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Friday, 24 April 2009

Nikon optics

Nikon is a name which is synonymous with high quality cameras and binoculars. They also have extensive expertise in the production of high quality range finders and rifle scopes . We did have some reservations at first, as it was a large investment for us to become a UK Nikon dealer, and because Nikon is not so well known for their rifle scopes in the UK as they are in the US. However my father always says.. "faint heart never won fair lady.." and since they are already world renowned for their cameras and binoculars, there was still a strong argument for putting our faith into the Nikon brand doing well in the UK. Nikon also has the help and backing of a very influential UK supplier, and sales have since taken off very sharply indeed.

The Nikon rifle scope range we do is split into 5 categories, namely : Fieldmaster, Monarch 3, Monarch Dot, Monarch E and Monarch X. There are other ranges such as the Titanium series, but these are mainly sold in the US.

The Fieldmaster range uses 1" tubes and have a zoom ratio of approx. x3. Light transmission is up to 92% allowing for a much brighter image. Blurring and 'ghosts' are are almost non existent which helps to provide a very clear image with well balanced colour.

The Monarch 3 range also uses 1" tubes and are finger-adjustable with a low profile windage and elevation adjusters for a quick and accurate alignment. There is one fixed 6x42 scope in this range as well for those who don't want the variable power option. The variable power scopes offer a x3 zoom capability.

The Monarch Dot range consists of two options, one is matte black and the other is silver. The specification is identical, which is as follows:

Electronic Dot Sight with a Variable Sized Dot
Select any of five dot sizes- 1, 4, 6, 8 or 10 MOA- with the twist of a knob on the turret.
Massive Field of View which gives it perfect FOV for close shots. It has an 11-Position Rheostat
. The Monarch Dot has Multicoated Lenses . The objective and ocular lenses are 30mm and are multicoated for incredible sharpness, brightness and colour rendition. The Integral Mounting System which includes allows it to be attached to any Weaver-style mount base. Unlimited Eye Relief which is confidence inspiring when out hunting without fear of shooter’s brow.
The Monarch Dot unit is Waterproof, Fogproof & Shockproof (except battery chamber), which
guarantees excellent performance in any condition. For the exact specification see Monarch Dot.

The Monarch E range uses 30mm tubes with a x4 zoom capability. They also boast generous elevation and windage adjustments. To help matters further there is a side locking parallax which secures precise focusing under various conditions.

The Monarch X is the top of the range scope series. These scopes also use a 30mm tube.
It features an Ultra ClearCoat™ optical system. Nikon has engineered the entire optical system to provide the shooter with a bright, sharp and incredibly flat sight picture.
The larger 30mm tubes allow for maximum resolution, wider windage and elevation travel and superior low-light performance. The tube is milled from aircraft grade aluminum which is durable . The Monarch X series has a x4 magnification range which gives this top of the range scope outstanding flexibility for up close as well as long-distance shots.
Reticle adjustments are made in 1/4 MOA click-stop moves which you can both feel and hear, and with no backlash to make your shot creep off target.
The glass etched reticle shrugs off recoil.
Turret mounted and side focus parallax adjustments: The state of the art turret adjustments are precise, repeatable and stay put until you move them.
The easy-to-grip adjustment knobs provide expert precision for a keen marksman.
The body of each scope is matte black with an anodized finish which resists corrosion and wear.
This range of Nikon scopes is also waterproof, fogproof and shockproof and filled with a nitrogen-filled housing and O-ring seal.

BDC reticle is Nikon's patented design which allows for more accurate shots over longer distances.
The other reticles Nikon offer are as follows:

The Nikon Laser Rangefinder lineup extends from a high-spec model with angle measurement functions to models exclusively designed for golfing and hunting. Each model is perfectly suited to its particular purpose.

The Nikon binocular range which consists of the Monarch and Sporter series.

The Monarch range is fully waterproof and fogproof which make them ideal for bird watching, stalking or general use in all weather conditions. They feature fully multicoated lenses, with a close focusing distance of just 2.5m . The turn and slide rubber eye piece with it's Multiclick and Phase correction coated prisms gives every model in the line up exceptional performance and clarity.
The Lead- and arsenic-free Eco-Glass™ lenses with their multicoating and phase-correction coated prisms deliver the ultimate in brightness and resolution.
The body of each binocular is rubber-armoured for grip and protection in adverse conditions.
The Monarch series is slim and compact, waterproof and fogproof.

The Sporter series
These are high-performance binoculars with 8x and 10x magnification with a 42 mm objective lens. They are also fully waterproof, fogproof, compact and lightweight. The Sporter series features Multilayered Coated Lenses along with a turn and Slide rubber eyepiece with multiclick. The Sporter series also have lead and arsenic free eco-glass. As with Monarch series, the Sporter range also uses Phase correction-coated prisms for an exceptionally high level of clarity.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Brasher Lithium boots

The new Lithium boot from Brasher is billed as the lightest in it's class. You will probably stumble across adverts covering a spread of different publications over the coming months. Despite it's obvious lack of weight (1266gr per pair), it is designed for use over rugged terrain. We at Scott Country tend to find that the lighter a boot is, the less support there tends to be. There is usually a trade off between weight and rigidity for boots at a price point of £80 to £150.

The Lithium boot is (as most of the Brasher range) Gore Tex lined and benefits from their tried and tested XCR technology. The upper consists of 1.6-1.8mm abrasion resistant suede with what Brasher call it's 'Fabric PanelsTri fit technology'. The sole is a lightweight three part Trek sole unit which is engineered with a high density moulded midsole. This is combined with a torsional support shank and a performance lug pattern on the outsole for underfoot grip.

It's ability to let your foot breath easily, makes it a comfortable companion when hill walking in warmer conditions. However the Lithium boot will also provide the same degree of comfort in the worst British weather.

For any manufacturer to claim that a boot will perform equally as good in both warm and cold conditions, whilst remaining light weight and highly supportive, is a very strong claim indeed.

Brasher have obviously put a lot of effort into the Lithium boot, and as a brand have illustrated once more why they remain at the forefront of technological progress in the active footwear industry. Our experience with Brasher over the last 8 years tells us that this Lithium boot will prove to be yet another success.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

GoLight remote operated lamps

We used to sell a product called the Roto light, which was remotely operated via a long cord with a remote control unit at the other end. This light also had the benefit of a suction base which meant that you no longer had to make permanent holes in the roof of your vehicle in order to attach it securely. The Roto light also had the advantage of being able to rotate through 340 degrees and was able to elevate through over 70 degrees. Unfortunately it is no longer available, and this left us with a problem in finding a suitable replacement.

At Europe's largest shooting and outdoor show in Germany, we found a similar manufacturer called GoLight. I was aware of the brand because someone enquired about them some weeks before.

GoLight has taken things to an entirely different level..
Take for instance the 5149 which comes with a cord operated remote control unit.
It will rotate through 370 degrees and tilt 135 degrees.
To enable it to be much more effective than an equivalent lamp, the 5149 features their own Pentabeam technology which allows for a brighter beam with a wider spread of light which reaches up to 1.5 miles..

It is also waterproof and comes with a 3 year warranty.
The complete GoLight range is UV and salt water resistant.
They are more expensive, but the quality and number of additional features of each unit compared with other similar products in the market place, more than justifies the extra cost. The overal size of the range and applications available, makes them more desireable.

The complete range from GoLight can be viewed on our website.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

BS101KB (GPS dog location system)

Until now we have concentrated on the sale of dog location collars from our existing suppliers.

The distance at which the best of these collars would work up to is roughly 10km (6 miles).

A few manufacturers have toyed with the idea of using GSM / SATELLITE technology, but most of these complex and costly systems require the use of a Sim Card for each single dog and a signed contract with a telephone company... This means there is an additional cost every time you have to search for the dog. Furthermore, many hunting areas are not covered by the network (see Scotland..) and coverage is crucial in order for these devices to work.

The BS 101 has succeeded in solving the issues surrounding GSM/SATELLITE systems by opting for GPS technology, which allows the dog handler to track his/her dog(s) anywhere on the planet with great accuracy. The GPS locator does not suffer from interference due to radio waves, geographical obsticals, lack of network coverage, etc. .It also doesn't cost anything to use apart from the purchase price, which is not that much more than existing systems. Not only does the BS 101 allow you to track your dog anywhere, it will also be able to tell you what the dog is doing... The BS 101 has a number of programmable settings which analyse the behaviour of the dog, i.e. if it is 'pointing' at game, lying down, etc. .The localizer also uses solar energy, to further prolong battery life. See BS 101 for more indepth details.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New Brasher Lithium Boots: Review by Trail Magazine

The New Brasher Lithium Boots have arrived in the UK, and feature market leading technology and design, in a class topping lightweight trekking boot which is ideal for Mountain Sports, or for occaisional trekking/dog walking.

Click here to read the full First Test by Trail Magazine and find out if Trails question is answered.....

"Does this boot finally make the ideal yet functional combination?"

Visit our website for full details on the new Brasher Lithium and the Brasher Mountain Sports range.