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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

NEW Spypoint IR-6 & IR-8 Trail Camera

Spypoint have added two new cameras to their existing range called the IR-6 and IR-8.

The Spypoint IR-6 will become the direct replacement of the current IR-B trail camera and the Spypoint IR-8 will go on to replace the IR-C. The IR-6 and IR-8 as the descriptions would suggest, will produce still images with a 6 mega pixel and 8 mega pixel quality respectively.

The main obvious difference being the more compact dimensions which are identical to those of the range topping Spypoint Pro-X trail camera.

The night time infra red illuminators are also more powerful and combined with a further increased speed of detection, will enable both cameras to produce even higher quality footage and still photographs.

To add to this Spypoint already has the fastest IR LED flash time

currently available today. Sypoint cameras use a motion detection lens which incorporates 5 detection zones up to a maximum angle of 40degrees. These 5 zones allow the camera to trigger much faster because the angle of detection is approx. 4X that of a competitor product.

Why do Spypoint trail cameras offer some of the best quality images currently available? This is achieved by using a lens quality which matches the resolution. In simple terms, Spypoint's 5MP cameras use a 5MP lens. Nearly all other competitor products claim a 5MP picture quality, but achieve this by using cheaper lenses and compensating by increasing the resolution via software interpolation. However this has the negative effect of making it very difficult to zoom in or blow up pictures without any distortion.

As with all Spypoint cameras, they are developed with ease of use in mind and with as little operating complexity as possible.

Therefore, Spypoint have made it possible for consumers to upgrade their own camera without the need to send it to Spypoint dealer. Spypoint owners can simply download the latest software updates directly from the Spypoint website at no extra charge.

For further technical information on the NEW Spypoint IR-6 & IR-8, please click on the following Link

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