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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

NEW Seeland Stelvio Pac Winter Boots

Seeland have introduced new PAC style winter Boots called the "Stelvio".
The design features include some familiar styling cues from Seeland's already established PAC range such as the high level natural rubber protection on the toe, side and heel area of the boot, together with a suede upper section. The inner liners are changeable to offer a great fit.

The lining of the Stelvio Pac Winter Boots is a combination of Seelands Comfort Liner and a 200g Thinsulate. The result is a boot that will provide warmth and comfort down to temperatures of -40 deg C. . This makes the Stelvio ideal for use in the coldest of winter conditions.
These boots come equipped with the Seeland Snow Master Sole system for the best possible grip on snow.

The Stelvio PAC Winter Boots are available in a black colour and in sizes ranging from a UK 4 up to a size 12.5 , therefore making this range of boots suitable for both men and women.

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