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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Whats New from Brasher

Whats New From Brasher in 2008/2009

As leaders in providing supreme comfort, Brasher's unique "Total Comfort System" utilises the most appropriate technical materials which work together to give the utmost in comfort and performance.

Foot Form Fit
It is a well know fact that feet expand throughout the day. Brasher's footwear is designed on a unique foot formed last enabling a natural, comfortable walking motion and its generous fit allows toes to align naturally.

Evolution Gel Footbed
Triple combination footbed comprising of Gel pods in the heel and ball of the foot, a cradle to give additional support, finished off with a pig skin cover to deliver the ultimate in all day comfort.

Memory Foam
Memory foam moulds to the shape of your foot giving you a personalised fit and feel with exceptional levels of comfort

Gore Tex footwear with XCR Product Technology offers durable waterproof protection, keeping your feet dry while extreme breathability keeps them comfortable - indoors and outdoors and all day long.

Brasher Mahale
An extremely comfortable adventure travel shoe yet smart modern appearance making it ideal for casual use. The upper is made from 1.6-1.8mm nubuck with Memory foam in the collar and tounge for extra comfort.
The sole is a rugged rubber sole unit with moulded REVA midsole.

Brasher Trailmaster II
The latest evolution in the Trailmaster genre. A men's specific trekking boot ideal for carrying a heavy load over rough terrain.
The upper is made from a 2.4-2.6mm full grain nubuck leather, with revised collar with memory foam and a REVAlution rubber sole unit with shock absorbing PU midsole.
Lined throughout with Gore Tex for the ultimate protection in all weather conditions.
The Trailmaster II is ideal for rough terrain, marshland and rocky paths as well as for hunting and shooting in varying terrains.

Brasher Segula XCR
The Segula is a mid cut versatile boot specifically designed for women with a smart appearance yet still offering great performance.
The upper is made from a 1.6-1.8mm nubuck leather with Memory Foam in the collar and tounge for extra comfort and the sole is a rugged rubber unit with a moulded REVA midsole.
The Segula is lined throughout with Goretex XCR therefore completely waterproof and breathable.

Brasher Bolivar XCR Ladies Boot
A uniquely designed, comfortable and waterproof leather calf boot which is great worn with trousers or skirts for the stylish winter look.
The upper is made from 1.6-1.8mm full grain leather with Memory Foam in the ankle for extra comfort.

A Brasher rubber outsole with EVA midsole and ultra comfort footbed ensures that the boots will remain comfortable in all terrains.

The Bolivar is lined throughout with Gore Tex so is completely waterproof, windproof and breathable in all weather.

You can view the Brasher Collection instore or online.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

A little update on what we are doing in store.

Our Scott Country store has recently undergone an important product re-arrangement. This was a necessary step which has enabled us to expand our range of hardware.

We currently provide a complete range of shooting accessories through our online store and we aim to replicate that availability in the store itself.

The use of new display units has also greatly increased our stock holding capacity for our new and expanded clothing ranges.

It is hard to imagine that a store with three sales floors would struggle for space, but due to the scale and wide variety of products we stock it is no surprise.

The ground floor is dedicated to the very best in outdoor clothing, the newly released ranges from Harkila and Seeland can now be viewed and purchased in store.

This floor also incorporates product items which form part of our "Luxury Gifts" section, these Bespoke and rare items can now be seen in the flesh.

We now have a dedicated display area for our range of Bradley Food Smoking products and accessories, Scott Country first started selling the Bradley range of food smokers and accessories back in October 2005.

We had to fill the void which was left when we decided to end the sale of fishing tackle through our store.

It soon became apparent that this had been a very wise decision as sales and demand for the Bradley Smoker range has increased steadily over the last few years and was strengthened considerably by the introduction of new and more advanced models.

This has subsequently helped create a strong brand awareness for this Canadian product in the UK and on mainland Europe.

The demand for children's clothing has been met with the introduction of Seeland's new range of clothing, which can now be seen in store on life sized children's mannequins.

The Baron and Laksen luggage, travel and gun bag accessories are on display in a new corner of the first floor with easy access available on both sides of the display area.

This allows the customer to inspect and experience the top quality of these products.

We carry a large range of travel and hunting luggage from Baron such as the incredibly popular Baron Travel Gun bag, which combines an elegant travel bag, with the bonus of a hidden security section for your firearm to travel discreetly to and from a hunting weekend.

The Boot Room, which is accessible through the first floor, comprises everything that is footwear such as a full range of colourful shooting socks through to the highly technical Sealskinz and Brasher socks can be found in this department.

This area also shows the selected walking boot/shoe ranges from top brands such as Brasher, Graninge, Chiruca and the newly introduced Laksen range.

Our wellington boot range, which includes Le Chameau, has also been expanded to incorporate the award winning brand Grub's Boots.

The Grub Stalker boot which recently won the award for "Most Innovative Shooting Footwear" has become a big success since its introduction.

The second floor landing is the home of optics, which include a wider range of binoculars and spotting scopes from brands such as Hawke, Optimic and Docter, along with Night Vision equipment from IGen, and a range of quality laser range finders.

Heading through the door on the second floor, you enter the world of shotguns, rifles, air-rifles and a selection of automatic clay traps.

The Do All Aerial Assault is a new addition to the range of single stack Automatic Clay Pigeon Traps.

When you do a search for the Do All Aerial Assault trap on our website, you will be pleasantly surprised to find numerous video links which serve to describe the trap in the best possible way.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Cleaning and Maintenance of your Firearm

Cleaning and Maintenance of your Firearm

If your a game shooter it's quite likely that your shotgun has sat in your gun cabinet for the last few months, which will mean its in need of a good clean and service to ensure that it will remain reliable for the forthcoming season.
Its important that you spend a few minutes cleaning and lubricating your gun after a days shooting, should you wish to be able to rely on your gun 100% next time you use it in the field.

Spending a little time and effort on the proper maintenance can reduce the risk of corrosion and failure of components which can be costly and often irrepairable.

By keeping a few gun select gun cleaning products on top of your gun cabinet, you can ensure that you get the best out of your firearm for years and even decades to come.

The Bore Snake System

This is a relatively new system from Hoppes which offers the perfect solution to cleaning your firearm after a days shooting. After a driven day or a day stalking on the moor its often not practical to carry a cleaning kit to strip and clean your firearm.

The Bore Snake consists of:
1.First Floss area removes foreign particles prior to the scrubbing of the brush.
2.Bore Brush with bronze bristles embedded in cord loosens hard deposits.
3.Main Floss area provides 160 times more surface area than a "patch"
Brass Weight slips easily through the barrel grasp and pull cleaning cord through bore.

We recommend the use of this system as you can give it a quick pull through each barrel and remove most of the debris until you get home.
By carrying one of these and an oily rag, you can virtually eliminate any corrosion until you get home and give the gun a good strip and clean.

We have often seen customers bring in their prize shotgun, which they have shoved in the slip after a days shooting, to get home and find that their barrels have corroded and caused expensive damage which needs gunsmith work.

Cleaning Kits

You should have a basic cleaning rod with three attachments at least, or at best a complete cleaning kit such as one of the Parker Hale kits which has a solution for every budget.

1.Brass brush 2. Wool Mop 3. Patch Jag
Firstly give your barrels a run through with a brass brush to disturb any fouling. If the fouling is particularly heavy you can use some Bore Gel or 009 to remove any heavy copper or lead fouling.

Then using gun cleaning oil on your wool mop, run that through the barrels and finish with running a cloth patch through to clean any residue.
Alternatively a Bore Snake can do all this but might not remove very heavy residual material that the cleaning rod would.

The Correct Cleaning Oil and Lubricants:
When cleaning your gun its important to remember that a "can of gun oil" isnt the perfect answer.

Gun Oil and Gun Cleaner are two very different things.
Often we are asked for "some gun oil" but its worth remembering that gun oil is a lubricant where gun cleaner is a cleaner.

A good gun cleaner we recommend is the Napier Gun Cleaner, this product is safe to use externally and internally on your firearm but remember to keep it away from the wood as it can cause staining and swelling.

A protective gun oil such as Hoppes Elite Gun Oil or Parker Hale Express Oil is a good choice to protect your metal components after cleaning.

Simply apply to barrels and metal parts with a oily rag. Refrain from using kitchen roll as its too abrasive on the bluing.

Tearing off a piece of Napier Superclean and coating it with lubricant and then passing through the barrels is a good way to protect the polished lining of your firearm.

By following a few simple steps you can keep your gun in tip top condition.
A job for a Gunsmith?
Often a season service and clean isnt enough to prepare your firearm for the season ahead, as that pin that was sticking last season, has got worse and now misfires, or the rush to get to the pub after the shoot meant your gun was put away damp and is now all corroded is an all too common occurence.
In this case you will need the specialized services of a gunsmith.
Our gunsmith Wallace, is a time served precision engineer, and can carry out all major or minor repairs from reblacking, to new springs and action components.
We recommend that you contact the Gun Trade Association when looking for a gunsmith, that way you can be assured they know their stuff.