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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hunter Wellingtons

Towards the end on last year we decided to take Hunter Boots on board. Hunter had been through a rather turbulent time over the last few years, and we decided to wait until stability had been regained.
Hunter Boots have since relocated from nearby Dumfries to Edinburgh which is only 2 hours away.

Hunter boots is an extremely well known brand among the rich and famous, and above all ,the Royal Family.

We have taken just 2 models into stock, as we have a clearly defined local customer base. These models are the Balmoral Classic and the Balmoral Neo (neoprene lined). A few other selected models are available from our online e-commerce website .In the month of August ,we will be receiving a wider range from the all new Hunter wellington collection. News of this new range and it's arrival will be made available either through a Blog or through our online news letter which we publish monthly. (click here, if you wish to sign up)

The Balmoral Classic is our entry level good quality Hunter wellington. However it is not the cheapest in the range, which is the Hunter Original. This boot can be identified by the lighter green colour.

The other model we keep in stock is the Balmoral Neo, which benefits from a 3mm neoprene lining to ensure that your feet stay nice and warm. The neoprene lining traps heat and keeps it in. This is an ideal wellington for wildfowlers, twitchers ,etc..

Baron luggage collection

Baron is a swedish brand founded in 1978. It was started by Mr. Claes Ekman ,who had been a professional photographer for for some time.
It was the combination of a chance meeting a year earlier and his own knoweledge as an experienced traveler which gave rise to the Baron brand.
He initially identified the need for properly designed and manufactured brief cases ,and he was aware of the shortcomings of the current crop of briefcase manufacturers at that time.
Armed with this knoweledge, he set out to produce a range of his own, with an emphasis on "form and function".

His big break came early as he cleverly sold his new range of Baron brief cases with help from Scnadinavian Airlines in Sweden, and through Diners in Norway.
This propelled the Baron brand to the heights of a respected, reliable and acclaimed supplier of well made cases, which became the natural choice for the discerning business traveler.

It was only in 2001, when Baron became part of a larger group, that the decision was taken to extend the current range called the "Classic" to also include other collections of fine leather bags based on the same winning concept. The "Classic" range is crafted from fine Florentine leathers which are specially treated to highlight the natural beauty and durability of the material itself. This range consists of business bags, travel bags, ladies' bags and wallets which combine classic design features with optimal functionality.

A year later the "Country" collection was introduced which helped to satisfy those who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. This collection consists of attractive hunting and travel bags which are either made from naturally treated Florintine suede ,or rugged ,water-repellent 16oz. canvas with a rubber backing , and trimmed with waxed leather for extra durability.

Then in 2004 the "Woman" collection was launced ,which catered for the traveling, business and casual needs of the lady. This incorporated an elegant range of handbags, in contemporary designs for the modern fashion conscious woman, which are crafted from naturally treated Florentine leather and suede.

Their success has obviously been noted by some of their competitors, who have since tried to adopt similar styles ,in an attempt to seize a market share. However ,this means that Baron is always a few steps ahead of the compitition, as their concept is able to adapt that bit quicker to the ever changing needs of the traveler. For instance, take the "Duffel Bag" in green canvas with leather. It is now available with a cleverly discreet slide out handle and wheels , which does not compromise the weight, practicality and design of the bag itself.
Another inovative step was taken at Baron with the introduction of the suede clad hard shotgun case ,otherwise affectionately known as a "leg of mutton". This particular style of hard case is almost impossible to find nowadays, and if you do ,you will find that they are only made to order and subsequently cost the earth!
Baron did not stop there, as they also (previously) introduced the "Travel gun bag", which has been a great success and continues to sell in increasing numbers year on year. Baron are thus clearly "inovators and not imitators".

This blog could go on and on.. for several pages more, as there are so many more examples I could list. Therefor, please visit our website to see the complete ranges available to you from Baron.

Monday, 2 March 2009

John Partridge

John Partridge is a brand that has existed for many years.
We at Scott Country have seen their product ranges at several exhibtions in the past few years ,and it has long been a brand of interest to us. We doubted wether or not their range would sit comfortably in our shop and on our online e-commerce website.
Scott Country has slowly become a brand in itself over the last eight years, and it is important for us to chose our suppliers wisely in order to further develop our business.

John Partridge has come on leaps and bounds the last couple of years ,and we have finaly met at that all important crossing of paths.
We saw them recently at the Beta international show at the NEC exhibition center in Birmingham.
There we were able to experience first hand many of their current products and some of their new ones due for release this Autumn.
For instance ,John Partridge has taken the traditional wax theme jackets to an entirely different level. We are all used to seeing the traditional style wax jackets from other perhaps more well known brands, and they have literally dictated how a waxed cotton jacket should look like.
We at Scott Country have experienced a steady decline in the demand for wax jackets during the past few years, which is partly due to the lack of imaginative and stylish designs.

John Partridge has taken a completely different approach when it comes to it's range of waxed cotton jackets. You only need to view a few of their designs to see what we mean.. For instance ,take the John Partridge “Mans Best Mate” biker style jacket or the ladies “Sweetheart Double Breasted” jacket, and you'll immediately see what John Partridge has achieved..

These are styles which you don't see in a waxed cotton material. It means you can now have a stylish ,modern jacket with the added advantages of strength and the overall performance which waxed cotton provides. The maintenance of these garments has also become a lot easier and less time consuming ,which up until now ,has put a large percentage of people off buying a waxed cotton garment of any sort.

John Partridge has not stopped there though.. oh no.. they also have a unisex garment called the “Stanton Evo Unisex Riding Coat” ,which is made from a 100% cotton base with a stable polyurethane wax coating ,which never has to be rewaxed.

This jacket is also machine washable at low temperatures with a non-bio or non enzyme detergent. The “Stanton” has become John Partridge's best selling waterproof coat.

There is yet another different waxed garment in their range which has a completely different finish, namely the “Womans Triumph Jacket in Crack Wax” ,which has a wet look.

This garment is styled around a Grenadiers jacket from 1807 , but then slightly updated. It is the best selling ladies waxed jacket in the John Partridge range, which is suitable to be worn by ladies of all ages.
It is also easily maintained and cleaned by using a spray on Wax.

John Partridge have also incorporated the traditional styled waxed coats and jackets into their range.
Instead of giving them an overtly different look, they have instead concentrated on the form and function. Take for example the “Zetland” coat in a traditional wax finish.

You will see from the technical specification alone, just how much effort John Partridge has put into this garment.

It is a truly exciting range of coats and jackets which John Partridge has created, which will undoubtedly shatter the common idea of a waxed cotton garment...
Howa Rifles

We recently took delivery of 3 types of quality American made Howa rifles.
One of the new rifles is a Howa 1500 Lightning with a blued barrel and action including a Hogue overmoulded stock.

The quality and finish are every bit as good as a much more expensive Tikka and Sako equivalent.

One must also bear in mind that it comes fitted with a Hogue stock as standard. This particular stock is usually bought as an after market upgrade.
The Howa 1500 Lightning can be specified with screw cut barrel for a moderator. This adds £41 to the basic price of £499 incl.Vat. .This is one of THE best deals around!
We can also do a package deal on this rifle for £610 incl.Vat.. This deal includes ,Screw cut barrel for moderator, and a Nikko Nighteater 3-10X42 Scope with Leupold mounts.
A truly impressive deal, also considering that the Nikko Nighteater scope had won the award for best scope of the year 2008.

The next Howa Rifle is the Howa 1500 Varmint ,which has a stainless barrel and action with the same Hogue overmoulded stock as the Lightning.
This rifle in basic trim comes in at £649 incl.Vat.
If you wish to have it factory threaded for use with a moderator, the resulting extra charge is a mere £30, taking the price up to £679 incl.Vat. .
As with the lightning ,we also provide a package deal including a threaded barrel and the award winning Nikko Nighteater 3-10X42 scope with Leupold mounts. This deal is still only £729 incl.Vat.

The last variant we now have in stock in the Howa 1500 range is the Varmint with a blued barrel and action with the same standard fitment Hogue overmoulded stock.
The basic rifle starts at a price of £549 incl.Vat. .This rifle can also come factory threaded for a moderator and will only cost you an extra £30, taking the price up to a mere £579 incl.Vat..
As with the other new models ,we also offer the same package deal which includes factory screw cut barrel together with a Nikko Nighteater 3-10X42 scope with Leupold mounts. This package will cost you a very competitive £629 incl.Vat.
The interest we have experienced since the introduction of Howa rifles to our assortment has been very positive. These Howa rifles will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows from certain other rifle manufacturers..