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Monday, 26 October 2009

We have become a main dealer for Ridgeline!

We are now main dealers for Ridgeline !

Ridgeline is a manufacturer of affordable good quality active outdoor clothing from New Zealand at prices ranging from £16.99 to £149.95 . Ridgeline has been on our website for just over three months now, and the limited range we had performed very well during that period .

The Ridgeline brand is making very good progress in a UK market which already fields some very well known manufacturers at this particular price point.
Our initial range consisted of the Torrent Jacket & Trousers, the Roar Euro Jacket and pants, the Little Critters pack for Children and the Hunters pack. The Ridgeline range is now accompanied by a number of new jackets, fleeces and accessories.

Monday, 19 October 2009

The brand new Pulsar Digisight N550 launch at Tackle and Guns

We are all just back from this years Tackle and Gun's trade show in Stoneleigh, where amongst lots of other new products, the highlight of the show was the official launch of the new Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital nightvision riflescope.
This long awaited unit, is a breath of fresh air in the Nightvision world and we literally couldn't wait to get our hands on the first one in the UK.
As you can expect with something as new an innovative as this, Thomas Jack's stand (the UK Distributor) was heaving with the trade all desperate to try out the new scope.

The DigiSight N550 is a digital nightvision riflescope which features better than, Gen 2 image recognition at a Gen 1 price.

Thomas Jack's had a fantastic night tunnel to test out their products and we were literally amazed at the clarity and definition of the image. There was no light sources inside the test tunnel what so ever and even without star light, the image reproduction was mind blowing.
We have uploaded the very first video of the Pulsar Digisight onto our website, which you can check out here.
Stock numbers are limited with only 50 due into Europe at the end of October so you need to be quick if you want to secure one.

Check out our website for more details or watch the first video ever of the Pulsar online today.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

John Partridge Clothing update..

When we last posted a blog on the John Partridge range of clothing, we had only just taken them on board as part of our ever growing range of suppliers. The new collections from John Partridge were released at the beginning of August this year. Since the launch, their range of duffel coats have accounted for the majority of orders placed on our website.

However, lately we have seen a rise in the sales of the quilted and wax jackets. The tweed range is anticipated to start selling in greater numbers towards the end of this year.

When you sell clothing online, it is often the case that you have customers who wish to change the size of the garment that they originally purchased, as the fit might not be as expected. However, we have only experienced a return rate of 3% on this basis, which tells us that the manufacturer's sizing is very accurate.
We hope this trend continues and that sales will grow, as we are confident that John Partridge has successfully filled gaps in the market.

A new range of outdoor clothing specifically designed for Wildlife Photographers

Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Jacket is the perfect outdoor jacket for amateur and professional photographers. This photography jacket is packed full of features designed to aid photographers in carrying and operating their photography equipment in extreme environments.

The jacket features many pockets including two expandable padded lens pockets, detachable wired peak hood, detachable light shade hood and insect repellent mesh face net. The jacket comes with a large rear pocket, comfort mesh lining, under-arm vents and zipped side panels to allow easy movement.

The outer shell is 100% polyester microsuede, dupont teflon treated to repel dirt, water and unwanted stains with TPU lamination in more than 8033mm waterproofing and 5826g/m2/24hrs breathability.

This jacket has so many features for outdoor photography but yet it is still a fashionable country jacket which can be worn all year round for your outdoor photography and general outdoor activities.

The Stealth Gear range features jacket, fleece, trousers and other accessories.

Check out the new Stealth Gear range online.

Friday, 9 October 2009

NEW Stealth Cam Prowler Digital IR Camera/Recorder

Stealth Cam have released the new 8.0 mega pixel high definition video camera. It features 3 still image settings (8mb, 5mb, 1.3mb) with a built in memory of 64mb. The Stealth Cam Prowler camera also allows for video clips ranging in lenght from 5 to 300 seconds with full audio capability.

The interest in this product has been very healthy and with the release date being next week Tuesday, we anticipate that stocks will be depleted very quickly. These devices are increasingly being used for home security which has widened the appeal of such cameras.

More new products to follow!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

lots of new product! Starting with Spypoint..

It's been a while since we last posted a blog.. We've been dealing with a wide range of issues that go with changing a business which operated a retail premises on a high street for 9 years, to a dedicated online store..
However, in the mean time, we have introduced a lot of new product to the site which I will list in seperate blog posts..

Starting with the new 'Spypoint Digital Surveillance Systems'. This is split up into two product catagories namely, 'Spypoint Digital Surveillance Cameras' and 'Spypoint Motion Systems'.
The image quality in mega pixels of all the cameras shown in our selection is a true measurement. In other words, the image does not have to be magnified in order to obtain a 6 mega pixel image quality.
The 'Spypoint Motion System' is ideal for use in providing security for example pheasant pens and outbuildings where valuable items might be stored. It works with a maximum of up to three extra motion detectors (one is provided as standered with the receiver) with a receiver range of 300m.
More blogs on new products to follow shortly..