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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

New Seeland & Harkila Collections just in!!

The long awaited Seeland & Harkila collections have arrived! Our website is being updated as we speak. The whole new collection should be ready for viewing before Friday 21 August.
Here are just some of the new products on offer from the Harkila range..
The Couger ,an all season suit for the active hunter.

This suit is made using the light weight PacLite construction from Gore-Tex. The jacket and trousers can be easily packed away into a rucksack without taking up too much room. Unpacked and in use ,it becomes very apparent that a lot of time was taken in the design of these garments. From the articulated knees to the waterproof zips and mesh lining. etc. etc.. ,it is clear to see what you are paying for.

Another product from the Harkila range to look out for is the Sarek..

This suit is similar in some ways to the Couger, but there are some defining features to the Sarek suit which separate the two products. The new Gore-Tex PacLite material called Ganesh ,is a mixture of a very light rip-stop fabric and an elastic fibre. This Ganesh material is used in crucial areas for ease of movement .This design incorporates qualities which can be found in mountaineering clothing. The suit can be packed away very easily as well without taking up too much space.

There are many more new products from the Harkila collection which are equally impressive ,so if you're interested, simply log on to our website in order to view the complete range!

Seeland has also come up with a new offering of exciting new product.
For instance, take a look at the new 'Scott' Jacket & Trousers and the ladies equivalent the 'Gabrielle Lady'. These seemingly traditionally styled suits combine old school style with new technology to further enhance their useability.
These suits are also completely waterproof of course.

The main attraction of the Seeland range is the 'Keeper' suit. Seeland pulled out all the stops in order to create a suit which would be the most versatile hunting suit on the market. They have succeeded in doing this on several occasions with past collections, and to our knowledge and experience ,we have no reason to believe otherwise. The Keeper is a suit designed to perform in all seasons, which is a big claim, but with Seelands previous successes which include the Beater suit, They certainly have the ability to deliver just that. The upside is that it is also democratically priced which widens and increases the appeal even further. We anticipate healthy sales of this range and we are stocked accordingly..

However.. this not just a garment for adults.. there is also a childrens version available as well, called the 'Keeper Kids'.

Big changes at Scott Country!

Great changes have taken place at Scott Country's premises on King Street in Castle Douglas.

The shop has been in operation since 2001 and has enjoyed a steady growth over that period. Scott Country's website which has also been in existence since 2001 has evolved to become the most significant and fastest growing part of the business. Over the last few years, the company has invested heavily in web marketing through outside agencies which has brought Scott Country to the forefront in it's field of activity.
The ever growing trade in foreign markets has also prompted a change in the company's name which has now become Scott Country International.

This shift in the company's focus has lead Scott Country to evolve away from traditional high street retailing. Although there are no longer any direct sales to the public on the current premises, stock holding has increased in order to serve the growing number of web customers at home and abroad.

All sales will now take place either via the internet, by telephone or by ordering directly at the Scott Country International sales office at its current location on King Street.
Scott Country International will be retaining the same services with regards to gun repairs, servicing, alterations and new gun sales as we will continue to be a registered firearms dealer at the present address on King Street in Castle Douglas.

These changes came into effect on the 1st August 2009.

Mr. C. Scott
Scott Country