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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

BS101KB (GPS dog location system)

Until now we have concentrated on the sale of dog location collars from our existing suppliers.

The distance at which the best of these collars would work up to is roughly 10km (6 miles).

A few manufacturers have toyed with the idea of using GSM / SATELLITE technology, but most of these complex and costly systems require the use of a Sim Card for each single dog and a signed contract with a telephone company... This means there is an additional cost every time you have to search for the dog. Furthermore, many hunting areas are not covered by the network (see Scotland..) and coverage is crucial in order for these devices to work.

The BS 101 has succeeded in solving the issues surrounding GSM/SATELLITE systems by opting for GPS technology, which allows the dog handler to track his/her dog(s) anywhere on the planet with great accuracy. The GPS locator does not suffer from interference due to radio waves, geographical obsticals, lack of network coverage, etc. .It also doesn't cost anything to use apart from the purchase price, which is not that much more than existing systems. Not only does the BS 101 allow you to track your dog anywhere, it will also be able to tell you what the dog is doing... The BS 101 has a number of programmable settings which analyse the behaviour of the dog, i.e. if it is 'pointing' at game, lying down, etc. .The localizer also uses solar energy, to further prolong battery life. See BS 101 for more indepth details.

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