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Monday, 9 August 2010

NEW Hercules Pro Automatic Feeder for Game Birds

Hercules have launched as part of their new range of game feeder products a new automatic feeder called the Pro Feeder which is suitable for all types of game birds.

This automatic feeder has a greater scatter radius than many of its competitors which is due to the powerful motor. The aforementioned scatter radius can be adjusted as required.
The Hercules Pro Feeder is powered by a 12V Battery and allows one to twelve feeding frequencies per day.
The Pro Feeder comes equipped with a digital display which has a memory function for programming purposes. The casing is made from a solid metal for extra protection.
The Pro Feeder also has the same closing mechanism which prevents bird feed waste.

All components required for this feeder to be operational such as the battery and charger all together come to a total of £189.97 (delivery not included).

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