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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

EXO Technical Heated Clothing

EXO The Heat Inside..

As the name suggests.. EXO is a UK manufacturer of heated clothing which built up it's reputation as THE leading developer of heated motorcycle garments in Europe. Their technology not only fullfils the needs of the motorcycle rider, but also caters for a wide range of other outdoor activities from watersports, hill walking to fieldsports. Their technology has been incorporated into the Rohan Powerstation Outdoor range of heated clothing as well as the award winning Typhoon Icebreaker Divers Dry Suit. Other collaborators include, Berghaus, Alpinestars and Triumph.

How Does it Work?

This technology enables the user to wear less bulky and restrictive clothing whilst being able to maintain the right core temperature. Take for example the EXO Stormwalker Heated Jacket, it self regulates the temperature at an average of 50deg.C. . Heat panels are located at the lower back/kidney area and pockets. The heat panels which are barely noticeable, are sewen into the fabric. The rechargable lightweight battery is small enough that it fits into a serperate compartment in one of the side pockets, thus allowing full use of the available pocket space. The wire connecting the battery to the heat panels is also sewen into the fabric of the jacket. The battery will last 2 to 3 hours depending on the ambient temerature, and if the jacket is used as a mid layer in which case the battery would last longer. The battery maintains an average temp., so energy usage is not always continious as it automatically uses energy when required to heat up if the temp. drops too much. This makes the garment ideal for hunting or walking in cold conditions. The other main advantage to the EXO Stormwalker jacket is that it is waterproof.

It is also machine washable (without the Battery attached) and the heat panels together with the wire are also waterproof. The sleeves are detachable, so it can be worn as a gilet.

EXO also produce a range of heated Gloves, scarves and shoe insoles..

There is no longer a need for multiple layers of clothing when the weather gets colder.