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Friday, 26 March 2010

NEW Harkila Trousers for 2010

NEW Harkila Trousers for 2010!

Harkila has launched two new styles of trousers for this coming August!

The first has been named the Highlander Trouser. This trouser is made from 100% cotton micro fibre which has been treated to repel water.
The contrasting trim marks the areas which have been reinforced helping to ensure that the overall weight is kept to a minimum while retaining durability.

The Highlander trousers will be available from August 2010.

Next up is the Hiker Trouser. Some of you may remember the name, and you would be correct because the Hiker has been brought back into production due to popular demand.

The Hiker was last sold 2 years ago and it's absence from the Harkila clothing range has never been filled.
The Hiker Trousers are made from 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton and this fabric is then treated with a paraffin waxed coating. The Hiker comes in two colour combinations, namely Green/Green and Tobacco/Brown.
The reason for its success was the perfect combination of fit, style, durability and weight.
There are two colours available as before and they are

The return of the Hiker trousers will undoubtedly be a success, and we look for to getting the Hiker trousers back into stock in May 2010!

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