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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

NEW Seeland Elk Pac Waterproof Winter Boots

The new Seeland Elk Pac winter waterproof boots are a cost effective alternative which are designed to be strong, warm and durable.

As with all Seeland PAC boots, the toe, side and heel area are covered with a natural rubber to give 100% water repelancy and extra protection while remaining easy to maintain.
The upper section of the boot is made from leather combined with nylon panelled areas.
The lining is Seelands own "Comfort Liner", which ensures that the Elk Pac boots have a comfort rating down to -40 Deg.C. .
The sole used on the Elk Pac boot is Seelands own "Snowclaw" unit which gives excellent grip in snowy conditions.

At a retail price of £49.99, the Seeland Elk Pac boots represent excellent value for money!

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