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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Using Trail Cameras for Security Purposes

Using a Trail Camera for home and business security

What is a Trail Camera

Wildlife cameras have become common place in nature lovers homes, as well as for gamekeepers and hunters to keep track of animal and predator movements.

They are becoming more popular for industrial use, home security and for allotment security.

A trail camera consists of a digital camera within a weather sealed unit, that has a detection system and an illumination system. The camera detector consists of a PIR detector, which will detect any movement, and in the case of the Spypoint cameras, a heat detector also, which cuts down on false triggers as it will trigger when it detects movement and a heat source.

You mount the wildlife camera to a tree, fence post, or building and it will detect movement in a predetermined area taking either a series of still images or a video of who or what happens to stray into the detection zone.

Seeing at night

Trail cameras take pictures and video in colour during the day but rely on artificial illumination to take photographs at night.

Most entry level trail cameras use an incandescent flash to illuminate subjects that trigger the shutter, this results in a bright flash, letting the subject know its picture has been taken and also giving away the location of the camera which can then be destroyed or stolen.

The Spypoint and Stealth Cam Prowler Trail Cameras use an infra red illumination system consisting of high power stealth IR led's which emit a powerful and invisible infrared illumination, bathing the subjects in invisible light, hiding the location of the camera and also keeping the fact a black and white picture or video has been taken of a subject a secret.

Alternative use

These cameras are ideal for a motion triggered CCTV system for builders yards, offices and allotments.
Keep track of who or what is pinching vegetables or tools from your allotment by attaching a trail camera to a tree overlooking your plot, and you have a visual record of movement of predators and thiefs, and you have firm evidence to show the police in the event of a theft.

We have suppled trail cameras to wildlife trusts who use them for keeping a watch over raptor nests, and this can provide fascinating footage for playing back in visitors centres or websites.

The Stealth Cam Prowler HD records footage in stunning high definition and is used by BBC Countryfile to capture footage of rare species such as otters etc

The Stealth Cam Prowler HD and the Spypoint range of trail cameras are available from Scott Country International online.

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