catered for depending on the size chosen between 32" to 42" waist. They also come belt looped to aid an even better fit. The Felbrigg trousers also have a large number of pockets to suit most applications. They also feature partially zipped lower legs with Velcro storm flaps, which allow you to widen or restrict the leg bottoms against the elements or to allow them to fit over high stalking boots etc.

To complete the set, you can also buy the long (Somerley) or short sleeved shirt (Tilbury) in the exact same camo pattern i.e. Mossy Oak.