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Thursday, 19 February 2009

PACDOG.COM Electronic fence

PAC Products Ltd.
Some good natured dogs will learn naturally about where the boundaries are, but a large number need that little bit of gentle but persuasive guidance. If young and nervous dogs are to develop into being confident and obedient in the long run, you require a system which can be easily tailored to your dog's character. These kinds of systems must provide a wide varying range of sensitivity, in order for the dog to get used to this 'other presence' successfully. The main aim is to be able to train and nurture a dogs attitude in such a way that it obeys commands and gains confidence without overstepping the limits you set, and all this in as short a time as possible. It is however not the idea that your dog should rely on these systems in order for you to remain in control. Your dog should eventually obey YOUR commands, and not those of someone or 'something' else..
These systems are by far the most humane and effective way to achieving your goals.
The electronic fence system
The PACDOG.COM electronic fence system is meant to educate your dog ,and curb the instinctive desire to chase whatever the quarry may be outside the parameters which you set . However ,the level of sensitivity you set the controls to and the subsequent responses it will give are very much dependend on the breed ,age ,past history and general nature of your dog.
In the most difficult cases, it may be required that you combine this electronic fence system with a PACDOG.COM Remote trainer (or other forms of de-sensitising methods) .
The implementation and setting up of the invisible fence itself and the use of the collar are explained in detail on the Scott Country website
A few tips..

To avoid confusion for your dog, make sure you are always consistent . For example, never appear to give him an order to cross the boundary or encourage him to join you when you are standing beyond the boundary. Instead, have someone run through the boundary without stopping and without looking back or without calling. Basically, try to avoid overtly encouraging your dog. If you choose to use a ball to test the dog's reaction to the boundary, do not tell him to fetch it.
Otherwise this is where the dog could get confused as he will not be able to comprehend the difference between respecting the boundary or you encouraging him to cross it.
Until the training is complete, do not give your dog freedom of the garden.
The duration of training required will depend on how compliant and easygoing your dog is. Other perhaps more intelligent and headstrong dogs may take longer to adjust.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Brasher Newton XCR shoes

I recently bought a pair of Brasher Newton XCR shoes for use at work.
As I'm continually on my feet running up and down stairs all day long, I needed something very comfy and roomy to wear.
This particular shoe has a wider front which allows your foot to expand and aid blood circulation.
I'm 17 stone and 6ft 3, and I tend to wear shoes out very quickly. The sole unit gives a tremendous amount of cushioning, and after a full days use, my feet are no longer sore. Usually there are those few moments of sheer relief and freedom when I take my shoes off after a long day, but not with these.
It is a town and general smart workwear shoe, so don't think because it's a Brasher shoe that it will perform as good off road as well, as I recently found out with all that snow.
It is however 100% waterproof (Gore-Tex) and most definitely breathable.

Seeland Lingfield Jacket

Seeland Lingfield Jacket

I purchased my Seeland Lingfield Jacket roughly a month ago. I needed a lightweight ,durable and waterproof jacket, which wasn't too long either.
I am very familiar with the Seeland range of clothing. Last year I purchased the Lingfield overtrousers which were excellent.
Three weeks ago, I had a small break in Aviemore for 5 days. It was exceptionally cold at the time and I did doubt that the Lingfield jacket would be warm enough. However, wearing the jacket with only a cotton shirt and a fairly thin woolen jumper, I was surprised to find adequate enough at keeping out the cold.
It would not however be suitable for hillwalking in near freezing conditions for prolonged periods of time.
The price doesn't reflect how good this jacket is. I even got a reduction in line with the VAT. Change to 15%, which very few retailers are prepared to do.
I haven't got the matching trousers yet, but since I have the Lingfield overtrousers already, I probably won't need them any time soon.
Top marks for Seeland and the service at Scott Country!