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Monday, 9 August 2010

Harkila Oryx collection for 2010/2011

The Harkila Oryx light collection is a new addition for 2010/2011.
This new range consists of the Oryx Light Waistcoat and Oryx Light Trousers.
The existing Oryx Shorts, Oryx Buffalo Shirt have all been updated and also include the Oryx Leather fronted trousers and Oryx Waistcoat.

Starting with the Oryx Light Waistcoat which fits very well in the known Harkila Oryx range of leisure and safari wear. This garment is not only robust looking but also very comfortable
due to the inner lining. The outer material is a 100% cotton pigment dyed enzyme and stone washed which is trimmed with contrasting leather on the front pockets, shoulders and along the full length zip.
The addition of leather on those areas provides a high level of resistance to wear. The D ring attached to the garment is ideal for clipping on dog whistles and other accessories.
The front left pocket contains a fold out holder for safari shells or cartridges. Ventilated shoulders help to keep you cooler on hot days which is made possible by the use of an inner mesh lining.
The Harkila Oryx Light waistcoat is ideal for use as a hunting garment or for general purpose use.

Next up we have the new Harkila Oryx Buffalo Shirt. This shirt has an appearance which would not look out of place if it was worn by someone on a safari trip.

The design, colour and stone washed effect lend themselves perfectly for such occasions.
Design details such as the integrated ventilation in the back of the shirt together with the mesh lining help to keep you cool and dry in hot conditions. The Harkila Oryx Buffalo Shirt could therefore be worn effectively in any hot environment and for any purpose.
Practical styling features also define the look of this shirt. For instance, the pleated chest pockets which offer extra carrying capacity and elbows which are reinforced with leather patches against excessive wear, all point to the active outdoor wear market.

The Harkila Oryx Buffalo Shirt is complemented by the existing Oryx knee length shorts
which are made from the same material as the shirt with the same stone washed effect. The Harkila Oryx Shorts also come equipped with spacious cargo pockets on each side together with a belt to match.
Just as the Harkila Oryx Light Waistcoat, Harkila have also launched Oryx Light Trousers to match. The same theme applies here as the trousers are primarily designed to provide the best possible comfort during active use in hotter weather conditions. In order to achieve this aim Harkila have combined the qualities of a hard wearing cotton canvas with protective leather trim together with good ventilation.
Practical design details such as pleated pockets which help to increase capacity together with buttons for braces, and zipped cargo pockets, are all features which give a clue to the possible intended uses for this garment.

The existing Harkila Oryx Leather Fronted Trousers come with extra leather protection
along the entire length of the leg.
Being reinforced with leather, they offer excellent protection against the bush and other rough terrain and despite the added weight (although minimal), they retain the same level of ventilation. This makes them well suited for active use such as on safaris or for everyday general purpose use on hot days.

Lastly we have the Harkila Oryx Waistcoat. Harkila's Oryx waistcoat is designed along the same lines as the new Oryx Light Waistcoat, the main difference being that it is predominantly covered in leather to give it more protection. The two front pockets are equipped with
fold out bullet holders to enable quick replacement of ammunition.
This waistcoat also comes with two deep cartridge pockets, hand warmer pockets and small game pocket.

The Oryx range of clothing from top Scandinavian brand Harkila is well worth a look.
This collection is just as relevant for use on a safari as it is for casual Spring/Summer wear.

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