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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Seeland windbeater lined jumpers.

The weather has been very cold of late. I have been wearing one of the new windbeater lined jumpers throughout this period, and it has proved to be extremely good at keeping the cold out. In fact, I have not felt the need to wear my coat on my occasions.
At work I spend a lot of my time continuously walking to and fro our warehouse which is located behind our store. This means I'm out in the cold most of the time and wearing a coat is just not practical for the work I do. In saying that, it's not labour intensive either, so I do not work up enough heat to keep warm. This jumper insulates you and keeps you warm the minute you put it on which is ideal for me.
The only thing I would say which would go against the way the jumper performs ,is that it HAS to be cold for it to be comfortable to wear continuously. If it is too mild ,you will find yourself feeling the effects of sweating very quickly, which can then cool you down too quickly. In saying that, as long as you only use it in cold conditions ,you will not find a warmer or cosier jumper than this.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

LED Ray GL2 Product Test

The LEDRAY range of torches from Deben are relatively new on the market, and along side their Tracer Stinger range, is a great product for lamping short range, as well as a great torch.

However I bought a LEDRAY GL2 for an entirely different reason.

As well as a keen shooter, my other passion is mountain biking, and with the lights drawing in bike lights are a bit of a necessity you would say.
However the type of biking I do is mainly offroad, and in Dumfries and Galloway the 7 Stanes bike trails are on my doorstep, and are amongst the best anywhere in the world for off road biking.

Cycling these trails at night not only tests your off road skills to the max, but demands some serious lighting to light the often dangerous trail ahead.
Most Mountain Bikers that cycle at night use a Lock Block, which is a clever gadget, which straps an LED torch to your handlebars, some people even use two of them.

So i purchased a Lock Block from Fenix, and started some research into bike lights for the night time trails.
From work, I knew the LED RAY's were very popular for hunting, and I wondered how they would fair on the bike trails, so took a GL2 and GL4 for a bit of side by side comparison.

A friend of mine recently purchased a couple of Cree equipped LED torches from Hong Kong, and I was literally amazed at the light output from these torches and had high hopes for the LEDRAY's which were a little bit more expensive, but looked better quality.
I sat a fluo target marker at the end of our warehouse at work and my colleague stood at the far end of the yard.

I initially couldnt noticeably tell a difference in brightness against the marker between the two torches, but my colleague, said that the GL4 was slightly brighter looking, so I decided to stick with the LED RAY GL2 given it uses 2 batteries and is half the size, which is crucial for handlebar mounting, as it offered amazing output in a compact size.

On test at the Dalbeattie 7 Stanes, i found the GL2 to be amazing, fully lighting up the trail ahead and worked wonderfully for a good 2 hour duration cycle, being subjected to knocks and bangs going over rough terrain, and one slight off when I lost it on a bend.

I have since used the GL2 for every day use in winter evenings, putting out the bins, getting something from the shed or simply out walking at night.

I cant recommend the GL2 enough and can only imagine it to be a formidable light mounted to the top of a rifle, for which it was designed, and for which I sell them for every day.

You can find out more info on the 7 Stanes Biking Site at